Vladimir Odintsov

The White House Shakes the World

NEO 30
The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well…

White House is killing Muslims from the Holy Land of Islam

After the political changes that occurred in the 1990s and the collapse of the socialist camp, the White House has…

Why Obama is flying to Saudi Arabia

On the background of the upcoming elections in the U.S. Congress in November of this year, we can note a…

Saudi Arabia – USA – Kyrgyzstan and Wahhabism

International terrorism and extremism are exported particularly actively in this era of globalization. Almost all countries, where there is a…

Syrian rebels are changing their leaders

In the absence of any progress in the fight against regular Syrian troops, Washington along with the Gulf monarchies have…

The USA’s Asia Policy is Shifting


The February 5th discussion in Congress of the issue of the United States’ Asia policy came as a clear confirmation of the course taken by Washington influence by hawks: transitioning from the balanced approach of the past to solving territorial disputes in the Pacific Rim to a tougher stance…

Abduction of Children in India

The problem of the abduction of children in India, where child labour is widely used and child prostitution is fairly…

U.S. and Israel are Planning the Occupation of Southern Syria

НВО 12
The international community has received yet again a perfect example of the hypocritical practices employed by the White House in…

Saudi Arabia buys the West

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the west, primarily the United States, has always been a critical component of the…

Fukushima and Israel’s nuclear programme

The series of explosions at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to raise serious concerns in scientific and political communities…

France and Saudi Arabia: The Union of “Misfits”

Saudi_Arabia_King_Abdullah_speaks_with_French_President_Francois_Hollande_Riyadh_Saudi_Arabia_640_001 (1)

While the international co- mmunity summari- zes the achieve- ments of the year 2013, exerting even further efforts in reducing the risk of the armed violence spread in the Middle East (especially in Syria , as well as through the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program stand-off…

Why does Washington provide protection for the Muslim Brotherhood?


The bomb attack of December 24 2013, which targeted a police station in the Egyptian city of Mansoura, left 14 people dead and 200 more injured. Egypt’s Prime Minister Hazem Al Beblawi has not simply attributed the attack to the Muslim Brotherhood group, he has also declared it a…

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