Vladimir Odintsov

COVID-19 Pandemic and the Elderly Population


The COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world revealed not only the vulnerabilities in social policies implemented by various countries, and in healthcare and emergency management systems, but also other afflictions that modern Western societies suffer from, such as xenophobia, indifference to the plight of the poorest communities and the focus of the elites on…

COVID-19 Pandemic and Anticipated Changes Worldwide


Although the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic is far from over, changes that could occur and affect our world in the nearest future are becoming more discernible. Nowadays, many analysts point out that, on account of the current pandemic, government institutions in many regions have weakened considerably, and as a result, people do not have access to the…

Who is Performing Human Experiments and Why?


Countries all over the world have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for months now, which is exposing a growing number of problems in their systems and the mistakes made by the current political elites that thousands of people on the planet have already paid for with their lives. And the woes caused by the coronavirus pandemic only continue to multiply…

Consequences of Coronavirus Pandemic are being Kept Under Wraps


As the global battle against the Coronavirus rages on, many fairly important processes are taking place in the international community. But current ruling elites have sought to keep silent about them and have stopped media outlets, answerable to them, from openly reporting about these developments. Clearly, one of the key issues for these…

Pandemic Exposes USA’s Misfortunes


The coronavirus pandemic has already wreaked havoc in all the nations. And one of the key problems faced by many of them has been the inability of the recently elected political elites to effectively deal with the threat that had emerged. As a result, starting from the very first days of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, a lot of people died; nations’ economies lay in…

Washington’s New Ambitions in Arctic Region


The Coronavirus pandemic threatens each and every one of us in rich and poor countries alike. Many of these nations may experience an economic and political collapse that will erase successful growth and good living standards achieved over not only the past years but perhaps decades. Hence, it is not surprising that, nowadays, all the countries have begun to re-evaluate…

The US Slipping into Poverty Before Our Eyes


The coronavirus epidemic that has put the world under lockdown is having numerous negative consequences, and one of them is the terrifying impoverishment people are experiencing in many countries. At the beginning of the pandemic, the economic and social consequences of the outbreak were compared with the 2008–2009 financial crisis, but…

Politicizing the Battle Against COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a massive blow to the health system, economy and life within communities, and it has already impacted lives of millions of people. The consequences of the outbreak will be felt for years to come. In such a climate, certain nations are actively trying to use the battle against the Coronavirus in their own political interests by…

Threat of Starvation Becoming More Real


Reports on the COVID-19 pandemic and the deadliness of the virus in many countries worldwide including the United States and EU nations, continue to dominate American, European and Asian news outlets. Still, lives of the poorest people in many nations are more threatened by starvation than the Coronavirus. If COVID-19 were to spread among such vulnerable…

Who Treats Russophobia as the Best Cure for COVID-19?


The current political elites in the United States and the European Union are attempting to distract the public from their helplessness and failed attempts to stem the spread of the Coronavirus (as, unfortunately, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 is at present higher in the USA and the EU than in Asia!) by blaming Vladimir Putin’s trolls for their own incompetence and by spreading…

Does the US Need Such a Military Complex, and does Europe Need NATO?


The role of armed forces has been the focus of a lot of literature, works of art and films in every nation. They often portray military personnel as patriots who genuinely love their compatriots and their homelands, and who serve their nations willingly and not because of benefits and privileges they receive. The Eternal Flame, impressive…

Libya’s Government of National Accord in its Death Throes


As reports focus on the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, stories regarding the state of affairs in Libya have all but disappeared from pages of leading media outlets. But in the meantime, recent events in this country are increasingly indicative of the fact that the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), led by Fayez…

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