Vladimir Odintsov

Where Is the Gold Rush Leading to?


Lately we have, with increasing frequency, been witness to fairly significant events. However, those involved in them usually attempt to hide what is happening behind a wall of secrecy. For instance, at the end of last year, the process of moving Polish gold reserves from Great Britain back home was completed in secret. G4S plc, a UK security services company, helped…

Drifting Away from the US – a New Global Trend?


Recently, an ever increasing number of countries has started distancing itself from the United States. This process became particularly noticeable a couple of years ago when President Donald Trump announced a new policy that he dubbed America First. It’s noteworthy that in the aftermath of the Cold War the US assumed a dominant role on the geopolitical…

The Coronavirus. What are we Actually Dealing with?


The appearance of a new strain of coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan last month, which has since spread to more than 20 countries, has sparked social media-driven panic around the world. People are scouring the Internet for information about this coronavirus outbreak, which the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency…

USA Labels China As One of the Most Dangerous Countries


The confrontation between China and the United States is growing in intensity day by day, and clearly the war drums are being beaten in Washington. According to a statement made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in November, the United Stated had never before faced such a threat from a country with as large a population and as big of…

Brexit: UK’s Paradise Lost?


By the end of this month London will be bound to formally leave the European Union, marking the beginning of a transition period. During this period all involved parties must agree on how to regulate their trade, finance and other areas of common interests, thus pre-arranging the final separation of the United Kingdom from the EU, which must conclude by December 31, 2020…

Washington’s Expansionist Policy in Africa


In recent decades, the African continent has been the target of USA’s expansionist policy, which ramped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the time, the United States of America turned towards Africa, a continent rich in natural resources and of strategic importance. Donald Trump’s political course helped consolidate this policy by the pivot away…

World War II Victims Must Not be Forgotten


It’s hard to underestimate how the events of World War II still affect the world we live in today. Children from all over the world, especially those from Europe, learn details of this unprecedented conflict and the role their country played in it from school books, relatives and TV programs at an early age. However, it’s truly unfortunate that only a few people would ever take…

Israel Pushes Washington Towards Another War


A lot of media articles based on reliable information have already been published about how Israel is using its lobby in the US to push Washington to implement Israel’s preferred policy in the Palestinian-Israeli peace-making process, in the Middle East, in armed confrontation, military interventions and the destruction of Israel’s military-strategic…

Can European Migrant Crisis be Resolved?

1597MD-A Europe Refugee Crisis Border

Since 2015, the flow of refugees escaping unending wars in the Middle East and Africa, which the United States and European nations are engaged in, into Europe has continued. The situation has transformed into a real crisis and resulted in increased social tensions in many of the EU member states. France is facing quite a tough time since…

A Worrisome Demographic Trajectory: Are We on the Brink of Extinction?


According to an estimation provided by the UN, the global population is bound to reach some 11 billion people in the near future, with annual growth reaching no more than 0.1% – a major decline from previous rates we’ve grown accustomed to. Between 1950 and today, the world’s population grew between 1% and 2% each year…

What are Washington’s New Goals in Central Asia?


The  ongoing catastrophy that would typically be referred to as the US “military presence” in Afghanistan has lasted for almost two decades, yet Washington has so far failed to demonstrate to the rest of the world its “humanitarian intentions” in this country. At the same time, we’ve seen no shortage of bold statements made by US officials on all levels that are…

Peace and the Withdrawal of American Soldiers from Afghanistan Put on Hold


According to Hawa Alam Nuristani, Chairwoman of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan, the current president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, came first in the country’s presidential election in late September, gaining 50.64% of the vote. Meanwhile the media previously reported that the campaign team…

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