Vladimir Odintsov

Russia and China Turn the Tables on EU amid Western Sanctions


In recent years, the United States and Europe began to actively use unfair competition by announcing all kinds of unilateral sanctions that violate international law in a frantic desire to achieve some advantage over Russia and China. Washington and its Western allies will take any step they can come up with against China, only to worsen…

Russia and Egypt Strive to Ensure Food Security in Africa


Despite modern agro-industrial technologies, the trend towards food shortages continues. This, in particular, is evidenced by the information published by the UN that up to 820 million people are starving in the world, which is about 10% of the world population.  There are more malnourished and hungry people around the world today than ever before, despite…

British Intelligence Intensifies its Struggle against Russia and China in Central Asia


In a recent interview for the The Telegraph Damian Hinds, the British Minister of State for Security and Borders, named the most threatening states with which British politicians and secret service agents must contend. According to him, clear dangers are posed by Russia, China, and Iran. That a representative of Britain’s present-day…

US and EU Do Not Allow their Citizens to Defeat COVID with the Sputnik V Vaccine


More than 4.9 million people became infected with coronavirus infection globally in the last week of 2021. More than 44,000 died. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report on December 28, new infections have increased by 11% compared with the previous seven days. 4,985,093 infected were detected…

Libyan Elections Got Disrupted by the US and UK Intervention


On 24 December 2021, Libya was scheduled to hold a popular vote for the country’s first president, but it never took place: The Election Commission failed to publish the final list of candidates on time, and on December 21, the head of the Commission, Imad al-Saih, ordered the closing of polling stations. The vote was postponed indefinitely at the last minute because…

US Sends Potentially Deadly Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan


Although the official death toll from COVID-19 currently exceeds 5.4 million, it is estimated by individual experts that the actual fatality statistics could be as high as 15.2 million. Unfortunately, many countries of the world have found themselves particularly vulnerable to the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, especially…

Will 2022 be Better Than the Outgoing Year?


As 2021 is approaching its end, efforts are being made to assess it and gain insight into what the New Year, 2022, holds in store for us. In 2021, the world has still been reeling under the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, but it has turned out to be more hectic: the old conflicts have flared up again and the new ones have kept emerging while the rift between Russia…

Mongolia is Among Russia’s Key Partners in Asia


Russia and Mongolia are close neighbors, and their immediate geographic proximity has determined the mutual geopolitical pull of Russia and Mongolia, an objective contributing to political, military, trade and economics, cultural, and other bilateral ties. Russian-Mongolian relations, characterized by traditional good-neighborliness, are comprehensive…

US and Israel Oppose Rapprochement of UAE and Iran


The aspiration of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to become an essential independent geopolitical player in the Middle East is perceived with great wariness and jealousy in Washington and Tel Aviv, openly not wishing to release Abu Dhabi “from their ranks.” Of particular concern to the USA and Israel was the announcement…

Does the Deepening Crisis in Turkey Manifest an End to the Erdogan Era?


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is experiencing his worst moments as head of state today. Social and political tensions in the country are becoming increasingly evident. The economy is collapsing, the value of the national currency is relentlessly falling, and the number of poor people is skyrocketing. According to recently published…

Hunger and Food Shortages are On the Rise


Although according to the information voiced by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, 88 million people were starving in the world at the end of 2020, numerous media and public organizations indicate that the number of hungry people on our planet is many times greater. According to the UN specialized agencies alone, about three billion people on the planet…

Totally Exhausted US and EU Hit China With Sanctions


The growing contradictions between China and the West, which received an ideological coloring after the speech of Mike Pompeo in 2020, who called the confrontation between Beijing and Washington a struggle between the Free World and the Marxist-Leninist Regime, is increasingly acquiring the character of a complex conflict between the parties. Washington…

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