Vladimir Odintsov

The Eurasian Economic Union is Alive – and Expanding


The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), created in 2014 as an international organization for regional economic integration with international legal standing, has already grown significantly stronger in the international arena, and is attracting greater attention from various countries despite the fact that it has still existed for only a short period. The freedom of movement…

The Cold War Unleashed by Biden has Turned into Freezing Temperatures in Texas


The new ruler of the White House used his first foreign policy speech since taking office – given at the international online session of the Munich Security Conference, devoted to relations between Europe and the United States – not to deliver a call to become involved in constructive activity, something objectively needed…

US-Turkish Relations To Hit an All-Time Low?


Although Turkey remains economically, politically and militarily dependent on the United States and NATO, the strategic plans of the two countries have increasingly clashed in recent years, and the conflict has spiraled from incident to incident, increasingly turning Ankara from an ally to a rival of Washington. In doing so, each side seeks to accuse the other…

Egypt Assumes an Active Role in the Middle East


Recent events and Cairo’s policy in this context clearly show that Egypt is steadily reclaiming its major role in the Middle East, not as a tool in the hands of the US and Israel, but as it was before, standing on all-Arab patriotic positions. And these vectors of Cairo’s foreign policy are clearly visible in Egypt’s participation in the 2019 coup d’état in Sudan, in its approaches to resolving the Libyan…

Why Would the US Stir Up Conflict in North Africa?


The Trump administration, which left the US political Olympus, actively sought to sow contradictions in the unity of the Arab world in the Middle East, to divide these countries, to force the states that yield to the influence of Washington to lose even more identity and independence in their politics, to obey only the dictates of the American-Israeli elite…

Who are you, Mister Biden?


The arrival of the new US President to the White House has naturally raised many questions from everybody regarding the thrust of his forthcoming foreign and domestic policy, as well as his personality. Observers and politicians have already noted that, after occupying the Oval Office Joe Biden signed a dozen executive orders on his first day, indicating that the first thing he did was to combat the legacy…

Propaganda is all London has to Offer Today


The pious and noble image of “good old England,” conjured up for centuries by royal propagandists in the minds of the British, is an utterly false picture, which has very little to do with reality and of which everyone, at least outside Britain itself, is undoubtedly well aware. And one need not go far to find examples. Suffice it to recall that the world owes the emergence and intensification…

Erdogan Strengthens his Military Block


According to estimates of Turkish and foreign analysts, the foreign policy situation in Turkey this year promises to be difficult, not only because of the new hypothetical challenges possed by the new US President Joe Biden to the Turkish leadership, but also the legacy of previous problems in the Eastern Mediterranean, in Libya and in relations with the EU…

Uganda’s Choice


On January 14, Uganda held presidential and parliamentary elections in which the main struggle was between the current head of state, who has been in power for 34 years and ran for a sixth term, Yoweri Museveni, and reggae singer Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine. Since independence in 1962, Uganda has suffered many coups, revolts, and civil wars, which have all but evaporated…

Algeria to Protect its National Interests


Algeria, thanks to its large gas and oil resources, pursues an independent policy, positioning itself as a regional power with its own principles. Its leadership has for decades demonstrated a negative attitude to attempts by other countries to interfere in Algerian politics, or to infringe on the regional interests of the country. Moreover, the very…

Israel is Counterattacking Turkey


The measures actively taken by Ankara in its chess gambit at the end of 2020 to rapidly develop and reinforce its relations with Tel Aviv have so far, unfortunately for Turkey, not scored it any victories. The Turkish president himself noted that by the end of December, “the main problem now is the individual people that are present in the relationship with Israel. If there…

All the Votes in the CAR Presidential Election have been Successfully Tallied


Despite provocations from the militants and those supporting them, the authorities in the Central African Republic managed to successfully hold presidential and parliamentary elections on December 27. According to a statement from the CAR National Election Authority, the incumbent president of the Central African Republic…

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