Vladimir Odintsov

The United States is Seeking to Take Control of the Elections in Kyrgyzstan


Hopelessly bogged down in its influencing of the Ukrainian crisis, which did not go as expected in Washington, the United States has been actively trying to defocus Russia’s attention in recent years by organizing riots in other CIS countries. One of them is Kyrgyzstan, which is vulnerable to external interference…

Turkey is Set on Expanding its Influence around the World


When analyzing how the political situation is developing in a particular region, various analysts and observers usually focus on the geopolitical aspirations of the United States and China, the actions taken by Russia, NATO, and individual Western states, and on the ideology espoused by radical Islamism, which has amplified the threat of terrorism in recent decades…

Revolutionary Changes Awaiting the Middle East?


Although some of Donald Trump’s advisers still believe in his possible victory and support his attempts to fight, their number is gradually decreasing. Trump himself also is gradually realising the fact that the election results will not be canceled, and he has lost these elections. The increasing reality of the failure of Trump’s four-year political activity is forcing politicians in many…

The Earth’s Population is Shrinking – the Only Thing Increasing is the Number of Billionaires


Just recently, it was possible to see a substantial number of reports in various media outlets predicting the growth of the birth rate throughout the world. These projections for many countries were explained by increased migration flows, and specifically reports spoke about a spike in the total…

What is behind the Strategic Partnership between the US and Uzbekistan?


Recently, reports in the media can be encountered more frequently about the active measures taken by the United States to develop relations with Uzbekistan. For example, in just the first few days of November, the US Trade Representation (USTR) announced that the process had been completed of verifying Uzbekistan’s compliance…

Turkey Creates its Version of NATO?


In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, some politicians have been infected today by another pandemic – the “NATO” one. Having encapsulated a significant number of countries in coalitions created against its opponents, the United States, in the heat of a militant pandemic, tried in recent years to first create the so-called “Arabic NATO”, and then…

How Enduring is the American-style Asian Version of NATO?


The United States, committed to fanning the flames of wars in various regions around the world, and to entangling the whole world in military blocs and armed coalitions that are subordinate to it alone, in recent years has begun to purposefully approach how to create military alliances against countries that refuse to obey Washington’s dictates. Specifically owing…

Europe is Balancing on Turkish Scales.


Due to the increased activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, Transcaucasia, and the Black Sea basin of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, and the apparent reduction of Europe’s role in the Middle East, the balance of EU policy in relations with Turkey has increasingly shifted from attempts to influence Ankara to timid opposition to the current…

Same Old Fakes Tales Told by US, UK, and Germany about “Damascus’ Chemical Weapons”


The quite frankly disastrous results following military interventions by the United States and its closest allies from Western Europe in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria have made information warfare one of the main tools used by the West, a type of combat operation in which the key instrument to exert an impact has become targeted…

The Confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean is Not Subsiding


The standoff taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean, despite attempts on the part of the international community to reduce its intensity, is unfortunately not calming down. In the beginning, in September, the first preconditions arose for Ankara to tone down its demonstration of intransigence in its efforts to gain access…

US Ramps Up its “Battle” for Africa


Recently, in light of its ongoing confrontation with China, the United States has started seeking opportunities to expand its influence in Africa increasingly more actively. Just as other leading world players, Washington has shown interest in the continent because of its natural resources and strategic location, i.e. the main reasons why the US “battle over Africa” is seemingly…

The United States has Intensified the Process of Forming Coalitions against its Adversaries


The results of Washington’s foreign policy in recent years demonstrate that the United States is openly adhering to the principle of the “Wild West”, consolidating the rights of the strong at the expense of international law and UN principles. This is exactly what explains Washington’s escalation of crisis situations…

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