Vladimir Odintsov

“The Russians are Coming”


“The Russians are coming”, a phrase allegedly uttered by US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal while suffering from mental illness in 1949, is still in use today by certain media outlets (at the behest of, as conspiracy theorists would say, American and British intelligence agencies). And recently, this “prophecy” has indeed come to pass. The author believes that demand for underground bunkers…

How can Russia, China, and the United States Change the World?


There are some serious changes taking place in the international order that has prevailed since the end of World War Two. After what has been almost three decades of Washington openly expressing its desire to establish a world order with a clear-cut US hegemony to serve its own interests, the policies of Russia and China have recently been…

Coronavirus becomes one of Biggest Challenges for USA in Modern History


According to CNN,  “the coronavirus emergency is fast transforming into one of the gravest political and societal challenges of the modern age” but US leaders “are only just beginning to understand the gargantuan task before them.” The pandemic will be a much bigger test for USA’s economy and health system than predicted earlier…

Will the British Live to See a “Bright Future”?


The “bright future” that the UK’s current political elite have so very much longed for remains little more than an elusive dream for now. Yes, the United Kingdom has gained its independence from the EU, and is now “free” to embark on an uncertain future, free to buzz about like a mosquito looking for someone else’s blood to suck, i.e. subsidies from Washington in new deals…

Information Pandemic over the Coronavirus


The number-one topic making the news today and being discussed by the general public all around the world is the development of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, and the impact this epidemic will have on the economy and international relations in general. Perhaps one of the most hopeful messages to be heard in the international news thus…

Coronavirus is being used to Spread Unprincipled Propaganda


Ahead of the inevitable financial crisis, which many media outlets (including US ones) are already openly writing about, and which could overshadow the Great Depression (1929-1946), the hysteria surrounding the Coronavirus and its consequences is particularly worrying. The widespread panic about the epidemic…

What Window of Opportunity does the United States Want to Seize for itself in Central Asia?


Central Asia is still a very important region for the world’s major players, in terms of geopolitics, geoeconomics, and from the point of view of its geostrategic location. This is the arena where global and regional powers compete against each other. Almost all of today’s major players have their own long-term strategy worked out…

Dumping Contaminated Water from Fukushima Plant Into Ocean – the Lesser Evil?


In February this year, a number of media outlets reported that the Japanese authorities intended to drain more than one million tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean. According to some experts, this method is the lesser evil because the ocean is able to dilute…

Rebellion against the Elites may be Just Around the Corner


These days we’re witnessing more and more articles published both by leftist and independent media sources as well as larger sites that state that global inequality is “out of control” owed to the inherent injustice of modern economies allowing billionaires to accumulate huge fortunes at the expense of the rest of society. Just recently, Oxfam International, an international…

America’s Despair

NEO Collage 7001 740

More and more people in the United States are feeling let down by American capitalism, and the population is being plunged into depression. This was the alarming conclusion reached by two researchers from Princeton University, Anne Case and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics Angus Deaton. Over the past fifty years, many have been left feeling disillusioned with…

Should We Trust Washington’s “More Peaceful” Approach to Central Asia?


In spite of promises made by US President Donald Trump during his previous election campaign about focusing on the internal problems of the United States, in a situation where spheres of influence are being redistributed across the globe, Washington is going to spend ever increasing time and resources improving its…

Where Is the Gold Rush Leading to?


Lately we have, with increasing frequency, been witness to fairly significant events. However, those involved in them usually attempt to hide what is happening behind a wall of secrecy. For instance, at the end of last year, the process of moving Polish gold reserves from Great Britain back home was completed in secret. G4S plc, a UK security services company, helped…

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