Vladimir Karyakin

Afghanistan After 2014 Part 2

 What might be the possible scenarios of the development of the military and political situation in Afghanistan in the period…

Afghanistan After 2014 Part 1

The anthem of Afghanistan has the following lines: "This Land will shine forever – Like the sun in the blue…

Eurasian Integration Project of Vladimir Putin

The key problem of Russian statehood is that Russia, in terms of geopolitics, is not a classical imperial formation. At…

Information wars and security threats

In the context of globalisation, a new form of geopolitical confrontation has emerged, with the involvement of the use of…

On the military-political situation in the Middle East

The events of the so-called "Arab Spring" have demonstrated that the Middle Eastern nation-states are experiencing the demise of their…

On the political situation in Egypt

After yet another change of power in Cairo, it has become apparent that the large-scale transformation of the Middle East…

Is the Middle East the cradle of a new Arab caliphate?

The third wave of the Egyptian revolution has shown that the Middle East is experiencing an increase in socio-political chaos…

The Role Non-Governmental Organizations Play in Destroying the Foundations of Statehood

In recent decades, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun acting as foreign agents of influence. They have organized “color revolutions” in…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 2)

Returning to the use of the Western technologies for “color revolutions” in the post-Soviet space and the Middle East, we…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 1)

The strategies of indirect action and soft power are currently the most effective means of geopolitical struggle used by the…

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