Vladimir Danilov

Nigeria’s Upcoming Elections Exacerbate the Situation in the Country


Nigeria occupies a very important place in current world politics. This country is home to almost a fifth of the African continent’s population, about one in six Africans is Nigerian. Its already large population is expected to have doubled to 400 million by 2050, moving Nigeria from the 7th most populous country in the world to 3rd…

Why does Africa Oppose the Presence of UN Peacekeepers?


UN peacekeeping in Africa is in deep crisis, with the Blue Helmets not only failing in their missions but also regularly getting caught up in the middle of scandals. For the past few years there have been rallies in the Democratic Republic of Congo against the presence of representatives of the UN multidimensional mission in the DRC (MONUSCO…

Russia Shifts to a Zero-waste Nuclear Cycle in its NPPs


The global energy crisis, arguably the worst since 1973, is forcing adjustments in nuclear energy policy in the European Union and many other parts of the world. Washington’s policy of squeezing Russia out of the European energy market, decommissioning European NPPs and forcing a “green agenda,” for the express purpose of strangling its main economic…

Pakistan’s Relations with Russia are Progressing Well


Historically, relations between Moscow and Islamabad have been rather complicated. After declaring independence from British India, Pakistan made a geopolitical choice in its early decades, opting for close military-political and economic ties with the US, which largely predetermined the cool relations between the former and the Soviet Union. There were…


Asian and NATO Countries Get Actively Engaged in the “Battle for the Arctic”


During the Cold War, Washington and Moscow fought hard for dominance in the Arctic. But then these tensions subsided in the 1990s, a period of “rapprochement between the West and Russia”. The Arctic Council was even created, bringing the states of the region together and allowing them to coordinate…

The West Gives Lip Service to Fighting Hunger


Although the energy crisis and the impoverishment of Europe’s population due to the Russophobic sanctions policy of European leaders have been the main themes of the Western media in recent weeks, articles on the fight against hunger nevertheless continue to appear. Above all, media publications are discussing the consequences of the Istanbul…

US Dependence on Russian Uranium and Sanctions Policies


The energy crisis, exacerbated in recent months by Washington’s anti-Russian sanctions policy, is perhaps the worst such crisis since 1973, when Arab countries imposed an oil embargo to protest Western support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. It has affected all Western states by now. While the search for new energy sources and improvements to existing relatively…

The Symbolism of the “Warm” Reception Macron Faced in Algeria


Africa as a whole and its northern and western parts especially have recently been turned into a political Mecca. Caravans of representatives of the ruling European political elite would head there in a bid to find a way out of the energy crisis unleashed by the US and the EU upon the world. This crisis came into fruition

Did Scholz Go to Canada to Take a Shower?


On a 10-point scale, the current energy crisis in Europe has already received 8 points and a “frightening” forecast from the renowned consulting firm Rystad Energy. As the energy situation in the EU has steadily worsened in recent days, the number of problems facing Europeans is unwaveringly increasing. Europe is now very afraid of freezing to death …

Mali Presents the UN with Evidence of French Support of Terrorists


Recently, Radio RFI has announced that Malian authorities made accusations against France, citing a letter of Mali’s Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop, that alleged that Paris was supplying terrorists with weapons and called for the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. In his August 15 letter, Abdoulaye Diop…

Russia is a Reliable Partner for Mali in All the Important Areas


The recent successful tour of African countries by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visiting Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and Congo, as well as the conclusion of important strategic agreements by Russia with several African countries, have had a strong resonance in the international community. Among Western leaders, these developments have caused great concern…

Why is the Flow of Migrants Changing Direction?


As Washington has expected in its use of migration flows to damage its political and economic rival, the European Union, the influence of this factor has indeed been increasing of late. And it is becoming increasingly dependent not only on the state of armed conflicts already unleashed by the United States in the world, but also on the energy…

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