Vladimir Danilov

More and More Countries are Trying to Find a Compromise in Afghanistan


Against the backdrop of a spike of unrest along the border with Afghanistan and in the country itself after the withdrawal of US troops, more and more states in the region are trying to take every opportunity to maintain stability in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. While several regional players such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan…

Tunisia Once Again Plunged into a Protest Wave


Ten years after the outbreak of the Arab Spring in the Middle East, Tunisia, its cradle, has once again plunged into a wave of protest, the cause of which was the same problems unresolved by the “revolutionaries”: primarily in the socio-economic field, the fight against unemployment, mainly affecting young people, the dominance of corruption…

What Card is Washington Playing in Afghanistan via Ankara?


Despite the intense debate that has been going on in Turkey and beyond over the last few days about the advisability of Ankara taking over the baton from the USA in Afghanistan, as well as the main intrigue – what it will do in the IRA, President Tayyip Erdoğan confirmed the other day that Turkey was ready “to take over the Kabul Airport if the…

What will Turkey Do in Afghanistan?


At a time when the United States and NATO are hastily withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, on top of chaos and the general population fleeing abroad in a panic and the Afghan military being abandoned by former Western instructors, the opposition is growing in Turkey to Erdoğan’s plans to take over from the United States in the IRA. Let us recall that according…

The Situation in Somalia May Trigger a New Civil War


In the last few months the situation in Somalia has gradually been getting worse. With the country about to hold elections, increasingly violent confrontations between supporters of the president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, and opposition supporters, mass demonstrations and terrorist attacks by Al-Shabaab (banned in the Russian Federation), there is a risk that another…

Why is the US Creating a Nexus of Regional Instability around Afghanistan?


After more than 19 years of its failed war against the Taliban, the Americans’ rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan is looking a lot like the situation in Saigon in 1975, following the US defeat in the Vietnam war. In addition to the departure of US troops, Washington is also saying there’s a possibility that it will be forced to evacuate…

Afghan Fiasco Caught Up with the US in Syria


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) estimates that during the 10 years of war in Syria 36% of the country’s 18 million inhabitants have lost their homes, 6.6 million people have become internal refugees, and 13.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 5.6 million people have left Syria since 2011. The ongoing war in Syria…

The Unrest in Jordan


Over the past month, anti-government protests have not eased off in Jordan, which arose against the backdrop of a surge in pro-Palestinian sentiment in the Kingdom. The reason was the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip during the last escalation of the conflict. As a result, on May 14, about 2,000 Jordanian demonstrators organized a march of solidarity towards the Israeli border and tried…

Has the US Found a Solution to the Problem of Withdrawal from Afghanistan?


The past two months have been very difficult for Washington in terms of finding a solution to the accelerated withdrawal of regular US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. Washington did not succeed in implementing its initial plans to possibly deploy them in post-Soviet Central Asia, despite numerous attempts to sucker Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan…

Is Turkey in a Hurry to Take the Relay Baton from the US in Afghanistan?


In a recent interview with Reuters, Turkish officials announced Turkey’s readiness to occupy the Kabul airport after US troops withdraw, and to take over managing and protecting it. Turkey articulated this proposal back at a NATO meeting in May, when Washington and its allies agreed on a plan for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan. On June…

The Afghanistan Fiasco Caught Up With the US in Iraq


As various foreign media reports on recent developments in Iraq around the presence of US bases and US military contingents indicate, opposition towards them grows almost daily. In January 2020, the Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution calling for the withdrawal of foreign armies and, above all, the US military contingent from the territory of the republic…

Pakistan and Russia in Gas Cooperation


At the end of May, Russia and Pakistan signed a protocol on amending the tariffs of the intergovernmental agreement of October 16, 2015, to construct the Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline (formerly North-South Gas Pipeline), which should follow through with actual implementation in July. The project will cost $2-2.5 billion. The 1,100 km long pipeline…

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