Vladimir Danilov

The Turkic Military Alliance or Why has Ankara Accused Russia of Occupying Kazakhstan?


The January events in Kazakhstan and the CSTO’s response proved to be a real litmus test of many countries’ attitudes towards Russia and the regional balance of power in modern times. Turkey was no exception here, as it showed what was behind its active assurances to Russia and the Central Asian countries of “bona fide…

Nuclear Power Causing Disagreements in the EU


Amid the world’s forced turn toward nuclear power and energy crisis, Europe had given serious thought to nuclear power’s future on the continent. Currently, 31 countries operate nuclear power plants. The peak in nuclear power generation was recorded in 2006 (2,660 TWh), but overall, the share of nuclear power in global electrical power generation decreased…

Why does the US Need Wars and Armed Conflicts?


During the last thirty years after the collapse of the USSR, the world, renamed by the West into a “Euro-Atlantic” one, began to change drastically, giving itself a completely different substance than Washington and the “renewed Europe” organized by America wanted it to be. It began to swell with a completely different meaning, the balance of forces in it began to change…

UN Must Outlaw US Occupation Forces in Syria


In recent months, anti-American sentiments among the Syrians have noticeably intensified in Syria, demanding the withdrawal of the US Army from this country. The growth of these sentiments is due not only to the continuing illegal export of Syrian oil by the United States to Iraq, as regularly reported by the Syrian Arab news agency SANA and from the UN rostrum by the official…

Military Coups in Africa are an Instrument of Neocolonialism


The often-repeated military coups and unrest on the African continent never surprise anyone. A military coup in Africa has already become a classic system of overthrowing power. After the fall of the colonial regime, military coups broke out in Africa everywhere; that is why this continent is considered the most explosive and conflicting region. Since 1960, out of nearly…

The World is Turning to Nuclear Power amid the Raging Energy Crisis


The energy crisis is perhaps the worst since 1973, when the Arab countries imposed an oil embargo, protesting against Western support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War. Combined with a pandemic, new strains, and a lockdown relapse threat, it is a deadly blow to economies and industries worldwide. Bloomberg sounds…

Erdogan is Actively Trying to Score Points in Africa


Amid growing accusations against the Turkish government and calls for early presidential and parliamentary elections from the local population due to the intensifying domestic crisis in Turkey in recent days, there has been a surge in publications in the West about the impending power transition in Turkey. Thus, American edition Foreign Policy says that even before the date of the next…

What “Centers of Power” are Trying to Set Turkey and Russia at Odds?


“Moscow and Ankara did not fall into the trap set by the organizers of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to the Turkish capital, Andrei Karlov. They failed to destroy the friendship of the two countries,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview with RIA Novosti in connection with the fifth anniversary of the Russian…

Beijing and Moscow Strengthen Cooperation in Response to the West’s Incitement of Hatred Against Russia and China


The United States’ and the European Union’s desire to increase pressure with sanctions and hostile rhetoric on Russia and China has resulted in the tightest possible partnership between Moscow and Beijing, which are already united by years of extensive ties in various areas. Bilateral trade exceeded…

The Sociopolitical and Economic Impact of the Pandemic


Two years of the coronavirus pandemic have seriously changed the world around us economically and politically. The pandemic demonstrated that any mass epidemic is as much a generic challenge to society as war, a change in geological epochs, or economic stages. At this challenging time for everybody…

Tel Aviv Insists on a Radical Solution to Iran’s Nuclear Program


On December 10, at the annual Israeli-American Council (IAC) National Summit in Miami, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with senior US functionaries about a radical solution to Iran’s nuclear program. He warned his American counterpart Lloyd Austin, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that he had ordered…

Afghanistan’s Labyrinth of Opportunity


Four months after the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban (movement is banned in the Russian Federation) attempts to shape the country on their image, despite the lack of recognition. Nevertheless, they have complete freedom from their neighbors to do whatever they want. They do not officially interfere but try…

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