Vladimir Danilov

Erdogan’s Cosmic Ambitions

The victories scored by a range of countries over the past few days, including the bold message delivered by the…

How the US and Great Britain Instigate Coups Nowadays

Recently, the United States and Britain, actively using the propaganda tools that they possess, have increasingly begun to accuse Russia…

Biden Digs Up the Hatchet


Just one month has passed since the newly elected, 46th US President started his tenure in the White House, and he has clearly shown that his foreign policy strategy for the next four years is by no means dovish. Demonstratively renouncing the “era of the previous Republican president”, which was, incidentally, marked by the fact that Donald Trump was the only US president over the past thirty years…

US Loses Yet Another War


The United States has not won a single war since the defeat of Japan (which, incidentally, was defeated with the active support of Russia). Moreover, the US was beaten by Third World armies in Korea and Vietnam, and in the 21st century, when it invaded Afghanistan, almost 20 years later it was also defeated by lightly armed Taliban units. Armed invasion of Iraq resulted in yet another defeat…

What Kind of Game is Joe Biden Playing in Afghanistan?


Many hopes and plans in Afghanistan were tied to the arrival of a new administration in the White House. All of them, however, have so far stalled, as has the prospect of a peaceful resolution of the conflict in that country. The Doha peace talks came to a halt because a US congressional committee did not recommend that Joe Biden rush the withdrawal of troops from…

China-US Relations At An Impasse


The Trump administration’s policies in recent years have brought relations between Washington and Beijing to the brink of a cold war, currently experiencing the most serious crisis in decades: a trade war, ever-expanding sanctions, and an escalating military confrontation. Washington’s attacks on Chinese tech companies have become almost daily…

Is the Current Climate Catastrophe Irreversible?


The year 2020 was one of the three warmest years in the history of climate observations. The year saw catastrophic natural disasters of devastating proportions. There were record high temperatures in Australia, leading to massive wildfires, the same happened in Brazil and the west coast of the United States, and drought in South America. Large-scale flooding…

How does Washington Rob the Entire World?


Against the backdrop of the recent change in the White House administration, and the absence of clear harbingers of the United States’ desire to reduce the number of armed conflicts around the world, it is worth noting that in many respects the present conflicts owe their existence to how they are pumped with American weaponry. The results of a study on global defense…

Tunisia is Yet Again at the Forefront of a Tide of Protests


Ten years after the beginning of the “Arab spring” that swept the Greater Middle East, Tunisia – the birthplace of that – yet again led a wave of protests caused by the same problems that remained unresolved by its “revolutionaries”, primarily concerning the socioeconomic sphere and the fight against unemployment, which particularly affects young people…

Will there be Peace in Afghanistan under Biden?


While it is well known that international treaties and agreements signed are not a personal contract between political leaders, but rather certain obligations between states, the United States has repeatedly shown the world that it does not care about such norms of international law. Hence the entire structure of the international legal framework, be it the international…

The Tragic Phase of US Reign in Iraq Coming to an End?


Driven by the demands of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from American military intervention, the US eventually had to reduce its military presence in these countries, leaving 2,500 troops in each country. Trying to “save the face of the US”, whose artificial peacekeeping mask was torn off by the population of these countries and the international community a long time ago…

Information War Dethrones US President


In the end, it was not the Russian government as anti-Russia propagandists in the West claimed but instead homegrown digital tools that brought down US leader Donald Trump. As a result, not only did he lose the presidential election in 2020, but also access to his much-loved social networking sites in his last days at the White House, which Donald Trump often used…

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