Vladimir Danilov

US’s anti-China and anti-Russia Bellicose Propaganda Campaigns


After the current political elite in the United States made waging and preparation for conflicts on various continents the focus of their foreign policy, they are continuously searching for, in an increasingly paranoid manner, new enemies of the United States who they could declare yet another war against and not necessarily a “cold…

Even the Active US Propaganda Fails to Uphold Once Formidable Image


US government propaganda has always done its best to convey to Americans and residents of other countries the idea that it is the richest country in the world with an advanced industry, economy and significant, well-equipped armed forces. However, with each new day, more and more residents of the United States and many other…

By Making Relations with China Worse, Washington is Damaging its Ties with the EU


In recent years, against its own volition the world has witnessed a rapid deterioration in US-Chinese relations, which have already landed on a low level that has not been seen throughout the entire history of their official contacts since 1979. As Fox News reports, even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admits that current relations between…

USA’s Plans for a Global Conflict


In 2015, during his speech at the Brookings Institution (a US research group that conducts studies and education on economics and politics), the former Chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke talked about whether a victorious war and an active preparation to one could become the best means for bringing the US economy from the looming crisis…

Britain’s “Gears” are Stuck


Great Britain, a country that has, undoubtedly, mistreated inhabitants of its former colonies in the East, is in the midst of an “old age crisis”, indicative of an imminent collapse of its empire. Nowadays, nothing is going right for the UK, the country has lost not only its influential status abroad but also its guiding principles at home that govern the way the populace lives. Yet another sign of its troubles is a recent…

Afghanistan: No End of Failure in Sight


As the recent events in Afghanistan and the actions of the United States show, resolving this conflict in the country is becoming more and more problematic in the coming years. Unfortunately, we have to admit that none of the powers trying to influence Afghanistan, including players within the country, currently have the capability to create peace in Afghanistan…

Nuclear Race between Not Yet Nuclear States?


Tension related to nuclear proliferation has risen again. This is largely due to the rhetoric of leaders of certain countries hinting  that the build-up of nuclear arsenals epoch is coming back throughout the world. This has already fuelled fears of nuclear armament stock levels in the world and unpredictability of those in whose hands warheads remain. For example…

Turkey’s Growing Influence in Africa


In recent years, reports on political and economic landscape in African countries have increasingly more often mentioned Turkey. In fact, this is true not only for Libya and other African nations located on the Mediterranean coastline but also for countries in the center of this continent and south of the equator. Focusing on Africa has become a key foreign policy…

Who is Britain’s Main Enemy Today?


The current political elite of Britain, being in a deep existential crisis, as many media outlets are already writing about, was looking forward to the long-awaited publication of the Russian Report, the release of which was delayed by Boris Johnson for 10 months. And finally, the intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament published…

Kurds Rebuild Ties with Washington to Even the Score with Ankara and Damascus


The cultural identity of the Middle East where peoples lived for century without statehood has given the Kurds a particularly strong incentive to carry on their struggle for independence over the last few decades, and American political strategists have taken full advantage of this. That is why the Kurds have been designated…

UK in the Midst of a Full-Blown Existential Crisis


Based on news reports and political commentary in the UK, at present, the country is experiencing a full-blown crisis, and it remains unclear how it plans to resolve it. The outcome of negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship after Britain exited the European Union is uncertain. It is possible that a deal will not be reached or, on the contrary, UK’s “wise…

What does the Future Hold for Tunisia?


Tunisia is popular tourist destination in North Africa, a cultural melting pot, with Roman, Arab, and Western cultural influences and European progressiveness. However, Tunisia’s attractiveness as a holiday destination has not been the only reason why the country has been in the news over the past decade. Tunisia was where the wave of color…

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