Vladimir Danilov

Search for a Solution for Syria Intensifies

In recent months, the United States, Israel, Turkey and a number of other countries have attempted to take advantage of…

Africa in the Light of SPIEF 2022


Moscow has in recent years been increasingly developing its cooperation with Africa in all directions. The current world situation has prompted the search for new opportunities for direct trade and economic ties, and for many years now SPIEF has been one of the platforms for communication between various states and businesses. It is…

In Japan, Criticism of the Government Grows Over the Losses Caused by Sanctions against Russia


Against the background of the current Japanese government’s clearly ill-conceived policies, which are causing ever greater misery for its people, criticism of Fumio Kishida’s cabinet has increased markedly, with his rating dropping by a further 4.6 percentage points to 56.9% over the month…

China Bolsters Cooperation with Central Asian Nations


Amidst the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, on June 8, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held the third “China+Central Asia” Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Although similar meetings have taken place before, this summit has become urgent due to the recent depreciation of national currencies in the former Soviet republics, soaring food…

Chancellor Scholz Tried to Get Germany IInvolved in the Battle for Africa


Against the backdrop of France’s recent blatant failures on the African continent, whose inhabitants are increasingly determined to throw off the shackles of modern French neocolonialism, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided to seize the moment and use the French vacuum in Africa to strengthen Germany’s position there. To this end…

Cameroon and Russia Start Working More Closely Together


Despite the distances that separate the two regions, Russia and Africa have been bound together by close political, economic and cultural ties for many decades. In the West, African nations tend to be associated with poverty and a lack of development, and receive little media coverage, but in reality many countries on the continent have experienced…

US Trying to Create a “Second Front” against Russia in Syria


Without even bothering to mask its Russophobic positions in the conflict in Ukraine and experiencing a failure in its actions there, Washington is strenuously seeking to unleash a “second front” against Russia in any zone sensitive to Moscow. The United States is actively trying to destabilize the situation in the Central Asian region, to worsen relations between…

Mali is Deprived of an Opportunity to Follow Policies Independent of the West


Attempts by the inhabitants of the states of the African continent to throw off the shackles of modern neo-colonialism and pursue a policy independent of the West are being met with active resistance from the very same West. Another confirmation of this is the recent coup attempt thwarted by the authorities in Mali…

Americans and the “Blood Moon” Rising


The news divisions of the US broadcast network have “comforted” the Americans with the announcement that they will have an opportunity to witness the “blood moon” eclipse. In astronomer circles, “blood moon” is the term for the part of a total lunar eclipse when the projections of sunrises and sunsets on the surface of the Moon give it a crimson color as it passes…

Uzbekistan’s Active Steps in Dialogue with the Kabul Authorities


After the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) seized power in Afghanistan, many questions arose about the format and direction of future engagement with the terrorist movement. The tumultuous events in that country, against the background of the urgent withdrawal of US troops and the departure of the bankrupt “civilizers” with their mission…

Paris Gets Kicked Out of French Africa


Mali’s government spokesman Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, who occupied the position of the country’s prime minister in 2017, announced in a televised address that Bamako terminated defense agreements with France. Although Paris has called the decision “unjustified”, France is nevertheless continuing to withdraw its military from Mali, following the Malian government’s earlier…

Japan is Suffering due to its Own Sanctions and its Ukraine Policy


Tokyo is experiencing more and more problems as a result of its reckless adherence to Washington’s Russophobic dictates. And as Tokyo continues to adopt new anti-Russian sanctions these problems are rapidly getting more and more serious. For example, Japan has already announced a number of sanctions packages…

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