Viktor Mikhin

The IAEA’s “Western Policy” on Iran


The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEADahJTkfw in connection with Iran’s nuclear activities is strictly limited to technical issues and highly confidential, however the political exploitation of the issue is carried on by certain Western powers in stark contradiction with the principles of independence, impartiality, and professionalism that…

Lebanon on the Verge of a Possible Solution to the Ongoing Crisis


A high-level Lebanese government delegation held talks in Syria in an attempt to solve the severe fuel crisis that has paralyzed the entire country. This is the highest level of official visit since the civil war in Syria started, unleashed by the West and the Gulf monarchies, more than a decade ago. The Lebanese delegation, headed…

Afghanistan: Is US Cooperation with the Taliban Power Possible?


Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has bravely stated that “it is possible” the United States will seek to coordinate with the Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw “counterterrorist strikes against DAESH (a terrorist group banned in RussiaDahJTkfw fighters or others.” First of all, Al-Qaeda (banned in territory of the Russian Federation…

Afghanistan: the USA’s Illusory Achievements


In recent days we have seen many horrifying and distressing scenes of thousands of Afghans crowding into Kabul airport, in some cases being crushed in their rush to leave their country – a country where the supposedly democratic USA has for over 20 years unsuccessfully tried to impose its vision of order. But for those who have been able to leave Afghanistan, which has…

Iraq: Afghan Lessons and Reality


It may only be a matter of time before the states of the Middle East, whose instability has been embodied by the West led by the United States, begin to feel the echoes of the Taliban’s rapid conquest of almost all of Afghanistan. The consequences of the Sunni Islamist triumph will not be lost on non-state actors and militant nationalists active in countries where the US still has troops…

Iran: an Unexpected and Pleasant Gift from the US


On the sidelines of the Ayatollahs in Tehran, there is a sharply elevated mood turning to euphoria. Iran’s recently elected President Ebrahim Raisi cheerfully celebrated the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the apparent helplessness and fundamental inability of the United States to leave the country unhindered after 20 years. These events have set in motion…

US was the One That Ultimately Armed the Taliban


It is paradoxical, but true: the billions of dollars spent by the United States on the Afghan army ultimately brought distinct benefits only to the Taliban’s militants (a terrorist group that is banned in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw. A US Department of Defense spokesman confirmed that the military equipment delivered by the US for the Afghan army – and seized…

Lebanon: Trouble and Misery Keep On Piling Up


At a time when Lebanon is facing a severe economic and political crisis, new border tensions between Hezbollah and Israel are, quite naturally, particularly undesirable for the country. But this week, both Israel and militants of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah attacked each other across the Israel–Lebanon border.  It is unclear why each side decided…

Iraq: The Restless Centennial of Statehood


Iraq is about to celebrate its centennial of statehood established on August 23, 1921, when Faisal I bin Al-Hussein, son of the Grand Sharif of Mecca, was proclaimed king of the newly artificially created kingdom. After World War I, Britain took the future king from the Hejaz (now a region in the west of Saudi ArabiaDahJTkfw.  Faisal had been chosen by British colonial officials five months…

Afghanistan: Another Collapse of US Cynical Plans


In recent days, America has been overwhelmed by a shaft of unfortunate events from Afghanistan. The American media, TV, experts, and advisers of all kinds are asking very uncomfortable questions of officials from the Joe Biden administration and trying to understand what happened in this Asian country. Why did the Taliban (banned in the Russian…

The Persian Gulf is Once Again at the Center of Western Provocations


As part of a concerted effort to pressurize Iran ahead of the expected resumption of nuclear talks in Vienna, Washington and its European allies appear to be using a mysterious and not entirely understandable attack on an oil tanker operated by Israel to extract additional concessions from Tehran.   In doing so, says the well-informed…

Jordan is Washington’s Middle East Favorite

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The visit to Washington by King Abdullah of Jordan, the first Arab leader to meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House, was widely seen as a strong indication of the solid and strategic partnership between Jordan and the United States. The Oval Office talks, which encompassed expanding the strategic partnership between Amman and Washington…

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