Viktor Mikhin

Kuwait and the 25th Summit of the Arab League

Small emirate of Kuwait, located at the mouth of the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, has once again found itself in the…

Syria: A New Aggravation of the Situation

Recently, the relations between Syria and Turkey worsened to such an extent that official Damascus was forced to send a…

Oman-Iran: preconditions for the creation of a new union

Oman-Iran relations are seeing a remarkable recovery in the last few months. Recently Oman was paid an official government visit…

Saudi Arabia: cosmetic measures or a change of course?

The beginning of 2014 for Saudi Arabia, according to most experts, will be primarily remembered for major changes in the…

Syria: Negotiations and the Struggle Continue

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution demanding free access of the humanitarian aid to victims of the conflict in…

Saudi Arabia: a change in foreign policy?

Saudi Arabia resembles an awakened volcano that has slumbered for many decades, and now is beginning to “disgorge” one initiative…

Russia-West propaganda and different solutions to world problems

Vladimir Putin
It is noteworthy that as soon as Russian foreign policy makes some movements, Western media, as a team in unison,…

Iraq: Oil mirages and the reality

The Middle East never ceases to amaze the world and sets tough tasks for politicians and economists. Thus, the latest…

USA: Is there morality in American society?

НВО 12
On January 4 on YouTube, there was uploaded an audio recording of a confidential telephone conversation between U.S. Assistant Secretary…

USA-Syria -Washington’s new threats

The events in the Middle East and particularly in Syria are forcing the international community to turn their heads in…

Sochi Olympics, Bandar bin Sultan and International Terrorism

The closer the date of the grand opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the more headache face the countries that…

Syria: First Encouraging Steps

“The first contact between the authorities and opposition of Syria could not be cloudless after three years of the conflict,…

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