Viktor Mikhin

Saudi Arabia: New Policy Restart

Recent events in the Middle East, in which the situation has changed dramatically over the last 2-3 years, have invoked…

Is the Peaceful Solution Still Viable for Syria?

A number of positive events which may have a lasting influence on the future of the whole region has recently…

Iraq: a Bloody Fate and the Future

Special Russian Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mikhail Bogdanov has recently stated, “Moscow…

Iraqi Kurdistan on a difficult road towards independence

NEO collage - 46
Set against the backdrop of complex geopolitical processes that are now taking place in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq,…

Iraq: American “democracy” and Bedouin democracy

The latest events in Iraq have shined a spotlight on the unseemly role that Washington played when it threw all…

The new aggressive strategies of the US in Iraq

The recent, supposedly unexpected events, unfolding in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, shed some light on the subsequent “grand”…

The Middle East: A boiling caldron of contradictions

The brilliant ideas of brilliant people survive the centuries and become relevant at the appropriate time for them. Many experts…

Qatar and the prospects for the gas market

Many experts are increasingly talking about the beginning of a third world war, which given the current environment, it is…

Iraq: U.S. terrorism policy in action

The latest events in Iraq are providing fodder for analysis by many experts worldwide, who are unanimous in the opinion…

Syria and the West: elections have passed, problems remain

The results of presidential elections in Syria are, according to many sober-minded politicians, impossible to ignore; and for those who…

Afghanistan – US: The Moor has done his duty the Moor can go

A new scandal that has recently broken out between Afghanistan and the US due to the "wise" policies employed by…

Saudi Arabia at the “Vanguard” of the Struggle for Human Rights

There is very unusual and interesting news coming out of the far distant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Local authorities have…

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