Viktor Mikhin

Unsuccessful Maneuvers of the US-European Allies on the Iran Nuclear Front


Europeans’ hopes of reviving the Iran nuclear deal are rapidly fading, forcing them to seriously consider how to limit the progress of Tehran’s nuclear program at a time when their master, the US, is once again screwing Europe over in order to accomplish its own goals. While Western powers have not yet completely given up hope…

Tensions Flare in the Palestinian-Israeli Relations


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has reaffirmed its commitment and support for the rights of the Palestinian people to sovereignty over their occupied land. The OIC member states held an extraordinary meeting in Jeddah on April 25 and called for coordinated efforts to protect Quds (Jerusalem) and its holy sites from “crimes committed by the Israeli military.” The OIC member states stressed that the Holy Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are a red line for the Islamic Ummah and without liberating it from the “occupation of the Zionist Israeli regime” security and stability in the region will not be achieved.  The Israeli military aggression against the Palestinian people and the illegal actions…

Yemen’s Tragedy and US-Saudi Maneuvers


Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has resigned and handed over power to a new body, the President’s Leadership Council (PLC).   He sacked his vice-president Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar in a sudden development believed to have been prompted by new US and Saudi tricks. According to media reports, the kingdom “rewarded” the move by promising…

Iraq is on the Verge of a New Round of Political Struggle


Reaching a quorum in Iraq’s presidential election remains an insurmountable obstacle so far for Iraqi leader Muqtada al-Sadr and his tripartite parliamentary alliance.  The last round of voting for the president, which went nowhere, showed this quite clearly. Negotiators and political leaders believe, local media reported, that the influential Shiite cleric and his political allies…

The Persian Gulf is Now Taking an Independent Geopolitical Stance


In the new reality, by its blunt intervention in Russia’s special operation in Ukraine expressed not only in political support, but also in supplying weapons for the Kiev’s nazi authorities, the Biden administration has already begun to develop and deploy its new global strategy. Apparently, this strategy is based around…

Iran and the US – When Will We See a New Agreement?


Extensive negotiations on the so-called Iranian nuclear deal have been conducted in Vienna over the last 12 months, many highly complex drafts have been prepared, a lot of obstacles have clearly been overcome, and now, at last, it appears that there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, media organizations around the world agree on one point: the final result…

US-Saudi Coalition has Placed a Stranglehold on Yemen


According to the Al Masirah news network, on the morning of April 4, the Saudi coalition Air Force, whose actions are actively supported by the United States, attacked the city of Hayes in northwestern Yemen and also launched a missile strike on areas in the province of Al-Hudaydah. Saudi coalition fighters flew 27 times in the airspace of Marib, Hajjah, Saada…

The Arab East: New Points of Reference of a New Policy


A large number of countries in the Arab world have finally been set into their natural motion and they are becoming more and more active in showing their independent character, gradually sloughing off the leadership of their past “sponsors” from the West.  At the end of March, an extraordinary period of regional summits and high-level meetings took place…

Ethiopia: Will the “Humanitarian Truce” Help in Resolving the Situation in Tigray


The Ethiopian government has announced that an “indefinite humanitarian truce will take effect immediately,” they said they hoped to help accelerate delivery of emergency aid to the Tigray region, where hundreds of thousands are starving. Since the war began in the north of the country…

Yemen: Cheap Demagoguery and Huge Profits for London


Situated on the distant east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen and our neighboring Ukraine share a common fate. Both countries, at the will of the West, have become embroiled in conflicts desired by Western rulers. Instigation of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi rulers against Russia by the West, above all the United States’ “empire of lies and terror”, as the facts…

Iraq: the Main Battle is Yet to Come


Since Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won Iraq’s widely boycotted elections last October, there has been a steady stream of news reports, forecasts and analyses claiming that this could be the beginning of the end of Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs. While such estimates are certainly optimistic, they are perhaps somewhat naive and misguided. Iran remains the most…

US-Ukraine: a Stream of Lies and Slander


A constant stream of vile lies, fabrications and fakes are poured out by the US ceaselessly against many countries around the world, and above all Russia. Many commentators attribute these futile efforts by the current Joe Biden administration to their basic fear of the impending but inevitable fundamental changes taking place on the geopolitical stage…

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