Viktor Mikhin

United States and Iran, So What’s Next?

A fairly dangerous situation involving Iran has seemingly remained unchanged for some time now. Each side is waiting for its…

Sultanate of Oman and its Future

Oman Flag

In its commitment to detente in various parts of the globe, Russia is increasingly focused on the complex situation, in danger of transforming into an armed conflict, in the Persian Gulf region. It has, therefore, come up with a concept aimed at ensuring collective security. And we are not simply referring to an attempt to avoid a flare-up in the region…

Iran Successfully Defends Its Right to Exist


In 2019, the Middle East was the stage of a fierce confrontation between Iran and the US. The Iranians wish to live by the laws of their ancestors and centuries-old customs, having made it clear that they are prepared to oust any overseas aggressor. This confrontation has been taking place against the backdrop of Sunni-Shia…

US Middle East Policy Bursting at the Seams


It’s common knowledge that the Middle East is a huge region full of miracles and wonder, where all things possible and improbable can happen. One such improbable event occurred recently – dozens of Saudi soldiers arrived in the largest Syrian Al Omar Oilfield, located in the Deir ez-Zor province in the east…

BC: USA Once Again on its Favorite Path Towards War Against Iran

bnd 05 01 20

The latest events pertaining to Iran are very much reminiscent of those transpiring in Europe right before the Fist World War. Tensions were high, all the nations were ready for the ‘big fight’ and were simply waiting for an excuse to start it. And then the opportune moment arrived when a 19-year old Bosnian Serb, Gavrilo Princip, who…

Saudi Arabia at Crossroads


Evidence suggests that as of recent Riyadh is intent on improving ties with Tehran and has been negotiating to this effect in secret. Citing officials in Saudi Arabia, The Wall Street Journal (an informative American newspaper) has reported that the kingdom is engaged in behind-the-scenes talks with Iran with the view of protecting its energy resources…

Qatar Lives a Quiet Life, Fights Hard, and Wins Time and Time Again


“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy,” said the mastermind of Western ideology back in the day, Sir Winston…

Persian Gulf: What Is Happening In This Region?


Once President Donald Trump realized that he could not change the situation in the Persian Gulf or force Iran to yield by military means, he resorted to his favorite approaches: political extortion, scaremongering and deceptive aggressive propaganda. And even if at first, his actions, to an extent, struck a chord or found a receptive audience in the region…

Saudi Arabia is in Dire Straits


Iran’s government spokesman, Ali Rabiei announced Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had sent a series of letters to the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in an effort to promote peace and stability in the region. Ali Rabiei emphasized all the Gulf states have their interests in the region. “Transregional countries, even a superpower like…

Lebanon on Fire as Protests and Demonstrations Rage On


Saad Hariri announced that he was leaving his post as Prime Minister of Lebanon, and stated that he had come to a dead-end after two weeks of mass protests in Lebanon, during which its participants accused the government of corruption and creating conditions for a possible economic collapse.   Saad Hariri served in this role since December 2016…

US with Blood on its Hands in Afghan Tragedy


The bloody war in Afghanistan has raged on for over 18 years, and there is no end in sight to this tragedy, no peaceful solution on the horizon. In 2001, US President George W. Bush used a far-fetched pretext for the military invasion of Afghanistan, and sent in 150 thousand troops, who occupied the sovereign state. The bulk of US…

America’s New Game in Syria


The launch of a Turkish military operation in Syria following the provocative withdrawal of US forces from the latter, pushed a number of politicians from all over the world to express their concerns that the events taking place will, most likely, negate the achievements of the international community in the battle against the terrorist organization DAESH (prohibited in the Russian Federation…

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