Viktor Mikhin

Middle East: Elation in Washington, Indignation in the West Bank

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, signing a peace agreement with the UAE and Bahrain in Washington in the presence…

Iran and the USA: What Happens Next?


It is now just two months until the presidential elections in the USA. Currently the verdict of the public opinion polls – which is always changing – suggests that Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, has a good chance of winning on November 3.  Those forecasts have led many politicians to speculate that the Democrat candidate may win, and that…

New US Plans in the Middle East


The third trilateral summit between Egypt, Jordan, and Iran took place at the end of August in Amman, Jordan.  The first summit took place in Cairo in March last year, and the second one was held in New York during the regular session of the UN General Assembly in September 2019.  Iraq was represented by Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi in the first two summits…

Iran: Futile Attempts Made by Washington


Permanent Representative of Niger to the United Nations Abdou Abarry, who took over as President of the UN Security Council, said he supported the statement that no further action can be taken concerning the request submitted by the US to reinstate UN sanctions against Iran, since the body’s 15 members cannot reach a consensus. Moreover, thirteen Council…

Middle East: Tensions Remain High


In a desperate attempt to gain some semblance of an advantage before the presidential election, US President Donald Trump, who is currently trailing his opponent from the Democratic party by 5-7%, decided to play the only trump card he has left – by sending his political “special operatives” to the Middle East. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Donald…

Qatar is Successfully Fighting against all Types of Hardship


The coronavirus pandemic, which has rapidly swept across almost all the countries in the world, has also demonstrated the abilities of individual rulers and the ruling elite to resist this scourge.  Quite a few countries, such as the United States, have failed to properly withstand this attack, and have fallen victim to COVID-19; others, such as Qatar, the small but…

Bahrain: the Tough Struggle Continues for Human Rights Activists


The situation in the small emirate of Bahrain, situated in the waters of the Persian Gulf, has once again caught the attention of media outlets worldwide. The matter at hand is that the country’s Supreme Court upheld the death penalty against two people accused of killing a police officer, despite international concerns about their confessions…

Iran in its Struggle against the US


July 14 marked the 5-year anniversary of the signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or the Iran nuclear deal, an agreement that the international community pinned many of its hopes on as it longed for a substantial improvement of the situation in the entire Middle Eastern region. The expectation was that Tehran’s compliance with all of its…

Saudi Arabia: Ambitious Plans and Facts on the Ground


Saudi Arabia has announced plans to implement an ambitious $800 billion initiative aimed at increasing the size of Riyadh in the next decade, and at transforming the capital into an economic, social and cultural hub in the Persian Gulf region. The ambitious strategy was presented by Fahd Al-Rasheed, the President of the Royal Commission…

Afghanistan: the US “War” on Drugs


Programs by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that are geared toward decreasing the quantity of opium poppy crops in Afghanistan have, in actuality, fostered growth in production of the narcotic, states a quarterly report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction that was presented to…

Iran: a Historical Crime Committed by the United States


In the life of any nation there are painful dates that cause the entire nation to grieve, despite the long passage of time. This kind of sorrowful, and bloody, date for the Iranian people is 3 July 1988, when the USS Vincennes guided missile cruiser from the US navy purposely launched a surface-to-air missile and shot down an Iranian Airbus A300B2-203 liner…

The Yemen Tragedy Continues


Global opinion and leaders in many countries have reacted angrily to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ decision to remove the Saudi Arabian military coalition in Yemen from a list of groups violating children’s rights. Antonio  Guterres has taken this step only a few years after the coalition was first named and shamed for killing and injuring children in Yemen. Antonio Guterres said the coalition would…

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