Viktor Mikhin

The Yemen Tragedy Continues

Global opinion and leaders in many countries have reacted angrily to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ decision to remove the Saudi…

Political Issues of the Blue Nile


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which without warning began ravaging our planet, some important issues have been put on hold. However, they will have to be resolved sooner or later. One of them is the water scarcity problem. In fact, some scientists and experts believe that it may lead to wars, which could cause more deaths than the Coronavirus pandemic. It is common…

Iran versus USA


As the US presidential election draws near, the “beacon of democracy” appears to be plunging deeper and deeper into chaos, with violence, lawlessness and rights abuses reaching levels previously unseen over the past 70 years.  Ill-advised and heavy-handed actions taken by current US President Donald Trump and his administration have resulted in very serious domestic…

Qatar: What Future Awaits the Emirate


Inexplicable Arab sanctions against Qatar are now in their fourth year. At the present time, only Saudi Arabia and its satellites – Egypt, Bahrain, and the UAE – maintain the embargo, and accuse Doha of some types of sins that those countries themselves don’t understand. At the same time, during all three years, the Emirate has constantly declared its readiness to cooperate…

Iraq: New Realities but Old Problems


Since the US invasion in 2003, Iraq has experienced a number of political upheavals. And to date, the nation has been unable to recover – despite Iraq’s vast crude oil reserves, the citizens’ living standards have not returned to even their basic levels. The illegitimate presence of US occupation troops continues to contribute to a noticeable destabilization…

Latest Acts of Piracy by US Against Iran


A new intense confrontation between Iran and the United States is expected to take place in the future. And it could very well turn into a full-on war. It is common knowledge that Tehran sent five tankers with fuel to Venezuela, and this caused quite a stir in Washington.   US media outlets have reported that Donald Trump’s administration, angered by Iran’s act of defiance…

Saudi Arabia and its Uncertain Future


The unprecedented scale of the Coronavirus pandemic; the sudden fall in oil prices, caused by Riyadh’s incompetent policies, and the looming economic crisis have all resulted in enormous losses for Saudi Arabia’s economy, and dealt a severe blow to its state budget. These developments have also prompted the rest of the world to lose confidence in the ability…

Yemen: When will its Miseries and Agonies End?


The coronavirus pandemic has not cooled the drive of some governments to intensify further the civil war flames in Yemen, and prolong even further the tragedy of Yemen’s people. Out of their selfish and strategic interests, leaders of such countries as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the USA, continue their blatant interference…

Qatar: Small Country, Big Deeds


The COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging most of the world’s nations has surely placed ensuring global unity (without which it will be impossible to win against this evil quickly enough and with more or less no grave consequences) in the fight against the virus on the planet’s agenda. Many politicians and experts believe that the current situation worldwide will only…

Like the Rest of the World, Saudi Arabia Must Take Decisions that Could be Make or Break


It is hard to say what was first to rock humankind and society as we know it — the unstoppable advance of the coronavirus or the steep drop in oil prices. And experts fear that we are now already on the brink of a global economic crisis that could dwarf the Great Depression in the United States, which started…

“Iraqi Pandemic” for USA


The Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, which is having a devastating effect on many nations, has shown just how incapable the current US administration is when it comes to solving any problems, including those related to foreign policy. It seems that the time when Washington was able to resolve many issues on the world stage by waving a magic wand are over. We live in a different world…

Iran is Fighting Back and Winning


In Luxembourg, Tehran scored a victory in its court case over $1.6 billion of Iranian funds that were frozen earlier at the request of the United States. In particular, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani noted that the country was able to triumph in the European Court of Justice against Washington’s attempt to block and confiscate Tehran’s assets in order to transfer…

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