Valery Kulikov

Washington’s SFABs Will Teach the Art of War to Foreign Armies


In spite of its irresistible urge to address the challenges it created by a handful of armed interventions in various states of the world, we’re witnessing Washington’s ever decreasing commitment to direct warfare, as it prefers…

CIA is Pushing to Control Cyberspace, All of Us Must be Really Worried


For a quite a while now, Western media sources have been engaged in a sort of a competition, striving to publish as many articles about so-called Russian hackers as they possibly could, while complaining about the…

What Role Women Play in ISIS Activities


Women who adhere to unconventional, radical misinterpretations of Islam are a relatively new phenomenon in the Muslim world. A couple of years ago women would subject themselves to destructive religious views in hopes of avenging their loved ones, but now…

Private Military Companies: How Do You Close Pandora’s Box?


Over the last two decades we have witnessed an abrupt increase in the number of private military companies (PMC) operating across the globe. It’s curious that some of those companies have budgets…

What Israel is Fighting for in the Middle-Eastern Mess?


As forces of the so-called Islamic State terrorist group are pushed across Syria and Iraq, one can clearly see Israel’s shifting position regarding the situation in Syria, which can be explained by Tel-Aviv’s desire to reorder…

Why Would US Transform Afghanistan into a Drug Empire?


For a total of sixteen years the US has been occupying Afghanistan after invading immediately after the 9/11 attacks. This act of aggression has already become the longest war in American history…

Washington is Keen to Derail the Syrian Peace Process


It is unlikely that Washington’s desire to disrupt the ongoing peace process in Syria will be of any surprise to anyone at this point. Judging by the modus operandi that the US chose to employ in Syria, most analysts argue that…

Soros, Go Away



American NGOs have fallen from grace across Europe in recent years. Such states as Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic have been pretty vocal in criticizing American non-governmental organizations operating within their respective territories. Even Poland that…

How Come Trump is So Inclined Now to Finally Put ISIS to Rest


A number of public statements recently released by the White House about the so-called “new plan” aimed at destroying ISIS has repeatedly stressed that the top priority of the Trump administration is the destruction of this…

ISIS May be Beaten, But it’s Not Out of the Door Yet


Recently, we’ve been witnessing a great number of American and Middle Eastern politicians making their best to produce an impression on the general public that the ongoing struggle against ISIS is nearing its end. To confirm this…

Is There Any Difference Between Those Who Fell Victims of Terrorist Attacks and US-led Air Raids?


The acts of terrorism committed by fanatics of the outlawed “Islamic State” (ISIS) in recent years have become more common and more…

The United Slaveholding Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


It would come as no surprise to most readers that slavery has been officially outlawed in pretty much every country of this world. This cruel practice was condemned by the League…

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