Valery Kulikov

Freedom for Assange!


When US vice president Kamala Harris visited Mexico, a demonstration took place in the Mexican capital on June 8 in front of the National Palace. During the protest, representatives of the #24F Coalición Vida y Libertad Julian Assange movement demanded the release of the journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and spoke against his extradition to the United States and the police…

Who is Britain’s “War Grin” Aimed At?


In its vassal state allegiance to Washington, London has increasingly tried to show a “war grin” to Russia and China in the hope of showing its “remnants of imperial grandeur.” Nostalgic for Churchill’s unrealized post-World War II Operation Unthinkable, a massive land, air, and naval offensive against the Soviet Union after the Red Army took Berlin, Britain…

What will Putin and Biden Talk About?


The closer the possible meeting between Putin and Biden gets, the more hype around it arises, sometimes turning into  . Especially, of course, in recent days, Western observers and politicians have become sophisticated, adopting the tactics of the “Soviets” from the collapsed Soviet Union (USSR). The Western media is in intensive mode assessing the prospects…

The Migrant Problem Exacerbates Internal EU Divisions


Although the pandemic has somewhat overshadowed the problem of migrants in recent months nevertheless, with the restoration of transport links and the opening of borders to non-Europeans, Brussels expects new flows of illegals fleeing from the intensifying economic and social crisis in their countries after COVID-19. Some destinations…

Search for an Alternative to the Suez Canal is becoming Increasingly Relevant


On May 28, the administration of the Suez Canal once again had to take emergency measures to unblock this highly congested global transportation artery. The 353-meter-long container ship Maersk Emerald ran aground due to engine problems. And although, as stated on the Facebook page of the Suez Canal Authority, they “promptly dealt…

US Actively Prepares for War with Russia


It is quite apparent to everyone that, at present, the socio-economic and political situation in the United States is far from stable and society increasingly polarized. In fact, even members of the current US military and political elite admit this in their public speeches. Hence, President Joe Biden and his team have been trying hard to unite the nation and guide it in a less divisive…

Impact of Egypt’s Growing Influence in the Middle East


Not only is the Middle East one of the cradles of civilizations but also a region with the largest natural gas and crude oil reserves on the planet. It is a place where different cultures collide, a focal point of international trade and an important political arena. Interests of three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) merge in this region, where the United States continues to pursue…

Ghani Staggered after US Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Even the US military newspaper Stars and Stripes is no longer hiding the panic flight of American troops from Afghanistan, reporting on their hurried withdrawal from the country amid a three-day ceasefire on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Such a hasty “withdrawal” of US troops occurred after US President Joe Biden violated the terms of the process…

While Withdrawing Troops, Washington Craves for a New Base in Central Asia


Fearing the possibility of triggering an armed response of the Taliban (organization banned in Russia) by delaying the withdrawal of the US-led military coalition from Afghanistan, Washington is trying to stay ahead of the schedule. As a matters of fact, senior NATO officials have revealed that the planned withdrawal is due to be completed…

Turkey Normalizes its Ties with Egypt


Turkey, committed to creating a new balance of power in the Mediterranean, has in the past month continued its efforts to normalize relations with Egypt, which have deteriorated sharply since the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi in the summer of 2013, following which the sides recalled their ambassadors. Of course, the restoration of bilateral…

US Troops Trying to Break Through from Afghanistan into Central Asia


As the evacuation of NATO’s coalition troops, deployed in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, begins, a highly serious and still unresolved issue for the United States is where these armed forces and their weapons and military equipment will be withdrawn to. Some media outlets have already heard from a senior…

Iranian Alternative to the Suez Canal


With the recent blockage of the Suez Canal by the container ship Ever Given, many countries are already actively involved in the search and discussion of a possible future alternative to this maritime transport route connecting Europe and Asia. For instance, Russia proposed the Northern Sea Route, and Israel recalled the idea of the Ben-Gurion Canal, which could connect…

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