Valery Kulikov

Slavery in Great Britain


It is a known fact that slavery is the first and crudest form of exploitation in history of mankind, where a human (slaveDahJTkfw is owned by another human (the masterDahJTkfw. Colonial powers and especially Great Britain actively participated in the slave trade and the use…

Reasons Behind Abe’s Trip Across Central Asia


October 22 was marked by the beginning of a five-day trip of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe across six Central Asian states. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, during his visits to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and…

England—Washington’s “Trojan Horse” in the EU


The growing might of the European Union and the prospects of its evolvement into a powerful global rival are making the US fidget. Washington apparently does not want Western Europe to gain enough strength to challenge American global leadership…

ISIL is Now Plagued by Massive Desertion


There’s an increasing number of reports stating that after just a week of Russian airstrikes against ISIL (Islamic StateDahJTkfw positions, there’s panic and desertion everywhere. About a thousand extremists have already abandoned their positions in Syria…

Will Separatism in the US Prevail?


A wave of separatist sentiment has recently literally covered the world community. This is the commitment of Scotland to separate, the difficult situation with the Basques in Spain, the independence of Kurdistan, as well as the Ukrainian events… Many of the conflicts…

Marijuana Legalization Lobbyists in the UK Ignore the Skyrocketing Number of Drug Users


Legalization of marijuana in the United States and the fact that it has become the most rapidly growing sector of the economy gives no rest to political and business circles in the UK, which, not without some…

Legal Drug Abuse is Gaining Steam in America


The news is out that the marijuana trade has become the fastest growing sector of the US economy, and American politicians have played a pivotal role in its development. There’s little room left for doubt that the push for the legalization of…

Great Britain is Violating Human Rights


The deeply critical attitude of current United Kingdom politicians in relation to other countries’ violations of fundamental human rights is widely known. However, while criticizing other countries, the United Kingdom, with its characteristic stance of…

Revolution is On Doorstep in the US


President Obama just like any other US politician is particularly keen on criticizing human rights situations in other countries, while glorifying the ideals of “American-style democracy.” Moreover, these topics are not simply the prime topic of his speeches…

Who is to Be Blamed for the War in Iraq?


The political elites of the United Kingdom are repelled by the very thought that the results of an investigation on their criminal policies in the Middle East may one day go public. Therefore, they are throwing a monkey-wrench into the activities of an independent…

Hollande Shot Himself in the Foot by Canceling the Mistral Deal


The events surrounding the contract between France and Russia on the construction of two Mistral ships for more than a year have been the focus of different countries. Particular interest to this deal was paid by Washington, where policymakers were…

Racism in Britain


As a result of the “color revolutions” initiated in a number of African and Arab countries by the United States, as well as the military intervention in Libya, Iraq and Syria, in the last decade there has been a significant increase in the flow of illegal migration to Europe…

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