Valery Kulikov

US Pressures African Countries into Breaking Away from Russia


At the first Russia-Africa summit in 2019, Vladimir Putin hosted 43 African leaders — more than the number attending similar events in the UK or France. Even back then, at the Sochi summit, the Russian president criticized the West for imposing “political or other conditions” on African states in order to break them away from Russia. Today, this pressure…

On Washington’s Request, Ukraine has Now Turned against Turkey as Well


As the Russian proverb says: “You can give the wolf the best food, but he would hanker for the wood.” This folk wisdom has a disapproving, judgmental connotation. The main allegorical meaning is that the true essence will always reveal itself, despite anyone’s best efforts to change it. This is what is happening today in Turkey’s relations…

US is Increasing the Military Pressure in its Dealings with China


Since Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House, Washington, with the support of its European allies, to bring about a conflict in Ukraine, forcing Russia to launch a special operation to “denazify” that country. Now the US is embarking on military operations in a new conflict, which it created with the help of its Asian satellites. This time its opponent is China…

Why is the US Trying to Provoke a Conflict on the Afghanistan—Tajikistan Border?


Ever since the withdrawal of the last US troops from Afghanistan and the fall of the country to the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), Washington has been unable to come to terms with the loss of its influence in the region. It is therefore doing all it can to turn the Central Asian…

The Middle East, the US and the Ukrainian Crisis


For several decades, US policy in the Middle East has been depended on the cooperation of the Gulf states, headed by Saudi Arabia, and on Israel, Egypt, and Turkey. However, since the Obama administration, relations between Washington and the main regional powers have become increasingly strained. Primarily due to the substitution by the United States…

Why has Turkey Closed its Skies for Russian Aircraft Bound for Syria?


On April 23, during a tour of Latin America, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu announced that his country was closing its airspace to Russian military and civilian flights bound for Syria. But he added that this decision did not mean that Turkey was joining in the anti-Russian sanctions – it was simply…

The Biden Family is Hardly the Only One to Profit from the Ukraine Conflict


In the US, the future of the Biden administration and the President himself are at stake because of an ongoing corruption scandal that is closely linked to the war in Ukraine. The New York Times, a leading voice for Liberal America, published a rather unexpected special report, which confirmed the truth of the two-year-old leaks…

The White House is Turning the War in Ukraine into a New Gold Rush


The Americans have a saying that every new president needs his own “splendid little war.” They understand perfectly that a war of that kind will enrich the incoming political and military establishment and also solve many social and financial problem in the country, not least unemployment, and help reduce foreign debt. The political establishment has found…

Why isn’t the West Sanctioning Turkey for its Special Operation in Iraq?


The recent Russophobic frenzy by Washington and its Western allies over Russia’s special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine with more and more anti-Russian sanctions imposed each passing day, makes one involuntarily wonder: why then doesn’t the West react in the same way to another special operation – the one…

Israel Demonstrates its Disregard for Human Rights


Once again Israel demonstrates to the world its utter disregard for human rights. And this is not only in the ongoing airstrikes on Syrian territory and the suburbs of Damascus from Lebanese territory or the Golan Heights, as a result of which Syrian civilians suffer. For example, this April alone, Israel’s F-16 fighter jets carried out another missile strike. On April 9…

Boris Johnson Supports Ukraine to the Detriment of the Brits


A highly sensationalist article by Bloomberg clearly shows that the British government left more than 5 million Britons without support in the current crisis in implementing its pronounced Russophobic policy! As the publication emphasizes, a significant part of the British population feels the consequences of the cost of living crisis especially…

Ukrainian Refugees in Europe Fall Prey to Criminal Networks


In the last decade, the refugee problem has become the bane of European countries. While 2.4 million asylum applications were submitted mainly from refugees from Syria and Iraq at the peak of the migration crisis in 2015-2016, Ukrainians now dominate the refugee population arriving in Europe, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Out of 4 million…

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