Valery Kulikov

Can Turkey Get Hold of Nuclear Weapons?


Against the backdrop of the West’s condemnation of Turkey’s military operation code-named ‘Peace Spring’ launched in north-eastern Syria against pro-American Kurdish militants, the topic of Turkey’s “nuclear umbrella” began gaining a lot of attention in the media. The discussion escalated even further, once Turkey’s leader Erdogan threatened…

Just How Independent is the EU from the US?


The shifting global balance, redistribution of power, geopolitical uncertainties, together with the doubts about the reliability of the United States as an ally are leading to the question of how independent the EU really is. The answer to this question is particularly important these days, on the eve of the new EU Commission starting…

Who’s been Trying to Destabilize Iraq?


The wave of protests that erupted across Iraq on October 1, according to a number of reports, resulted in dozens of civilian deaths and several hundred injured protesters. As it’s been reported by Al Arabiya TV station, human rights activists claim that at least a hundred people lost their lives in the course of the protests, while some 3 thousand got…

Is China’s Space Programme Overly Ambitious?


It’s only natural for us, humans to explore the limits of our existence, venturing into the great unknown time and time again. Against this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that China has recently announced that it’s on the road to becoming a respectable spacefaring nation. It’s rather fascinating that as Apollo…

Egypt is being Targeted Again


Since September 20, Egypt’s government has been facing a new challenge in the form of massive anti-government demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi both in the capital, and in such cities as Alexandria, Suez, El Mansour, and Helwan. So far, there’s been two major waves of protests, but additional waves seem to be just…

Europe and the Future of Migration


Just recently, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) announced that the global migration flow reached 272 million people this year, which constitutes an increase of 51 million from last year’s numbers. Migrants now make 3.5% of the total world population. Unlike refugees, migrants do not venture into…

Demonstrative Strengthening of US-Israel Ties Harms Arab Interests


With the next US presidential election approaching, Donald Trump twitted that he had a conversations with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the possibility of striking a defence pact between Washington and Tel-Aviv. Thus, the head of the American…

When Will the US and Iranian Leaders Meet?


The key element of the current system of international political, economic and military relations is the ability of the US and Iran to keep the conflict between the two countries from degenerating into direct military confrontation. Until recently, the Donald Trump Administration had strongly opposed easing sanctions against Iran, instead…

Spotlight on Africa


In the world we live in today, amid a scramble which is unfolding to gain control of the key natural resources we exploit and to shape the political world order of the 21st century, there are many areas where Africa and Russia have interests which overlap objectively. About 50-52% of the Earth’s natural resources are found in Russia and Africa, which means that…

India Aims to Play a Leading Role In World Affairs


Political commentators have noted a number of current large-scale trends, which are likely to transform international relations over the coming decades. It is expected that developed countries will see their population decline by up to 25%, and the developing world, the former “third…

Is there a Future for Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline?


Recently, Washington, in its expansionist attempts to aggressively promote its LNG on the European market and to limit the access of cheaper Russian gas to Europe, has increasingly forced its European satellites to advocate supplying gas from other countries than Russia. The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline is one of these US-backed…

What are EU’s Interests in Central Asia?


The European Union (EU) began to show interest in Central Asia fairly late for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is worth mentioning the key one: the intensifying conflict in Afghanistan and a greater involvement of EU members, under U.S. pressure, in policies pursued in this region by Washington. Besides, from 2005 to…

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