Valery Kulikov

Anti-Russian Overtones of Pompeo’s Grand Tour across the CIS


Upon declaring Russia “the biggest threat to US national security” in 2015, and passing a bill that puts Russia atop the list of its principal enemies, the United States has been trying to inflict maximum damage upon the now targeted state through all means possible. However, attempts to exert pressure on Europe in a bid to place it in…

USA’s “Persian Golf”


Nowadays, hardly anyone would probably disagree with the statement that the Trump administration’s actions in the Middle East have been more than just careless. With its conduct and policies, Washington is in fact pushing away its key allies in the region, which we can clearly see by following U.S. strategy, first and foremost, in relation to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Anti-American sentiments have been growing…

Tensions Flare in the Race for the Arctic


For the longest  time the Arctic has been perceived as a low military or strategic priority. Outposts in this part of the world would typically be limited to Arctic research, early warning, and meteorological stations. Ne- vertheless, the big race for the Arctic started as early as in the twentieth century, when various states started to claim lands around the North Pole. Thus, by…

Why Erdogan Needs the ‘Crazy’ Istanbul Canal Initiative?


During his election campaign in 2011, the current leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, expressed his intention to bring to life several grandiose political and infrastructure initiatives. The most ambitious of these projects entails the construction of a new waterway, to the west of the Bosporus, that will connect the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. Officially…

Egypt and Turkey: A New Regional Conflict In the Making?


Over the past few days, the world has, unfortunately, witnessed a new regional escalation, this time between Egypt and Turkey. Admittedly, the relations between these countries have been declining since 2013. In November 2013, Turkey cut off diplomatic relations with Egypt. Erdogan, Prime…

Trump Transforms the Middle East into NATO’s “Area of Responsibility”


There’s been no shortage of cultural and political figures over the last couple of centuries who would show interest towards the incredibly rich history of the Middle East. Essentially, this region gave birth to economy as we know it, a handful of ancient civilizations on top of three of world’s major religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam…

When Will Washington’s Assassination Spree be Universally Condemned?


The treacherous US assassination of a senior Iranian leader – General Kassem Suleimani, which violated all norms of international law provoked a storm across international media with pretty much everyone opposing this criminal act committed by Washington. A lot of criticism has also been voiced regarding the entire US foreign policy posture…

United States Beefing Up Competitive Positions of Russian Gas


In recent decades, owing to Washington’s efforts, natural gas is becoming a fairly dangerous weapon. The United States has been especially active in its desire to dominate the European Union’s gas markets and thereby outcompete the Russian Federation in the last decades. Even in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a number…

British “Liberators” are in Fact War Criminals


The bloody wounds UK has inflicted around the world through its all too often vile foreign policy are still raw. This can not only be said of colonial-era foreign policy, but also of Britain’s contemporary foreign policy. British troops have remained committed to the principles of colonial occupation. It was after the turn of the millennium…

Confrontation in Libya


As more and more international actors are becoming involved in the war in Libya, the country itself is turning into a staging ground for an intense confrontation among various regional and global players. Brussels, for the most part, has taken responsibility for the issues plaguing this nation, being torn apart by a bloody conflict, as refugees streaming into Italy, Greece, France and Spain…

How US Think Tanks Reshape the World We Live In


For the longest time the so-called “think tanks” have been an indispensable element of the American political system. These days there’s well over two thousand such “analytical centers” operating in the US, which exceeds the combined total in other major international players such as India, China, Argentina, Germany and the UK…

China vs US: Who’s Going to Get an Upper Hand in the Middle East?


The defining feature of today’s geopolitical reality is the reorganization of global order with new alignments, new divisions and new forces replacing former norms. At the turn of the century, the situation on the international stage became shaky and unstable, with massive shifts occurrying in the structure…

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