Valery Kulikov

UN being Used as a Cover for Criminal Activity in Africa

Founded after the end of the Second World War, the United Nations Organization set itself a primary goal of defending…

CSTO is a True Defender of the Interests that Regional Players Share


The recent developments in Kazakhstan and the role of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in assisting that country’s authorities in establishing order and security have particularly brought into sharp focus the importance of this regional interstate organization. The CSTO was established in 2002…

Russia’s Alternative to the Suez Canal is Getting More Reliable and Cost-effective


At the end of December, the Turkish authorities were forced to suspend maritime traffic through the Bosporus Strait for a day after the BARLAS, a 70-meter-long (230-foot-long) dry cargo vessel under the Panama flag ran aground after engine failure. The maritime traffic in this vital sea route was restored on December 29. This is the second incident…

US Adjusts its Strategy in Central Asia


In the current situation, after the withdrawal of the US military contingent from Afghanistan and the Taliban (the movement is banned in Russia) came to power in this country, Washington is actively making adjustments to its strategy in Central Asia. As can be seen from the changes in the actions of the White House, on the one hand, Washington is not ready…

Can We Expect Saudi Arabia and Israel Normalizing their Relations in the Near Future?


After Israel signed the Abraham Accords in 2020 to normalize relations with the UAE and Bahrain, and then with Morocco, whether Saudi Arabia will be next in line in this process is being actively discussed in the United States, Israel, and the Middle East in general. The intensity of such discussions increased…

Political Coordination between Egypt and Russia Intensifies


Against the background of consistent strengthening by Egypt of its role in the Arab world and and in the international arena, further coordination of policy between Egypt and Russia continues with the development of bilateral cooperation in various fields. Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, held a meeting with colleagues from Egypt…

Why is Turkey so Eager to Run Five Afghan Airports?


Qatar and then travel to Afghanistan to discuss in detail the operation of Kabul airport, which is considered to be the main hub for receiving humanitarian aid meant for Afghan citizens and providing international flights. Taliban is interested in Ankara’s proposal for an apparent reason: after the US withdrawal and the flight of many…

The US is Gaining a Foothold in Uzbekistan


To create sustainable groundwork for further expansion into Central Asia, Washington has recently placed particular emphasis on developing relations and cooperation with Uzbekistan. One of such work areas in this country has been the active opening of “American Corners” in Uzbekistan. It is a US government-supported global network of more than 600 open-access…

A Drug-addled Parliament Rules the UK


Lately, the more often you read British media material or speeches of politicians of the United Kingdom, the clearer becomes the thought: are they stoned or high on cocaine, commonly called “belted”? Judge for yourself: in January, British journalist Helen Rumbelow of The Times wrote a review of The Great (TV series) about the earlier years of the Russian Empress…

A Recent Case in Point of What anti-Chinese Sanctions Could Bring


“One gets an impression that the West has lost a culture of political dialogue. The partners have forgotten how to address problems in a civilized manner,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Pankin on December 8. Pankin explained that the West most often responds to any decision that does not conform…

Reshaping of the Middle East is Underway, but It’s Not in Favor of the United States


Hardly anyone would argue that the United States has been the main perpetrator and instigator of armed conflicts in some Middle Eastern states (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen) for a long time. Undercover of Washington’s unshakable support for traditional allies, many of them began to go beyond the framework of international law…

What is behind the Initial Frenzy over the Dangers of the Omicron Strain?


In recent days, the media and political establishment in many countries have been discussing the emergence of Omicron coronavirus variant and the strengthening of the fight against its spread. According to the World Health Organization, the new strain of coronavirus has many mutations, some of which are designated as a Variant…

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