Valery Kulikov

The White House is Wrapping Sudan around its Little Finger


In the pre-election throes for the presidency, the White House is actively looking for a possible area of focus to showcase “its successes” to everyone, placing particular emphasis in the international arena in this regard on expanding the list of Arab and Muslim countries that are ready, under Washington’s current mediation, to establish diplomatic relations with Israel…

The Libyan Conflict Takes an Alarming Pause


Despite the fact that there are no messages that would cause any alarm from Libyan media outlets in recent days, the situation in this country is still far from normal, but rather has only taken a temporary (and alarming) pause. According to reports from Libya Al Ahrar TV channel, the split in Tripoli has become even more pronounced due to the talks being held…

Washington is Using Israel to Reinforce its Politics of Confrontation


It is commonly known that the United States has included the Middle East in the strategic areas of focus for its foreign policy due to economic, political, strategic military, demographic, and energy-related factors. Despite how the situation is changing, Israel has remained the main US partner and outpost in such an important region…

The Immigration Crisis is Not Diminishing


Numerous expert opinions from European organizations attest to the fact that the massive, illegal influx of immigrants into Europe will not stop in the near future, but will only continue to grow. Western countries consider it to be perfectly normal when people flee their own countries in search of a better life, especially when violence and corruption reign supreme there…

Anti-Turkish Sentiment is Mushrooming


Recently, the activities performed by Turkish President Erdogan and his outspoken “neo-Ottoman” policy have been eliciting increasing concern not only in the Middle East, but also in the United States, Europe, and among NATO allies. The European “partners” are particularly apprehensive about Ankara’s actions and military provocations…

NATO in Danger of Falling Apart with an Identity Crisis


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the objective need for NATO to exist vanished. However, instead of dissolving itself, the alliance is strenuously turning Europe into a target for a nuclear strike, wrote Contra Magazin. Already very tired of Anglo-Saxon hegemony, Italy, Germany and France are talking more and more about a potential threat from the United States…

African Boat Is Vigorously Rocked by External Forces


The African continent, because of its tremendous reserves of mineral resources that are easily accessible and the “Dark Continent’s” strategic location, has been suffering from the impact from external forces for centuries. At first, this was expressed in the form of colonial exploitation by Western powers, and over the past few decades in the predatory policies of foreign transnational…

Pandemic of Territorial Ambitions is Spreading


In February 2020, The Lancet medical journal published research on the psychological impact of quarantine. The authors of the article conducted a fairly thorough review of its effect on mental health and reported the negative effects of isolation on psychological well-being of individuals in nations that have suffered from a pandemic. Psychological…

A Peace Treaty in Sudan at Last!


On August 30, after 9 months of negotiations and with South Sudan playing an important role as a mediator, the Sudanese government has finally negotiated a peace treaty with the main militant group, the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) from the Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile districts. Ten groups put their initials to the document, and are ready to sign the final treaty. Two groups did not take part…

US Forced to Flee Afghanistan, Iraq and Now Syria


Multiple missile strikes carried out in recent weeks on American military facilities and overseas bases in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria indicate that a growing number of people living in countries that have endured American military invasions have had enough of America’s intervention and are fed up with Washington’s policy. The level of dissatisfaction among the Afghan…

Turkey Strengthens Its Position in Libya


Turkey has taken major steps over the past few years to significantly strengthen its position in the Mediterranean, with the aim of showing its neighbors in the region along with its NATO allies that Turkey plays a key role there. Ankara has been focusing much of these efforts on protecting its interests in Libya, with which it shares maritime border in the Mediterranean Sea…

Japan is Guarding its Borders


Although it has already been 75 years since World War II ended, when the territorial divisions that now demarcate various parts of the world were drawn through a series of international treaties and laws, politicians in a number of countries continue to exploit territorial issues in order to maintain military tensions, to justify increases in military spending, and as an argument to support nationalist…

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