Valery Kulikov

Ukraine is a Terrorist Entity like al-Qaeda and ISIS


The current Kiev regime can hardly be called a “state” even with certain reservations. Just like the notorious terrorist groups banned in Russia and in many countries around the world, such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The behavior of the Kiev authorities is typically terrorist: terror against civilians, fighting under cover of civilians…

Crises Exacerbated by the West have Led to an Increase in Drug Production and Consumption


Drugs and terrorism have become an instrument of international politics. Drugs have been increasingly used by certain actors in international life, especially the United States and its Western allies, to enhance their hegemony. Such actions not only destroy the youth and entire nations, but also create chains of corruption in countries which…

Biden Wants to Dictate Policy Change to Saudi Arabia


After the failure of numerous Washington emissaries’ attempts to change Saudi Arabia’s perception of the world and force it to take a place in the ranks of “US supporters”, the current US administration has decided to use its latest weapon in this effort by “throwing President Biden to the wolves”. Such a decision by the US is quite understandable. It is…

Afghans are Coming to the St Petersburg Economic Forum


Representatives of Afghanistan have been invited to this year’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Their delegation will be represented by Jamal Nasir Garwa, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of Kabul in Moscow. That being said, Russia shows it is not cooperating with the Taliban, who are still banned by both the UN and the Russian Federation…

Erdogan and the Unification of Turkic-speaking States


Turkey’s budget deficit in April widened 197% from a year earlier, Bloomberg reported on May 16, as government spending soared. A number of other foreign agencies in recent reports are increasingly focusing on the clearly intensifying socio-political crisis in this country, and the Turkish economy is experiencing a truly rocky period. Another fall of the Turkish…

Saudi Arabia becomes the Primary Destination of Political Pilgrimage


Washington’s recent active attempts to play the Riyadh card in its confrontation with Russia and in maintaining any semblance of US influence in the Middle East have turned Saudi Arabia into a “political Mecca” to which many states have suddenly flocked. The natural front-runner in this race of political pilgrims is the US itself, which…

Washington’s Attempts to Approach Riyadh have So Far Failed to Produce Results


The current White House administration, in its blatantly Russophobic policy of imposing restrictive sanctions on the world’s energy purchases from Russia, is not only struggling to cope with rising global oil prices, but also with the record cost of motor fuel at US gas stations, despite its best efforts. Amid a lack of progress…

US Pressures African Countries into Breaking Away from Russia


At the first Russia-Africa summit in 2019, Vladimir Putin hosted 43 African leaders — more than the number attending similar events in the UK or France. Even back then, at the Sochi summit, the Russian president criticized the West for imposing “political or other conditions” on African states in order to break them away from Russia. Today, this pressure…

On Washington’s Request, Ukraine has Now Turned against Turkey as Well


As the Russian proverb says: “You can give the wolf the best food, but he would hanker for the wood.” This folk wisdom has a disapproving, judgmental connotation. The main allegorical meaning is that the true essence will always reveal itself, despite anyone’s best efforts to change it. This is what is happening today in Turkey’s relations…

US is Increasing the Military Pressure in its Dealings with China


Since Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House, Washington, with the support of its European allies, to bring about a conflict in Ukraine, forcing Russia to launch a special operation to “denazify” that country. Now the US is embarking on military operations in a new conflict, which it created with the help of its Asian satellites. This time its opponent is China…

Why is the US Trying to Provoke a Conflict on the Afghanistan—Tajikistan Border?


Ever since the withdrawal of the last US troops from Afghanistan and the fall of the country to the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation), Washington has been unable to come to terms with the loss of its influence in the region. It is therefore doing all it can to turn the Central Asian…

The Middle East, the US and the Ukrainian Crisis


For several decades, US policy in the Middle East has been depended on the cooperation of the Gulf states, headed by Saudi Arabia, and on Israel, Egypt, and Turkey. However, since the Obama administration, relations between Washington and the main regional powers have become increasingly strained. Primarily due to the substitution by the United States…

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