Valery Kulikov

What Did More Damage to the World: COVID-19 or Trump?


Out of all the hot topics in international life over recent times, there are most likely two that vie with each other for primacy: COVID-19 and Trump. The website reports that in one year of the pandemic, more than 2 million people have already passed away because of COVID-19. Now the United States is experiencing a severe…

UK’s Renewed Focus on Children


Recently, in many countries, there has been a growing interest in child-related policies, including those that encourage the creation of optimal conditions for children’s overall development and their rearing. According to a study conducted by professors at Harvard University, low-income families seemed “to benefit from moving to better neighborhoods,” with…

The United States Seeks to Establish External Management for the CIS Countries


Due to the fact that the methodology of “color revolutions” played out on the world map ten years ago did not bring America the expected benefit and total change in the political elite of other countries under its interests, Washington actively began to develop other methods of subjugating the world. By insolently interfering in the domestic…

Who and Why Exposes Civilian Planes to Air Defense Attacks?


On December 25, Israeli aviation once again launched a provocative airstrike from Lebanese airspace, using six of its F-16 aircrafts on targets near Damascus. The Israeli air force used 16 GBU-39 guided bombs, 14 of which were destroyed by Syrian air defenses. However, the activation of the Syrian air defense system due to the provocative actions of Israel has triggered…

The Kurds have Once Again been Abandoned by their “American Brothers”


Yet again thrown by their “older American brothers” to the winds of fate, the Kurds in the Levant nowadays are not living through the best of times. On the border running between Syria and Iraq, a new armed conflict entailing human casualties is unfolding, one which demonstrates, among other things, a clear lack of unity among…

What Will the Year 2021 Be Like?


The end of the year is usually the time when people recap the results of the year gone by, make predictions for the following year, and talk about the future joys that they anticipate, or the possible obstacles on the path toward them. Quite a lot has been written about the year 2020, now reaching its end, which was a leap year, causing many to be wary. The American…

The Reason Behind Declining International Institutions


This year the world celebrated the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, seeking through its work and existence to epitomize a commitment to multilateralism in international affairs. As José Antonio Ocampo, former Colombian Minister of Finance and UN Under-Secretary-General, rightly noted, “The UN was built on three pillars: First of them – peace. Its primary goal was…

What Does The Future Hold For a Suffering Yemen?


On November 30, both sides of the Yemeni front line marked the 53rd anniversary of the end of British occupation and Yemen’s complete independence from Britain. However, it should be noted that true sovereignty of the Yemenis is not the reality of this African country. The poorest people in the Middle East continue to suffer from foreign interference…

NATO, as an American Project, does Not Hold Up to Criticism


Against the backdrop of the events that have unfolded in recent years, and due to which the United States has effectively already lost its dominant position not only in the political economy, but also in the military industry, the countries that really founded NATO, and a number of its other members today, have begun to talk more and more frequently about leaving the alliance…

US is Losing in the Militarily Race against Russia and China


The Trump administration, pursuing its adventurous policy and inciting hostility towards Russia and China, has recently repeatedly tried to demonstrate “intimidation” to Moscow and Beijing. Some times this took the form of a concentration of more and more armed forces near the borders of “two strategic adversaries” declared by Washington. One could also…

Was a “Bomb for Iran” Set in the Middle East at Israel’s Request?


The possible initiation by Donald Trump, toward the end of his term, of open or covert operations against Iran, or other adversaries located in the Middle East (then again, just like those in other regions of the world), is unfortunately turning into more of a reality. To accomplish this, as American media outlets highlight, Mike Pompeo is closely monitoring…

The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum Disappointed those who Participated


The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which was held in Tunis from November 9-15 under the auspices of the UN, and on which people had pinned particular hope for reaching a political compromise, and resolving the conflict in Libya, disappointed its participants and the countries in the region, leaving more questions than answers. Many observers noted…

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