Trofimova Olga

Islamic Banks are Increasing their Share of the EU Market


The abrupt growth of the Muslim population in EU countries has led to the growing amount of influence that Muslim migrant communities are now enjoying over the economic and political life of European countries. The percentage…

Marine Le Pen and French Immigration Policy


Many Europeans are still coming over the shock they experienced after the victory of ” Eurosceptics” and rise of the National Front (NFDahJTkfw. Since July 2014, the NF has been dominating with 24 mandates against 14 mandates held by…

Assessing the Situation in Yemen

It is extremely difficult to predict how the situation is going to evolve in Yemen, which is caught in a…

The Economic Challenges of the Arab Spring

The political situation in North Africa was characterized by a lack of prospects before the “Arab revolutions” broke out, and…

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