Viktor Titov

Obama Surpassed G.W. Bush in Incompetence

American voters have punished Obama by handing over Congress to the Republicans, even though it seems that he failed to understand why this…

The US and Saudi Arabia Want to Crush Russia and Iran

Listening to the opinions of experts regarding the continuing sharp decline in oil prices, one is involuntarily surprised at the…

ISIL attacked Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently witnessed the aggression that should have happened sooner or later due to its short-sighted policy in…

The Ultimate Goal of the Struggle for the Middle East

While going through numerous articles and analytical commentaries by Russian, Arabic and Western political experts on the success of ISIS…

Turkish Unrest: US is Trying to Bait Ankara into a Major Middle Eastern Conflict

A wave of protests in the Turkish province of Mersin last Friday, when protesters set fire to the headquarters of the Turkish…

Iran’s President makes strange statements regarding gas supplies

NEO collage 103
While attending the UN General Assembly in New York, the President of Iran made a startling statement on gas supplies…

Syria: White House is Gambling with US Security

The United States along with it its regional allies started bombing Syria on September 22, which has put the Middle East…

Iraq Conference in Paris: Pros and Cons for Russia

An international conference on the security of Iraq was convened on September 15 in Paris and included foreign ministers and…

Yemen is on Verge of a New Crisis

In a situation when the Houthis are delaying the official announcement of their position on the settlement plan that was put forward by the Crisis Regulation…

Situation in Yemen is Detoriating Rapidly

While the US is spoiling its relationships with Russia over Ukraine and, at the same time, keeps on losing its…

Iraq: Is it a Sunni-Shiite clash or a political conflict?

There are some political scientists and analysts who continue to view the current armed conflict in Iraq as a clash…

Saudi Arabia is fueling the war in Iraq

The louder the al-Maliki government makes claims about the success of his army in repelling the attacks of the ISIS…

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