Viktor Titov

Lebanon: The Calm Before the Storm


Despite the fact that Lebanon has somehow escaped the wave of “color revolutions” and civil wars that has been plaguing the Arab world, the situation in the country remains rather difficult. At any given moment a sectarian conflict can break out in Lebanon followed by…

Will Iraq Follow Syria?

Talks on May 21 in Moscow with the Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi were dedicated to Military-technical…

What Awaits US – GCC Relations?

On May 14 at Camp David, one of the official residences of the President of the United States, a special…

Yemeni Aggression has Backfired Against Saudi Arabia

It seems that the old saying: ”when you plot mischief for others, you’re preparing trouble for yourself” could not be…

Saudi Aggression in Yemen has Officially Failed

Against the background of the ongoing armed conflict in Yemen and a massive bombing campaign that is being carried out…

Yemen: Saudi Arabia has Launched a War Against Iran

On March 26 the forces of a hastily formed coalition composed of Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries have launched a military…

Yemen: A Failed State-to-be that May be Split in Two

Apparently, the United States and Saudi Arabia are not accustomed to losing, since those two states have failed to reconcile…

The Houthis in Yemen have Taken Power into their Own Hands

Houthis confidently continue strengthening their positions in Yemen. On February 6, they adopted a constitutional declaration, which strengthens, politically, their…

The Challenges and Prospects of Cooperation Between Egypt and Russia

On February 9-10, Russian President Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to Egypt. Numerous talks have already been scheduled…

Pakistan has Launched the Real War on Terrorism

While Europe pretends to actively fight against terrorism by rallying multi-million marches in the French capital and the US carries…

Yemen: Houthis are in Charge, yet Instability Persists

Following recent formation of a Cabinet in Yemen, consisting of professionals and technocrats, the situation in the country has calmed…

Iran’s Nuclear Programme: Who’s in Charge in Washington

In Vienna, just what everyone expected to happen happened, when for the tenth time, Iran and the "six" international mediators…

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