Stanislav Ivanov

Deal on Iran is Unlikely to Untie the Middle Eastern Knot


It was expected that reached with such difficulty in July of this year agreement between the “Six” international negotiators and Tehran would somewhat defuse the situation in the region and in the whole world. Iran had given a guarantee, of sorts, that it…

Turkish Authorities Offer a Unique Response to Islamist Attacks


As we know, on July 20, 2015 as a result of a suicide bombing in the village of Suruç which borders Syria, 32 people were killed and over 100 suffered injuries. A large part of those killed and injured were Turkish Kurds who were…

The Results of the Meeting of Representatives of the Countries of the Persian Gulf in the US

The widely publicized Summit of Gulf Arab countries in Washington held at a lower level than planned, because from the…

Caliph is Dead, What’s Next?

It has repeatedly been reported earlier that the leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was wounded and even…

Situation in Lebanon Against the Background of Crisis in Syria

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Though the domestic political situation in Lebanon is relatively stable, its possible worsening in the near future should not be…

Riyadh Tries on the Role of Regional Gendarme

The 2011-2015 “Arab spring” events have considerably weakened the acknowledged leaders of the Arab world: Egypt, Libya, thrown Syria and…

Anatomy of ISIS and Possible Scenarios of its Evolution

Recently, the international media has been paying considerable attention to the coverage of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) actions, replicating videos…

Russia in the Fight Against Islamist Groups

Revitalization of radical Islamist groups across the world forces Russian leadership to take appropriate measures to counter this threat to…

Will Turkmenistan Become a Shield in Jihadists’ Way?

After withdrawal of NATO’s forces from Afghanistan increasing radical Islamist activity is expected in that country and in the region…

Kurds at forefront in fight against Islamic State

Up until recently remaining neutral to the civil wars in Syria and Iraq, the Kurds, amidst the devastating offensive of…

Can the new Iraqi Prime Minister save the country from its final disintegration?

After lengthy consultations with all the political blocs and factions within the Iraqi parliament, Iraq’s President, Fuad Masum, appointed Haider…

Iraq has finally found a president

After parliamentary elections in March 2014, Iraq has, for the longest time, failed in attempts to form a legislative and…

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