Stanislav Ivanov

As the Independence Referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan Approaches


The leader of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, Masoud Barzani, has announced the appropriate conditions for Iraqi Kurds to hold an independence referendum…

The Fifth Anniversary of the “Arab spring”: Results and Evaluation


The beginning of 2011 went down in history as the “Arab Spring”, which set in motion not only the “Arab street”, but also the entire Middle East region. The act of self-immolation of a Tunisian teenager in late 2010 served as…

Provocation and Arm-Twisting — the Core Methods of Turkey’s Foreign Policy


The Turkish authorities are conspiring to wreck negotiations in Geneva being organized to work out ways of putting an end to the civil war in Syria. Ankara sees the prospects of participation of the Syrian Kurds in…

Kurds in the Syrian Crisis


Even though the Kurds played an active part in protest marches and demonstrations against Bashar al-Assad at the outset of the so-called Arab spring of 2011 and even were subject to repressions from the authorities, later during the Civil war they chose a…

Turkey Drifts Towards Israel


As is well known, the current foreign policy of the Turkish leadership in the region widely known as “zero problems with neighbours” has failed completely and in fact become “zero relations with neighbours.” The sharp deterioration in the Russian–Turkish…

Riyadh is Aggravating the Sunni-Shia Face Off


The execution of a Shia preacher Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr in Riyadh on January 2 2016 has provoked a massive wave of protests in the Shia community all across the Middle East: in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon…

Kurds are Mere Pawns of Washington and Ankara


The US administration, determined to overthrow the Damascus regime at any cost, has gone as far as to activate its ties and contacts with Syrian Kurds, who have been trying to maintain their neutrality amidst the Syrian civil war…

Washington is playing the “Kurdish card” once again


Large-scale civil wars in Syria and Iraq, and the de facto emergence of a new Arab Sunni formation, Islamic State caliphate, on a considerable part of their territories, have forced Washington to make some adjustments in its foreign policy in the Middle…

Aggravation of Internal Political Situation in Iraqi Kurdistan


A wave of protests in a form of rallies and demonstrations has being gaining momentum in the northeastern Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah since October 9 of this year. Protest participants demand that the regional authorities would immediately and effectively…

Turkey: Struggle Against Terrorism


Turkish authorities have dramatically intensified anti-terrorist operations after a massive terrorist attack in Suruç, near the Syrian border, on July 20, 2015, which was followed by the killing of two Turkish policemen in the same region. Making use of the facts…

The Alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s claims to be one of the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world prevent it from recognizing the State of Israel’s right to exist within its current borders, while Tel-Aviv in its turn rejects the plan for Middle East Regulation (MERDahJTkfw proposed by…

Erdogan is on the Warpath with the Kurds


Turkey is undergoing the most severe domestic political crisis of recent years. In previous years, R. Erdogan and his moderately Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKPDahJTkfw managed to consolidate Turkish society with neo-ottoman foreign policy slogans, iron out…

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