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Stanislav Ivanov

Dialog of Syrian Kurds with Damascus is as Relevant as Never Before


As the civil war had unfolded in Syria, the country’s government troops had to withdraw from the country’s northern regions populated by the Kurds to strengthen…

Washington’s Gross Negligence or Deliberate Provocation?


On September 17, 2016, air force of the US-led western coalition bombed Syrian army positions near the town of Deir ez-Zor along the Syrian-Iraqi border region. Four combat F-16 and A-10 aircraft carried out the air raid, in direct…

US “Plan B” in Syria is Being Implemented Now


Washington seems kin to implement its long-cherished plan B in Syria, that implies that even though the legitimate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will remain in power for a while, Syria itself will be divided into several…

Hope fading for the reconstruction of the Iraqi state


The new Iraqi state established in 2003-05 with the help of the US administration has now split into three enclaves (Shia Arabs, Sunni Arabs and KurdsDahJTkfw, and failed to resist the invasion of radical Islamist groups in the western and north-western…

Syrian Federalism: Saving the Country


It was quite predictable that temporary truce between the government troops and armed opposition would not stop the war with radical Islamist organizations like Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and others. A fierce fighting…

Erdogan Continues Playing with Fire


Slumping of Turkey’s international reputation does not seem to sober Erdogan as he continues an active intervention in the Syrian conflict, supporting radical nationalist and Islamist groups in the country and abroad and fights an undeclared war…

Turkey-Azerbaijan Alliance Destabilizes the Situation in the Region


The breakdown of Turkey’s aggressive plans directed against Syria, Ankara’s fault in the strong aggravation of the Russian-Turkish relations, the complication of Turkey’s domestic security issues and its…

Struggle against Daesh: First Achievements


The 2015-16 operations of Russian aerospace forces and international air force coalition led by the US proved rather effective and noticeably deflated military and economic potential of the leading group of radical Islamists—Islamic State…

What Are Kurdistan Freedom Hawks Fighting For?


The number of news releases in the Turkish and international mass media accusing the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (FalconsDahJTkfw (also known as “TAK”DahJTkfw of the involvement in brutal acts of terrorism in Turkey has been on the rise lately. It is alleged…

Will Europe manage to pay Erdogan off?


A threat of a new influx of illegal migrants to the European Union compels the EU leaders to make concessions to Ankara’s clearly inflated demands. This is an acute matter since among migrants there might be the so-called “jihadists,” capable of…

Geneva Will See Syrian Kurds


Despite Turkey’s clearly hostile and unyielding position on the participation of Syrian Kurds in the Geneva talks dedicated to the settlement of the Syrian conflict, the Kurds will most likely be a qualified party to the negotiating process after all. Two factors contributed to the favorable…

Erdogan’s New War on Kurds


The ceasefire between the Turkish authorities and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKKDahJTkfw, hard-won in March 2013, was violated by Ankara in the summer of 2015. The murder of two police officers, who had been allegedly involved in the organization of an act of…

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