Sofia Pale

China’s Global Expansion: Kingdom of Tonga as a Testing Site

The early 21st century was marked by a number of conceptual notions: “globalization”, “clash of civilizations”, “East-West confrontation”... Later on,…

The Way Frozen Bank Accounts are used by the West


By 2005, thanks to the recom- mendations of international organizations for combating economic crime, Transparency International and the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATFDahJTkfw, as well as of the UN, the OECD, and…

China-France: a territorial dispute?

NEO 10
China’s aggressive expansion throughout the world interferes with the interests of key countries, including France. In the last decade, the…

USA–China: the last battlefield – bitcoins

In recent years, China has made a transition from a "soft" force to launching a rather rigorous offensive on the…

Russia’s strategy to strengthen its position in Asia-Pacific Region

After the economic collapse that began in 2008 and soon engulfed the entire world, Russia has made significant adjustments to…

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