Sofia Pale

Myanmar and China on the Path to New Relations


Six months ago, in November 2015, Myanmar held a landmark parliamentary election for the first time in a quarter of a century. The iconic leader of the opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), and Nobel Peace Prize Winner…

Sri Lanka: Another Battlefield for India and China


Recently, the continuation of the largest Chinese project on the island of Sri Lanka came to light. It concerns the construction of a huge housing estate, called City Port near Colombo, Sri Lanka’s main port. The new area will be equipped with…

Australia and China: Do Bitlateral Relations Get Even More Complicated?


Australia and China have a long history of mutually beneficial cooperation. Over the past five years, bilateral trade volume has grown by about fifty percent, and that was…

Nepal Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


Nepal is a small country caught as if between two fires, between two Asian giants – China and India. As you know, India is a China’s main rival in Asia. Among other disputes, for many years now they have been competing for influence in Nepal. Both…

Is the Pacific Ocean big enough for both China and the US?


In recent years, China has been expanding its presence in the Pacific Ocean, exerting its sphere of influence both over its closest neighbors — Japan, South Korea and Australia — and the global “Pacific superpower” – the United States. In light of…

“Silk Road” Project: Implementation is Around the Corner


A Special Conference on Silk Road program titled “New Vision for the Silk Road: New Action for Common Development” with the participation of the Asian political parties was held on October 14-16, 2015 in Beijing. Over 400 members of various parties…

A New Chinese “Tea Empire” on the Silk Road


It is on China’s agenda to establish a “Tea Empire” in the Russian Federation in the near future, particularly, in the area encompassed by the infrastructure project, the “Silk Road Economic Belt.” The future “Tea Empire” will stretch from Chinese city of…

Tajikistan’s Big Problems


Tajikistan – the smallest country in Central Asia with a population of 8 million people, rarely makes international news. However, the events of recent months there have attracted more and more attention. In the long term, Tajikistan is interesting because…

Threat of Terrorism in Central Asia


Following the speech of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, which he delivered before the General UN Assembly on September 28, 2015, and the latest developments in Syria it evoked, global mass media engaged in a heated debate over the topic of international…

To Whom is Kyrgyzstan Grateful for its Independence?


On August 31, 2015 Kyrgyzstan celebrated the 24th anniversary of its Independence. On Ala-Too Square – the central square of Bishkek, the capital, – the Kyrgyz president Almazbek Atambayev delivered a speech in which he noted the main achievements…

Kyrgyzstan and the Chinese “New Silk Road”


Very recently, in July 2015, the Kyrgyz government denounced the framework agreement on cooperation with the United States, and exactly one year ago, in July 2014, soldiers of the US Army left the Manas military airbase forever. The country changed its orientation…

Will the Skyscraper Index Kill the World Economy?


There’s a curious fact: once the economy of a country begins overtaking other states, monumental building start appearing out of thin air, superior in height to each and every single skyscraper that exists in the rest of…

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