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Australia and France in the Pacific Ocean


France is a major player in Oceania, a place where Australia, which has a leading position in this vast region of the South Pacific, has historically developed solid, neighborly relations. From the middle of the XVIII century to the present, France has owned New Caledonia (with the world’s fourth largest nickel reserves and a French military base), Wallis and Futuna…

The “Domino Effect” in Oceania and Competition among World Powers


Even after gaining independence, the countries in Oceania are facing pressure from more powerful regional players that want to keep them in their spheres of influence, and secure strategically important positions in the Pacific Ocean for themselves. At the same time, the expression of national volition is becoming…

Singapore and Fiji: the Strongest Relationship in Oceania


Singapore is a thriving island city-state located in Southeast Asia next to Indonesia and Malaysia. A bit fewer than 6 million people live in the country, which is small in terms of area but the size of its GDP is comparable to prosperous European countries like Belgium or Switzerland. Singapore has always maintained friendly trade…

Will 2020 be the Year Bougainville Gains Independence?


Bougainville Island (which is slightly larger than Cyprus in terms of area) and the smaller Buka Island that is adjacent to it, and that has the capital which bears the same name, is located in the northern part of the Solomon Islands archipelago in the southern Pacific, and is part of Papua New Guinea (PNG), the largest state in Oceania…

The Holy Synod Expands the Scope of its Pastoral Responsibility to Papua New Guinea

Заседание Священного Синода

Over the past few years, both Russian and foreign media have increasingly been reporting on the development of Russia’s relations with Papua New Guinea, the largest island nation in Oceania, with a population of almost 9 million people. Another area of media interest has been the activities…

Norfolk Island and Australia: Forced Integration


The tiny Norfolk Island (with an area of 35 km2) is an Australian external territory located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. It is barely discernible on a map and the voice of its residents (numbering less than 2,000) was not heard by the international community in 2015, when the Parliament of Australia passed the Norfolk Island Legislation Amendment Bill…

Australia is Reclaiming Oceania


Over the past decade, China has almost defeated Australia in the competitive struggle for spheres of influence in Oceania, getting the small island states that are scattered across the tremendous space in the Pacific Ocean hooked on a yuan-denominated “needle of loans”. Consequently, a region that is extremely important for Australia has almost turned into a foothold for China’s military…

Russia in the Antarctic: 200 Years since the Discovery of the Continent


The ice-covered continent, Antarctica, spanning the Earth’s South Pole is rarely covered in news reports. For now, policies of the world’s leading nations do not really concern the Antarctic. There are no mining or extraction facilities, manufacturing plants or military bases on the continent. Inhabitants of Antarctica comprise…

Situation in Oceania During the 2020 Global Crisis


Australia and Oceania, just as other regions of the planet, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first novel Coronavirus case was recorded in Australia (Melbourne) on January 25, 2020, and then the disease began to spread rapidly throughout the region. At the end of February, New Zealand reported its first infection. Numerous island nations of Oceania rushed…

Tokelau’s Interests amid Struggle between Global Powers


Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand comprised of three tropical coral atolls, or ring-shaped islands, situated about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. The islands only have a population of about 1,500 people. The nationals of Tokelau are called Tokelauans, most of whom are ethnic Polynesians and speak their own language, Tokelauan…

Fiji to become the West’s Foothold in Oceania?


The fact that economies of most of the small island nations in Oceania are not well-developed means that the financial system in the region is not particularly advanced. Some of the countries do not even have their own currency and use that of their more developed neighbors, i.e. Australia, New Zealand and the USA. There are regions with a relatively high standard…

Bougainville and its Independence in the Confrontation between the West and China


Oceania is a region with a relatively small land area, a small population and very few confirmed mineral resources. That is why Oceania rarely makes world news, which local populations accustomed to living a quiet life are probably fairly content with. And although there may not be many “hot” spots in Oceania…

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