Seth Ferris

Yet More Brexit Nonsense: Too Sick to GET Sick of it MORE!


According to Simon Sebag Montefiore in “The Romanovs”, at least those who lived throughout the Russian Revolution period appreciated that they were living through epoch making times. Those now living through Boris Johnson’s Hell for Leather Brexit will similarly be asked, “What were you doing during the indicative votes, Daddy…

BC: Italy: Artificial Financial Crisis: All About Protecting the US!


Yet again, we have a financial crisis in Europe. After the bailouts in Greece and Portugal we are told that Italy, once described as “too big to fail”, is once again on the verge of bankruptcy and the rest of the EU will be forced to ride in to rescue it. Apparently the financial press has it in for the Italians. We have been seeing similar prophecies…

BC: NATO Ramping Up Pressure on Russia to Relieve its Own

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We only need to read the MSM to understand the new direction the US and its NATO apparatus are taking. It is a commonly-used one – turning retreat into advance by changing the so-called enemy. Following the debacles in Libya and Afghanistan, and the gradual unravelling of the Iraq…

Oil Tanker Off Syria: Sanctions-Busting or “US-Ego-Busting?”


An oil tanker has been spotted off the coast of Syria and with that comes the latest news flash. This is hardly news, given the leading export of that region. But it was an IRANIAN oil tanker! Shock horror! Iran is again breaching sanctions it maintains it is not subject to! Is…

Boris and Brexit: There is a Time When the Laughter Has to Stop


Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Some hours have thrown up war leaders who aren’t equipped to achieve much in peacetime – a Winston Churchill or a Jan Sobieski. Now the move to achieve Brexit, which has always been about posturing rather than reality, has thrown up Boris Johnson…

Kashmir: A Conflict of Convenience


We have all seen the news from the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir: barbed wire fences across streets, Indian troops patrolling, Pakistani troops threatening. The latest flare up in this never-ending conflict is being blamed on the diplomatic sophistry which made it a disputed territory to begin with: as it has been, so it is now, with all actors…

End Game and Afghanistan Bombing: Blame the Author, Not the Messenger


There is a classic real life murder mystery called the Wallace Case. William Herbert Wallace, an insurance clerk, was originally convicted of murdering his wife, but later acquitted on appeal after the presentation of new evidence – and though supported by his employers, he was…

Epstein is Dead, But His Legacy Will Be Inflicted On Us All


The alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein has become one of the few things the currently very divided US population can broadly agree on. Epstein and his network of friends were so high profile that this alleged sex predator is highly unlikely to have committed…

Boris Johnson Sad Reality: The UK Now “BIGGEST” Joke of All!


In 1977 Derby County Football Club, champions of England two years before but then in decline, were drawn away to fourth division Colchester United in the fourth round of the FA Cup. They were held to a draw in Colchester, and therefore the teams replayed the tie in Derby. During the first half of the game, Derby’s Welsh international…

Trump in the UK: A Marriage Made in Hell


We have all seen it time and again – the US walks into some developing country, gives its support to its favoured politicians, irrespective of whether they are in government or not, and then starts trying to dictate domestic policy by offering “aid” the poor country is in no…

Goodbye Theresa May: The “Nobody” Who Led Everyone Nowhere


There was a time when few people outside the UK would have known or cared when its Prime Minister was leaving office. However the Brexit saga has ensured that everyone now knows that poor Theresa May, after three years of trying to force the UK parliament to do what she…

Brexit Delay: the Soviets Would Have Understood It


So the Brexit saga has taken another twist, and become even more confusing and uncertain. All we can predict is that whatever the UK government says will happen is the one thing which won’t. May has failed to deliver Brexit. Instead she keeps coming back to parliament with an appalling…

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