Seth Ferris

Trump and Kim Jong-un, a Time for Change?


Up until just before the Soviet Union collapsed, very few people in the West thought it ever would. The system was so tightly controlled and repressive that there was no apparent that the people could overthrow it and if it remained change would come at a snail’s pace. Such was the power of propaganda…

All Those Missiles Pointed at Russia: Who Are They Trying to Hit?


As the Serbs never tire of pointing out, international diplomacy is often driven by irrational prejudice. Whenever Serbs try and create a country of their own, which includes all the predominantly Serb population areas, the rest of the world thinks this is a bad thing and does everything it can to prevent it. When asked why it is so bad…

UK Elections: A Time Warp Which Solves Nothing!


The dystopian nightmare in which Boris Johnson is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – I will repeat that, BORIS JOHNSON is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom! – has taken another unexpected turn. The December 12th general election has produced what should have been the result of the previous election, in 2017. It is as if the UK is trapped in some strange…

US Policy Failures Give Glimmer of Hope to Middle East


The Middle East has long been synonymous with instability and violence. As ever, this is blamed on some inherent defect of the people, as if only reasonable Westerners know how to behave democratically, and the conflicts in places like Northern Ireland and the Basque Country never existed…

Recent Spanish Elections: Old Wounds Consume All Logical Thought!


Most neutral observers of the Spanish political scene have the same reaction after looking at it for more than five minutes – “I give up”. Not only is the country very divided, the explanations of its divisions fit into no category. But neither are they strong enough the form a category of their own, a “Spanish Scenario…

Portugal Re-elects Costa, and Takes on the Rest of the World


After the usual weeks of negotiations, Portugal has a new government. It isn’t very new, being pretty much the same as the previous one. But that in itself is a newsworthy development. Antonio Costa’s Socialists lost the previous election, but due to the vagaries of parliamentary arithmetic ended up forming a minority…

BC: Taliban Rebranded… This Time It’s All About Russia

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We all remember the slogans the US and UK used to justify their invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Firstly, the Taliban had to be removed because they were harbouring Islamic terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden who was held responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Secondly, the Taliban was an oppressive, fundamentalist Islamic movement, so unless it went it would…

Yet More Brexit Nonsense: Too Sick to GET Sick of it MORE!


According to Simon Sebag Montefiore in “The Romanovs”, at least those who lived throughout the Russian Revolution period appreciated that they were living through epoch making times. Those now living through Boris Johnson’s Hell for Leather Brexit will similarly be asked, “What were you doing during the indicative votes, Daddy…

BC: Italy: Artificial Financial Crisis: All About Protecting the US!


Yet again, we have a financial crisis in Europe. After the bailouts in Greece and Portugal we are told that Italy, once described as “too big to fail”, is once again on the verge of bankruptcy and the rest of the EU will be forced to ride in to rescue it. Apparently the financial press has it in for the Italians. We have been seeing similar prophecies…

BC: NATO Ramping Up Pressure on Russia to Relieve its Own

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We only need to read the MSM to understand the new direction the US and its NATO apparatus are taking. It is a commonly-used one – turning retreat into advance by changing the so-called enemy. Following the debacles in Libya and Afghanistan, and the gradual unravelling of the Iraq…

Oil Tanker Off Syria: Sanctions-Busting or “US-Ego-Busting?”


An oil tanker has been spotted off the coast of Syria and with that comes the latest news flash. This is hardly news, given the leading export of that region. But it was an IRANIAN oil tanker! Shock horror! Iran is again breaching sanctions it maintains it is not subject to! Is…

Boris and Brexit: There is a Time When the Laughter Has to Stop


Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Some hours have thrown up war leaders who aren’t equipped to achieve much in peacetime – a Winston Churchill or a Jan Sobieski. Now the move to achieve Brexit, which has always been about posturing rather than reality, has thrown up Boris Johnson…

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