Seth Ferris

The Great Power Democracy Con: Promising the Moon to Destroy Humanity


The United Kingdom is rightly proud of its National Health Service. When London hosted the Olympics in 2012, the opening ceremony included a little tableaux about the NHS, which was presented as one of the finest achievements of the host nation. However for over 40 years, whenever some public figure says “NHS” the next word is…

Who are AstraZeneca, Supposed Saviours of the World?


The AstraZeneca Company, once famous only within its sector and in the places where its plants are, has now developed a global profile as a result of developing a controversial COVID-19 vaccine. Suddenly everyone is an expert on the company, saying “AstraZeneca” in the same tone they use to say “Fourth of July” or “Lamingtons” when talking to people they know…

New Scandals are Only Making the British Royal Family Stronger


Once again the British Royal Family is in the news. As always, there is a chorus of, “Why are they so important? Who cares about them?” … and then followed by a frenzy of eagerly devoured media reports about these uninteresting, unwelcomed people. This process demonstrates exactly why the royals are important. They are…

Afghan-Iranian Oil Fire: The Match That Sets “Too Many” Things Ablaze!


The oil fire which devastated the Afghanistan- Iran border crossing at Islam Qala on February 14th was widely reported. Like something out of a Chuck Norris film, hundreds of tankers carrying oil, gas and other items were set ablaze, causing millions of dollars of damage on the spot and millions more in longer term economic affects…

Who Can Fill the Power Gap US Abuses Have Created?


Relationships between states differ over time, depending on a wide variety of factors. Poland was warmly welcomed into the EU when it got rid of Communism, but its veer towards an unpleasant form of nationalism now makes it a less than desirable partner. Tens of thousands of Portuguese died to kick the French out of their country, and now French citizens have an automatic right…

Food Insecurity and the Prospects for Emerging Players


With the inauguration of Joe Biden, and the coming post-Covid era being bound to create uncertain new realities, people are taking the time to assess what this future will look like, so they can take advantage of it before others do. The combination of a generally very negative environment, and change occurring within it, is leading people to wonder if the new world…

Joe Biden’s Professed Foreign Policy: How We Will Know What He Really Means?


Whenever a new US President is inaugurated, there should more concern about their prospective foreign policy than what they are promising domestically, because the tenor of it affects far more people. Thus, there can often be a serious disconnect between how a president is perceived at home, and how by the rest…

Boris Johnson: Ridi, Pagliaccio!


Many people have predicted the demise of Boris Johnson, who has fallen many times, only to rise again on a wave of bluster and ignorance. According to some he will finally make one gaffe too many and have to resign. According to others, he will be forced out by his own party when the consequences of Brexit get too serious, and they won’t want a clown any more. Usually however such concerns are brushed…

Middle East Peace and Hezbollah: A Bridge Too Far for Biden?


The biggest problem the US has is that it has run out of enemies. There’s no Soviet Union, far fewer dictatorships of any shade, the Chinese have been encouraged to buy up everything they can in Western countries and Trump has sat down with Kim Jong-Un and treated him as a legitimate fellow member of the nuclear family…

The Nexus: “COVID-19, Gig Economy or Expendable Employees”


For two generations society has been built of the concept of the regular wage earner. Housing, commercial development and politics have all been based on the presumption that most people will have regular jobs, bringing in regular incomes, and that they can expect this to continue until they retire. This presumption was…

Trump, Subterfuge and Endgame: Now We Know What He’s Up To!


During The Troubles in Northern Ireland, which were effectively a 30 year civil war, one of the issues which generated a lot of dispute was prisoner status. Many people on both sides of the conflict, but predominantly Republicans, were jailed for acts such as bombings, murders and kidnappings which would not be legal anywhere…

British PM has “Other Things On His Mind!”


In English law there is a strange and very expensive device known as the super-injunction. This goes beyond an ordinary injunction in one important respect: not only can no one discuss the issue the injuction concerns, but no one is even allowed to refer to its existence A number of prominent people (journa- lists, captains of industry have taken out these super-injunctions…

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