Seth Ferris

Lebanon Crisis: The Threat They Don’t Want To Talk About 4-Obvious Reasons

The December 27th speech of Lebanese president Michel Aoun has attracted some international interest. It is to be hoped that…

The New Afghanistan: Why We’ve Heard It all Before and Again!


During the Christmas and New Year holiday periods, it is generally non-Christian countries which make the news. Everyday life carries on without interruption, so stories which build over a long period can mature without interruption. It was only a few weeks ago that everybody was talking about Afghanistan. The Taliban (a radical movement…

North Shropshire – Not the End of Boris, the End of Everybody!


On December 16th a parliamentary by-election was held in the United Kingdom, to fill the vacancy created by the forced resignation of Conservative MP Owen Paterson, who was found guilty of breaking lobbying rules and then thrown under the proverbial bus when Boris Johnson tried to change the rules to stop him being censured for it. But why should…

Boris Will Always be Boris: Thinking Everyone is Stupid but We Know Who Stole Christmas!


Who cares if Downing Street staff held a Christmas Party? They hold one every year don’t they? Why should they stop because bad things are happening, when they always are? Let’s reflect, most young people go through a stage of reacting against the outlooks and values they inherited from their parents. This is often described as “rebellion…

Yemen: No Winners But Who Actually Loses?


Joe Biden has taken a lot of stick for the disorganised withdrawal from Afghanistan, and for his comment that “After 20 years I’ve learned the hard way that there is never a good time to withdraw US forces”. However he was absolutely right – there would never have been a good time for the US to leave, because it should never have gone there in the first place…

Afghanistan Impales the US “On Its Own Stake of Racism”


Around fifty years ago the American singer Lovelace Watkins, who hadn’t made the expected impact in his own country, became a big star in the UK. A big, powerful black man with a booming voice who sang popular romantic songs, his earthy appeal made him very popular with the ladies, and he performed a number of sold out cabaret shows and released several records…

The World Keeps Asking: Why Does BoJo Keep Getting Away With It?


The only way people like Boris Johnson can communicate with others is to laugh and joke and mess around all the time, no matter what else they may have to offer. This affliction does come with some advantages – people like him can be popular, until their jokes offend the wrong people, and seen as clever. Johnson is also not short…

Portugal Had Elections Too!


On Sunday 26th September, the same day as the German elections, Portugal held its local elections. Big deal! Half the Portuguese didn’t bother to vote, and in comparison with Germany the event aroused little international interest. Portugal isn’t a first ranking country, and most non-Portuguese speakers have forgotten its historic importance, having been the last country to lose many of its colonies. The elections…

Canadian Election: Vindication Becomes Moral Dilemma


The dish is back. Justin Trudeau can continue his unspoken campaign to be recognised as the best-looking world leader since Ireland’s Mary Robinson, as he has been re-elected to a third term as Prime Minister of Canada. In many respects this 20th September contest was a non-entity of an election. Trudeau was hoping for a majority, which would mean 170 or more seats, but his…

Election Wakeup Call: Germany Offers To “Finally Cut The Crap”


One of the truisms of modern life is that some aspects of the past are beyond nostalgia. Keynesian economics have gone forever, so has the Soviet Union, even if people still hanker for certain things it provided. So when a major country starts getting nostalgic for things which it should have binned long ago, the rest of the world should start taking notice. When that country…

Middle-Easterners Left To Die Because “Local Knowledge” Is Not Profitable for Westerners


So they’ve finally woken up! The media who have told us for decades that the Middle East is full of Arabs in striped headscarves riding camels through the desert are beginning to realise that there might be a water crisis in the Middle East! This is the latest revelation from the people who took ten years to discover that if you take everyone’s crops…

The Opportune Time to Help Afghan Refugees! Really, Since When?


Now the story in Afghanistan is shifting away from the actual Taliban takeover, and the Kabul Airport blast, towards the evacuation and fallout. Or rather, it is shifting to the screams of Western governments and NGOs that “We have another flood of refugees coming, Oh No, what can we do?” These are the same Western governments…

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