Seth Ferris

Lebanon and Israel Start New Fight Over Bottomless Depths


In 1983 American radio personality Gary Byrd released The Crown. This is now regarded as a rap record, but the genre barely existed then, so at the time it was more an oddity than anything. The Crown tells the story of human socio-political development, and the specifically the African role in it, and the omission of this from the history books. Not surprisingly, given the scope…

Can Boris Find His Way Out the Door?


What everything has been waiting for with baited breath has come to fruition – Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson arrives for a press conference at Vote Leave headquarters in London Friday, June 24, 2016. British media say Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to resign on Thursday, July 7 2022, ending an unprecedented political crisis over his future…

Where Next For Pakistan?


Whilst a few other things have been going on in the world, Pakistan has been going through political turmoil which shows little sign of abating soon. This has been little noticed however, because Pakistan has dropped off the radar, and yet more instability there is hardly news. Prime Minister Imran Khan, the playboy sportsman turned statesman who is Pakistan’s equivalent of a “trendy leftie”, has been turfed…

Australia: When Will It Be An Independent State?


When people talk about Asia, they do not generally mean Australia. After all, it is the largest part of a theoretically separate continent, Oceania, and its people are white and British in origin for the most part. However Oceania is a cultural term as much as anything. It refers to places where there a mix of native Polynesians and white European settlers, and English…

UK and BJ: When Will Words Have Meaning Again?


When we talk to people about things which have negatively affected us at some point we are told to “move on”. Whatever may have happened to us, we should put the past behind us and think of a better and brighter future, rather than dwell on old hurts forever. There are generally three reasons why we are told this. One, our interlocutor is genuinely interested in our welfare…

“Northern Ireland Protocol”: What It Is and Why It Matters?


It you want to write an article nobody will read, the best headline is probably “Northern Ireland Protocol”. Ever since it was made part of the renegotiated Brexit agreement in 2019, everyone has been either upsetting people by arguing about it, or choosing to ignore it. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about Northern Ireland and its endless conflicts, even those…

World Conflicts: What Comes After Racism?


Most of the world’s conflicts take place without anyone noticing, unless you happen to be one of the unfortunates caught up in it. Even when other countries send in troops, the most anyone offers is fine words, and the casualties are accepted as collateral damage, or less than human when they flee to another country from events anyone can see on the news in that…

Ukraine Obliterates Other Stories: Only the Villains Can Win


With events in Ukraine having obliterated other stories it is worth noting that truckers are still driving from California to DC, but other regular people have totally forgotten about the convoy, the virus, and the vaccine, etc. The war ended the pandemic overnight. Everyone is now proffering an opinion on who started it, who is trying…

A Brand of “Portugal Socialism” May Overtake the World Soon


During the Trump Administration we were introduced to the unsmiling figure of a certain Stephen Miller, senior adviser and speechwriter. According to a longstanding and far-fetched conspiracy theory, the world is run by a race of reptiles disguised as humans. The only reason Miller cannot be one of them is that, in his case, the disguise is non-existent. Whenever Miller…

Belgium Once Again Leads the World in Running Away


Some countries are paradoxical. The Netherlands, for example, is a Calvinist country with a very puritanical ideological and moral basis. However it is also well known for its lax attitudes towards sex and drugs and rock and roll, due to that same Calvinism – respect for individual judgment is taken to such an extreme that no one wants to stop people going to…

Sudan: Yesterday’s News There, Tomorrow’s Nightmare Everywhere Else


While the world waits for Boris Johnson to be sacked and Emanuel Macron to be consumed by self-inflicted love bites, it is distracting itself with the events in Sudan. Not because anyone cares about the country or its people, but because it is a useful flag-waving exercise. Military coup! Democracy violated! Turmoil in Africa…

Lebanon Crisis: The Threat They Don’t Want To Talk About 4-Obvious Reasons


The December 27th speech of Lebanese president Michel Aoun has attracted some international interest. It is to be hoped that it would, given the situation there at present. Lebanon is a country facing many problems, as if unending, and previously reported in NEO. The Lebanese pound has lost 90% of its value, and…

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