Salman Rafi Sheikh

Paradoxes of “Peace Development” in Africa

Despite an extended period of civil and inter-state wars, ethnic strife and external intervention, Africa is said to be showing…

Israel and the Logic of Violence in Palestine

Numerous incidents of violence and conflict and consequent news of constructing new habitations constitute the main outline, in the Western…

Emerging Dynamics of Russia-Pakistan Relations

The US’ decision to effect “pivot” to Asia has also stimulated some major powers of Asia to build their strangleholds…

The US and Israel – An ‘All-times’ Alliance

The so-called ‘all-times’ alliance between the US and Israel---the supposedly ‘only’ democratic state in the Middle East--- has  largely been…

“Drone War” Casualties – an Ugly Symptom

The killing of Hakimullah Mahsud on November 1, 2103 in a drone attack is said to have derailed the peace…

Increasing strain in the US-Saudi Relations

One of the most conspicuous features of the international system is the shifting nature of what are commonly called the…

The BRICS: An Emerging Challenge for the West?

The BRICS are said to have emerged as a major challenge to the so called global hegemony of the US…

Afghan Taliban Resistance: Lesson Learned

Although it appears that the 12 year Afghan war will end in stalemate in 2014 with Afghan resistance groups poised…

The U.S. and the making of Nuclear World

The much heated debate in the Western media on the ‘probable’ use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government, and…

A look back at the latest Government Shutdown

"This is very ironic."  It has been said that “conflict is endemic to budgeting.” Nothing else would prove this statement…

The US’ “Asia Pivot” and Containment of China

The US’ “Asia Pivot” policy, announced in June 2012, has since been heralded as a ‘new’ cold war in a…

Qatar, Saudia and the US: A Coalition or Collision?

DSCF3595 BMW lorez
Change in the leadership of Qatar has been followed by certain significant geo-political changes not only in Qatar, but also…

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