Salman Rafi Sheikh

The Iran deal and the Western Geo-Politics

The peace deal between the US led coalition and Iran has some critical geo-political benefits in its blossom that the…

The US-Israel Rift: “Best-friends” Falling Apart

It was not so long ago when analysts spoke of an ‘enduring’ US-Israel alliance and its impact on the Middle…

Aggrandizement is what defines the US trained ‘Afghan Forces’

As the US keeps pouring in billions of dollars to train Afghan forces----which, nevertheless, consist of those who have previously…

Israel in the Changing Strategic Environment in the Middle East

A cursory look at the geo-political developments taking place in the Middle East would draw our attention to one very…

The US-Iran Nuclear Deal and Regional Political Re-alignments

Any probable nuclear deal between the United States of America and Iran is likely to result in giving a new…

Qatar wins a Geo-Political Jackpot

After ‘suffering’ a period of relative isolation and inaction, Qatar seems to have ‘win’ the necessary US and Arab support…

The Iran-US Nuclear Deal: Latent Realities

One of the most remarkable and defining characteristics of the international state system is the making and re-making of alliances…

Chinese ‘Assault’ on the Middle East

Amidst the US led chaos in the Middle East, China continues to expand its geo-economic stretch, exporting a reasonable chunk…

Afghanistan: BSA Prolongs the Longest War in US history

The people of Afghanistan as well as the observes of the US-Afghan war were not surprised to see Afghanistan’s newly…

The US Defense Budget: A Recipe of Protracted War and Conflict

The US president Obama’s demand for a base defense budget of $534 billion in 2016, exceeding by $35 billion the…

China is deepening its foothold in Africa

No country has so rapidly and so successfully penetrated in Africa in the last two decades or so as China…

Myth and Reality of the US War against ISIL

A lot of official statements, media reports and analysis about the US led war against ISIL are coming out these…

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