Salman Rafi Sheikh

Afghanistan: Now May be the Best Time to End the War


Although post-Omar Afghanistan has seen sudden escalation of the conflict, it may also possibly be the best time for the U.S. and other stakeholders to reach a negotiated solution to the war. There are many indicators that tend to signify the said…

It Ain’t Turkey’s Survival Only, Erdogan is Struggling Too


In a highly unsurprising manner, Turkey and Kurds are once again at loggerheads with each other. While the cease-fire agreement between Turkey and Kurds, specifically with the PKK, now stands shattered to ground, there is hardly any doubt that Erdogan…

It Ain’t “New” Middle East, It’s a New Arms Race


Since 2013, Saudi Arabia’s defence spendings have risen by almost 13 percent. Bahrain`s government, which was so threatened by the revolutionary movement that Saudi tanks rolled in to quell demonstrations, also upped military spendings that year by 26 percent…

Turkey Re-joins the House of Saud

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After experiencing a relatively strained period of disconnect with the Middle Eastern geo-political upheavals, Turkish foreign policy seems to be coming back to the square one as it re-joins hands with the House of Saud in the latter’s sinister campaigns in the Middle East…

Israel’s New Political Manoeuvering in the Middle East


In one of the previous articles, I had argued that any probable nuclear deal between Iran and the USA would “send political jolts across the entire Middle Eastern political landscape, with Saudi Arabia and Israel standing as the most sensitive…

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Keeping the US Hegemony in-tact


The much talked about Trans-Pacific Partnership (T.P.PDahJTkfw to be signed between the US and its allies in the Pacific region, has undoubtedly acquired central position in the US’ “Asia Pivot” policy. Given the scale, range and extent of this agreement, it…

The US and the GCC Prepare a Conflict in the Middle East


Anyone under the impression that the US is really a ‘peace loving State’ or that it cares about democracy anywhere in the world must be living in an imaginary world. The US, as it stands, has been and will always be guided by one simple principle…

The US’ “Asia Pivot” is in Doldrums


If the US’ “Asia Pivot” was to be described in one sentence, it would be “encirclement” of its two most important strategic peers in the world: Russia and China. The idea of “encirclement” was further based upon building a chain of allies across Asia, which is…

Saudi Arabia: Chickens Come Home to Roost


In a recent statement issued by the Saudi authorities, it was claimed that the government has successfully apprehended some ISIL operatives who were planning to carry out certain attacks in the country. During last three weeks, at least two major attacks took place…

China: Demand for Resources and the Changing Contours of Foreign Policy


China’s foreign policy, especially towards the Middle East and Africa, is being shaped by its increasing requirements for Oil and other natural resources, leading to a situation that can be summarized as such…

China Gets Political in Afghanistan


In the last week of October 2014, soon after his election as the new President Ashraf Ghani travelled to China to convince China of the need for playing a big role in re-constructing the war-torn country. The tour was highly symbolic of Afghanistan’s efforts to…

Power and Vulnerability: Saudi Kingdom and its Troubles

As it stands, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most ‘powerful’ states in the Gulf region. However,…

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