Salman Rafi Sheikh

ISIS: A Face of “Sunni-Arab” Aggrandizement or Destruction?

The ISIS, as we know it today, has done much to demonstrate its “Sunni” character to the world. Since the…

The Indian Ocean: A Flashpoint of India-China Power Tussle?

The Chinese President’s visit to India seems to have been a very successful one in terms of the amount of…

America’s “Game” of Wars and Interventions

Since at least the end of the Second World War, the US has been directly and indirectly fostering, aiding, funding…

Afghanistan: From “War on Terror” to “War for Resources”

Is the discourse of “war on terror” now being supplemented by “war for Profits?” Obviously, we would not find any…

Creation of Kurdistan and Israeli Geo-Politics

Creation of Kurdistan may be an issue of great significance for the Kurds; however, it is an open secret that…

The US Foreign Policy: An Unbridled pursuit of Global Hegemony

One of the most conspicuous facts of the twenty-first century is complete failure of the globe’s “sole” super power in…

Emerging Twists in Saudi-Iran Relations and the US Geo-Politics

Nowhere do geo-political upheavals take place so surprisingly as in the Middle East, and nowhere do ‘enemies’ become ‘friends’ overnight…

On Iraq Crisis: The Plan to Re-make the Middle East

On June 15, 2014, former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, denied the accusation that the attack on Iraq in 2003…

Revamped Regional Geo-Politics amid the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Regional actors are filling the gap left by the US, leaving minimum room for the latter in Afghanistan. A lot has…

The US Withdrawal Plan and the Future of Afghanistan

The US President Mr. Obama has announced the US’ plan of withdrawal from Afghanistan. The plan to end the longest…

The US and Oman: Changing Geo-Politics of the Gulf Region

It would not be wrong to say that the Middle East is one of the most troubled regions in the…

Saudia-Israel Alliance: A Quest for Ultimate Malware

The news of Saudi-Israeli alliance should not have come as a surprise to any close observer of inter-state relations and…

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