Salman Rafi Sheikh

The Success of Russia’s Political Front in the Middle East


There’s no denying that the Russian military campaign against ISIS in Syria has really off-set the organization’s militant stranglehold and that this campaign has practically led to re-orientation of the Middle East’s strategic landscape that…

Dialogue, Operations and Weapon supplies: The US plan to defeat Russia in Syria


Since the beginning of the Russian military campaign against ISIS and other terrorist outfits in Syria, the US has been finding it difficult to devise a counter-balancing strategy. It would not be an exaggeration to contend that…

Intimidation and Manipulation: Erdogan’s AKP wins Election


While the latest elections in Turkey certainly reflect the ‘march of democracy’, it also signifies, with equal force, virtually un-democratic processes which have been going on for last few years and that will only increase further as a result of…

The Western Reaction to Assad’s Visit is Dipped in Propaganda


The (Western supportedDahJTkfw war in Syria has seen, since its start in 2011, many upheavals, with the latest twist coming with Assad’s surprise visit to Moscow. However, just as the West is struggling to come to terms with Russia over politically solving…

The stretch-limit of the US-Iran Rapprochement


On Friday, September 12, the U.S. Congress failed, as was expected, to derail the Iran deal as Republicans could not get a veto-proof majority in either chamber of the bicameral legislature. President Barack Obama has already pledged to veto any…

Israel Has Been Planning to Attack Iran All Along


Although it does not appear to be so astonishing as it looks, political pundits seem to have an undeniable ‘proof’ of Israeli hostile policy towards Iran. According to recently leaked audio recordings, Israel did plan to attack Iran at least three…

Diagnosed! The West is suffering from ‘Anxiety and Fear’


On October 3, 2015 NATO launched its “biggest military exercise” since 2002, putting 36,000 alliance soldiers through their paces in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The reason for such a big exercise is specifically to boost preparedness…

Turkey is Playing With Fire


With Turkey taking a deep plunge into the war against the ISIS and Kurds, the reality of Erdogan’s popularity is fast turning into a perception—an illusion. Turkey’s decision to play as the U.S.’ new “sweet-heart” in the Middle East is virtually taking it to the verge…

On Russia-Israel “Clash” Over Syria


Recent developments have shown that the conflict in Syria is reaching new heights of tension as Russia and Israel built up their power-base there. A rapid Russian build-up in Syria, which, according to the Western media includes warplanes and anti-aircraft systems…

Afghanistan: Now May be the Best Time to End the War


Although post-Omar Afghanistan has seen sudden escalation of the conflict, it may also possibly be the best time for the U.S. and other stakeholders to reach a negotiated solution to the war. There are many indicators that tend to signify the said…

It Ain’t Turkey’s Survival Only, Erdogan is Struggling Too


In a highly unsurprising manner, Turkey and Kurds are once again at loggerheads with each other. While the cease-fire agreement between Turkey and Kurds, specifically with the PKK, now stands shattered to ground, there is hardly any doubt that Erdogan…

It Ain’t “New” Middle East, It’s a New Arms Race


Since 2013, Saudi Arabia’s defence spendings have risen by almost 13 percent. Bahrain`s government, which was so threatened by the revolutionary movement that Saudi tanks rolled in to quell demonstrations, also upped military spendings that year by 26 percent…

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