Salman Rafi Sheikh

Syrian Escalation: A US Way to Avert Defeat


While the US has suspended co-operation in bi-lateral channels with Russia over Syria and that it has explicitly threatened it with more “body bags”, the underlying and unstated objective of this frenzied behaviour and a sustained…

Erdogan is Using PKK as Cover to Corner the Kurds

Recep Tayyip Erdogan'

While Turkey’s official narrative, with regard to the scope of operation Euphrates Shield’, is centred on eliminating the ‘militant’ PKK, ground realities hardly confirm it, and instead show that Erdogan’s current drive is mainly…

Operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ Turns Into Operation ‘Occupation’


Turkey’s operation ‘Euphrates Shield’ that had originally begun as the operation to drive the Kurdish militias back to the eastern side of Euphrates River is now turning into a mission to create a ‘safe zone’ inside Syria to…

America ‘Accidently’ Strikes Syria: Could it Have a Different Meaning?


While the US-led coalition’s airstrikes in the eastern parts of Syria have been told to have taken place due purely to an “accident”, the incident stands out as yet another unmistakable evidence of America’s dual strategy…

Syrian Deal: Сollective Wisdom Versus Hawkish Raiders


While this is not for the first time that a ceasefire agreement has been achieved in Syria, the recent US-Russia deal has happened at a time when, on the one hand, the US president is trying his best to carve out an edge in Syria…

Syria: Turkey pushing Washington up the wall?


Turkish intervention in Syria, although primarily motivated by its security concerns vis-à-vis Kurds, has started to create consequences that are not simply confined to reversing the Kurdish advances. On the one hand, Turkey is…

Yemen: ‘Killers’ Can Give No Peace


In a supposedly ‘landmark’ development, the U.S secretary of state John Kerry and his Saudi counterpart announced, in the last week of August, the new plan, having a “fair and sensible approach”…

Erdogan-Putin Mend Relations as the West Gets Unnerved


While the August 9 meeting between Turkey’s Erdogan and Russia’s Putin did go a long way in unfreezing their own relations, this meeting—and the prospects of warm relations between them—has certainly put the U.S. under…

Turkey’s Armed Intervention In Syria Defies US


While the U.S. vice president Joe Biden’s high-profile recent visit to Turkey was expected to yield “significant results” with regard to preventing Turkey from re-engaging with Russia in Syria and work towards the development of…

The US Double Game in Yemen Reaches its Peak


On Saturday, August 20, the U.S. stated that it was going to reduce the number of its ‘advisers’ currently working in tandem with the Saudi Arabia led coalition in Yemen, further stating that the primary reason was the coalition’s…

Iran Shuns the West-ward Tilt Amid Russo-Turk Normalization


For past few months, particularly since the finalization of the US-Iran nuke deal, we had been observing increasing West-ward tilt in Iran’s foreign policy. With Iran signing deals worth billions of dollars with a number of…

Things are Turning to Russia’s Advantage in Syria


The war is Syria has come a long way, witnessing many ups and downs and geo-political scenarios, ultimately reaching a level where it is no longer a typical ‘civil war’, although it continues to be projected in these terms…

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