Salman Rafi Sheikh

How Come the “War Party” Always Wins?


A Democrat-dominated US House of Representatives voted last Thursday to adopt a legal measure aimed at curbing the US president’s powers to wage war on Iran. The measure was taken against the backdrop of an increasing US-Iranian military confrontation, reaching an extremely high level after a US air strike killed Qasim Soleimani, followed by an Iranian missile…

What Will Iran’s ‘Total War’ on the US Look Like?


There is a growing threat of Iran launching ‘total war’ on the US in case of US resorting to attacking Iran, targeting its cultural locations. While such an act will in itself amount to war crimes, this will most certainly produce necessary conditions for Iran to start a war on the US in the region. Soleimani’s funeral and the emotions that have engulfed Iran…

Soleimani’s Killing may Drive the US Out of the Region & Trump Out of Office


While General Qasim Soleimani’s death in a US air strike may apparently seem not big enough a development to start an all-out war, or even World War 3, there is no gainsaying that this deliberate attempt to escalate tensions in the region will have severe consequences…

US Elections: Increasing ‘Russophobia’ is the Talk of the Town


While ‘Russophobia’s is not a new phenomenon in the US, the fact that it has gained a lot of political currency due to the controversy that followed the election of president Trump in 2016 shows that this phenomenon has become a part and parcel of US domestic politics. Its major manifestation in the current scenario is the latest defence…

Afghanistan: An Unwinnable Trillion-Dollar ‘War of Lies’


Nobody would have expected that one of final nails in the US Afghan war’s coffin could come from within the US itself through a revelation of ‘Afghanistan Papers’ by the Washington Post, detailing the mountain of lies that the US administrations spent years telling to sustain their war. But then such a revelation could have come from within the US only where…

The Geo-Politics around “Unrest” in Iran


Western officials and political pundits as well as their allies in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and Israel, have never hesitated to express their desire to see the Iranian regime falling on its feet and giving way to a pro-West ‘democracy’ to emerge, one that would provide the linchpin for Saudi hegemony in the region…

Despite Crisis, NATO will Still Survive


The latest NATO summit in London on December 5 was historic not only because it set the organisation’s military profile a lot higher for future, but also because it brought to surface the many internal challenges the alliance is facing – challenges that even led the French leader to describe NATO as ‘brain-dead.’ Will…

How the US is Locking Horns with Russia in Libya


In a rather gate-crashing mode, the US is positioning itself in Libya in a way that will become yet another Syria as far as the end-game of this war-torn, NATO-destroyed and ‘humanitarianly-intervened’ country is concerned. For some time now, the Russians have been increasing their presence in Libya, supporting Libyan…

NATO Ups the Military Ante against China and Russia


In the recent foreign ministers level NATO summit held in Brussels, the NATO leaders not only re-affirmed their commitment to the same confrontational ideology that it has been following ever since its creation after the Second World War, but also added China in the list of enemy countries, vowing to start its military surveillance. This is a significant…

How Exactly did the US Lose the Trade War With China?


The ongoing trade war between the US and China has caused both countries economic damage, leading to lower exports for China (by almost 25%) and  higher prices for consumers in the US, but economic and financial losses aren’t the most significant negative aspects. And, whereas both the US and China are beginning to signal a possibility…

How the US is Losing Itself out in the ASEAN


While the US continues to target China for its assertive policies in the South China Sea, the US still continues to lose itself out in the ASEAN region. This is a result not so much of the way the Chinese are expanding their political and economic reach, but mainly an outcome of the US’ own handling of the region and its failure to meet the ASEAN countries…

JCPOA Saga: Iran Will Act if the Lame E3 Doesn’t

IRN42342 2

Ever since the US’ unilateral exit from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, the EU members of the deal – France, Britain and Germany (E3) – have been trying to find ways to salvage the deal. The E3 first restored to ‘defying’ the US and created a so-called “special purpose vehicle” called INSTEX for Europe-Iran trade…

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