Salman Rafi Sheikh

Chinese ‘Assault’ on the Middle East

Amidst the US led chaos in the Middle East, China continues to expand its geo-economic stretch, exporting a reasonable chunk…

Afghanistan: BSA Prolongs the Longest War in US history

The people of Afghanistan as well as the observes of the US-Afghan war were not surprised to see Afghanistan’s newly…

The US Defense Budget: A Recipe of Protracted War and Conflict

The US president Obama’s demand for a base defense budget of $534 billion in 2016, exceeding by $35 billion the…

China is deepening its foothold in Africa

No country has so rapidly and so successfully penetrated in Africa in the last two decades or so as China…

Myth and Reality of the US War against ISIL

A lot of official statements, media reports and analysis about the US led war against ISIL are coming out these…

Qatar’s ‘larger than life’ Geo-Political Stretch

In traditional frameworks of analysis of foreign policies and power potential of states, geography and ‘size’ of the states are…

Contours of the “Oil War”

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali al-Naimi is reported to have said that the falling oil prices would help stabilize global…

Russia’s Turn towards Afghanistan

Contrary to popular perceptions about Russia's lack of interest in Afghanistan, she has been gradually and imperceptibly making its headway into…

New Middle East Plan: The US preparing for another Disaster

Nothing would seem more absurd than watching the US making its ‘intentions’ clear about dismantling the ISIL’s strongholds in Iraq…

Israel: In Quest for Uncontested Hegemony

While the Arabs certainly make up 20 percent of Israel’s total population, they continue to face Israeli atrocities committed under…

ISIL: The Story of the Middle Eastern Conquest

One of the most troubling questions today is how the ISIS emerged and expanded in so fast a manner as…

Crisis in the Middle East and the Crisis of Making of New Alliances

It was not so long ago when the world was analyzing the probability of a US-Iran conflict over the latter’s…

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