Salman Rafi Sheikh

Things are Turning to Russia’s Advantage in Syria


The war is Syria has come a long way, witnessing many ups and downs and geo-political scenarios, ultimately reaching a level where it is no longer a typical ‘civil war’, although it continues to be projected in these terms…

‘Mind Your Own Businesses’, Erdogan Trolls the West


A number of Turkish top officials as well as politicians from almost all parties can today be seen trolling the West for its perceived inability or unwillingness to see a ‘strong’ Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership, arguing further…

Anti-US Populism Increases in Turkey as it Engages the US in a ‘War of Words’


Never have the US-Turkey relations been at such a low ebb as today due to the alleged US involvement in the (failed) coup attempt. Despite the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO…

Clouds of Uncertainty Continue to Loom Over Iran-nuke Deal


While the very first anniversary of the historic Iran-nuke deal was celebrated only a few days ago, the deal has largely failed to bring Iran-US relations back to normalization due primarily to the financial sanctions that the U.S. has not yet completely lifted…

On the Storm That Hit Turkey That Night


While the ‘coup attempt’ in Turkey carried an altogether different meaning in other countries, such as Pakistan, from what the Turks themselves thought of it, it can hardly be gainsaid that the episode is likely to have some…

Is the House of Saud Coming Round to Russia in Syria?


With the so-called “civil war” in Syria reaching almost its sixth year, a big pile of evidence now exists that proves the otherwise “proxy war” character of the war and the way it has been orchestrated and master-minded by…

The U.S. and its Allies Ready to Meet Moscow “Half Way” in Syria


We are already into the fifth year since the conflict started in Syria and it still seems far from over—and we might not see its peaceful resolution unless the major powers involved…

Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Agony’


While the current phase of the conflict in Syria has consumed numerous lives, it also has enabled the Kurds, who are scattered in the Middle East, to raise their political significance to a level hitherto untouched since the notorious Sykes-Picot…

On the Death of Mullah Akhtar Mansour


In a U.S. drone strike well inside the Pakistani territory of Balochistan province, the Afghan Taliban’s leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed, leaving many people wondering as to why the attack has taken place at a time when peace…

The Spectre of Syria Talks is an Illusion


The recently held meeting between John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, leading as they were ISSG, in Vienna regarding establishing ‘peace’ in Syria was yet another failure in the long list of failures the crisis has seen since…

On John Kerry’s hypocritical mission to Saudi Arabia


While the U.S. has been blaming the House of Saud for allegedly supporting and funding Al-Qaeda and for its involvement in 9/11, it is still the House of Saud that the U.S. has to talk to ‘end’ the war in Syria. How logical of the U.S. policy makers!…

It’s Official! Turkey is Abetting ISIS in Syria


Apparently, the root of troubles that the common people of Turkey are facing goes much deeper than Erdogan’s ambition to constitutionally hijack Turkey’s political system by introducing presidential form of government. Turkey’s incumbent…

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