Salman Rafi Sheikh

How Washington is Raising the Geopolitical Temperature around Taiwan


When Russia started its special military operation in Ukraine, a perception, ostensibly created by the western mainstream media, began to develop that Beijing could begin a similar operation to take over Taiwan. Following this, Joe Biden said in a media statement during his visit to Japan that the US is willing to “get involved militarily to defend…

The ‘Gas Crisis’ in Europe is its Own Doing


When Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine and the West responded with sanctions and threats of completely cutting off energy supplies from Russia, little did European states realise that their threat will come back to haunt them within months. The constantly rising cost of living in Europe (and the US) and the spectre of gas shortage for the coming winter…

Western Delusion of “Isolating” Russia


For months, the West has been projecting a geopolitics of “isolating” Russia, both economically via sanctions and diplomatically via creating anti-Russia counter alliances around the world. But how is this geopolitics of “isolation” working? Five months into the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the fallout of this war – in particular the fallout…

Joe Biden’s Risky Strategic ‘U-turn’ on Saudi Arabia


A Middle Eastern state that Joe Biden once vowed to make “pariah” has now become pivotal to the success of the US plot to encircle and defeat Russia, both militarily and economically. This, first and foremost, is the cardinal objective behind Biden’s ‘U-turn’ on his Saudia policy and meeting with a CIA-designated ‘murderer’, Crown Prince Muhammad bin…

A Stronger Russia Humiliates the West


When Russia was arbitrarily excluded from the ‘Group of eight’ (G8) in 2014, many in the West saw this as a step toward a more cohesive western bloc – the so-called G7 – that could collectively – and effectively – counter Russia through a homogenous response combining economic and military means. The response the West gave to Russia’s military…

BRICS Challenges the ‘G7 Vision’ of the World


If the Russia-Ukraine war has seemingly ‘united’ Europe and the US at a time when Europe seemed to be weaning away from NATO to establish ‘European autonomy’, this war has also led to multinational alliance configuration elsewhere as well – an alliance that supports altering the west-centric international system. Its major manifestation came through the recently held…

Will G7’s ‘New’ Anti-China Plan Work?


Two recent events involving leading western powers confirmed, yet again, the establishment – and expansion – of a global anti-China alliance. The 2022 NATO summit – especially the participation of the leaders of Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia – was meant to push the US agenda of globalising NATO. This is a US agenda first and foremost because many…

Russia-China Ties Defy Western Predictions for an Alternative World


For years, the West has made every effort to predict the fall of Russia-China ties. The frenzy reached its climax when Russia began its military operation in Ukraine in late February 2022. Many in the West – both politicians and the media – saw this war as the beginning of the end of Sino-Russia ties. A New York Times report said that…

How the GCC is Benefitting from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict


Military conflicts are a deadly – and costly – business, especially for those who fight them directly. But these conflicts also benefit others directly and indirectly. Those involved in the military-industrial complex benefit from both actual and potential conflicts. This has been the most famous story in the US and continues to be in the present era, as I explained…

US Officially Makes Israel the New Middle Eastern Hegemon


Two years ago, when the Abraham Accords were signed and Donald Trump hailed them as a truly historic moment, there were very few who believed anything substantial could come out of them. Even a US intelligence report of the Department of Homeland Security warned that these pacts could lead to an increase in terrorism. But this has been far…

The West’s War in Ukraine is a War against Russia


As recent events surrounding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have shown unambiguously – and quite convincingly – the West’s so-called ‘war effort’ in Ukraine is less about defending Ukraine and more about what some Western pundits call “erasing” Russia as a power capable of wielding influence at the global level. The war, in simple words, is aimed at causing…

Why’s Joe Biden on a Mission to Court Mohammad bin Salman?


When Joe Biden campaigned for presidential elections and promised to make Saudia – especially if the kingdom continues to be ruled by the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) – a ‘pariah’ state, many political pundits in the US believed his rhetoric unlikely to change during the duration of his “democratic” presidency. For over a year, the Biden administration…


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