Salman Rafi Sheikh

In the Next Big Power Rivalry, Turkey Stands pro-US

As I pointed out in one of my previous pieces for NEO, a cardinal purpose that the US wants to…

The US is Alone in its ‘Trade War’ on China


With everyday passing, it is becoming clear that the US-China trade deal will eventually unravel, paving the way for a long-term standoff, even if not a full-fledged ‘cold war’, between the two super powers. As recent remarks made by the US National Security Advisor (NSA), Robert O’Brien, showed, the US is planning ‘more steps’ to ‘correct’ its relations…

Through Libya, Turkey eyes a Neo-Ottoman Era Dominance


With tectonic changes, reflected largely through a massive decline in Saudi influence, taking place within the ‘Muslim world’, a potent struggle for new dominance has already begun. The symbolic and actual battlefield is Libya, gateway to a big part of the Muslim world in Africa. While a number of countries—Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, France—are involved directly…

While ‘Fighting Terror’, the US Hides Its Own Terrorism


While the US war in Afghanistan is reaching its end after almost two decades of fighting, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the US ‘war on terror’, while it fought the Taliban, did produce its own peculiar form of terrorism in the shape of war crimes and virtually unaccountable use of force on hundreds and thousands of innocent Afghan citizens. Countless…

Divisions, Not the Pandemic, are Ripping ‘the West’ Apart


The fact that Trump’s call for an in-person G7 meeting in the US in June has been rejected by the member countries of this group has more substance to it than meets the eye, although a major apparent reason for the rejection is the pandemic. If it were just the pandemic, Trump would never have hit back by extending a direct invitation to Russia and even India…

How China is All Set to Fill the ‘US Gap’ in Europe


Given the way the US-European alliance is falling apart rapidly, there is little to no denying that some tectonic changes of global level are likely to take place, paving the way for a kind of multipolar world order to emerge where the US ability to influence the world will decrease massively. A decreasing US influence on Europe and an equally increasing…

Turkey & UAE Vie for Power in MENA


While the contemporary ‘Muslim world’ continues to be arbitrarily defined by the Saudi-Iran ideological and political rivalry, this is far from the only faultline that exists and shapes the ‘intra-Muslim world’ geo-politics. Multiple faultlines exist, ranging from purely ideological and political to ethnic, sectarian and those that certainly are just inter-state rivalries…

Libya: Why a New Flashpoint between Russia and the West?


Even though it is already a well proven fact that the core reason for Libya’s present troubles is the NATO intervention that took place in 2011—which was largely a result of cooked up ‘facts’— the West continues to treat the war-torn country as its exclusive territory of influence; hence, its increasing resistance to the potential or real entry of any new player—particularly…

Why are Arab States No Longer Bound to Follow Washington’s Policy on Iran?


With the US military presence in the Persian Gulf dwindling on the back of Pentagon’s recent withdrawal of troops from Saudi Arabia, an important question that the Gulf Arab states need to consider is whether they are to follow the US-imposed anti-Iranian line. For the US, Iran remains an enemy state. Accordingly, the US…

Why is Trump Drumbeating a ‘New Cold War’ with China?


Whereas Trump’s negative portrayal of China goes back to his 2016 election campaign when he directly called out China, saying “because China’s going bad it’s going to bring us down too”, a number of subsequent US officials documents, policy papers and reviews have left no stone unturned in painting China as a ‘bully’, threatening US interests worldwide. The US…

What Led to the US Withdrawing Patriot Systems from Saudi Arabia?


Whereas the telephonic conversation between the US president and Saudi King Salman reportedly ‘reaffirmed strong ties’ between both countries, the oil crisis and the subsequent US decision to withdraw patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia, particularly those that were guarding Saudi oil facilities, indicate that there’s a lot of geo-political activity…

With an Eye on Elections, Trump Bashes China


There is a remarkable similarity in the way populist leaders all over the world seem to be handling the COVID-19 crisis—particularly, the lockdown. Interestingly enough, all of them not only seem to be in favour of rapidly opening up—primarily because the urge to reopen echoes well with the natural popular sentiments and the desire to bring life back to…

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