Ron Henry

Water Wars is the Future We are about to Face


In this day and age there’s no shortage of new challenges that governments of the world have to face and tackle, including atmospheric pollution, climate change and the rapid human-caused environmental degradation. Under these circumstances, what didn’t seem to be much of an issue yesterday, becomes a big issue today…

Is Nuclear Deterrence Even Possible Today?


Throughout the Cold War the incredibly intimidating destructive capability of nuclear weapons created a red line that neither the US nor the USSR were willing to cross, which compelled them to negotiating their differences even when the parties were equally reluctant to do so. Regrettably, those days seem to be back, as tensions between Russia and China…

Washington Will Not Spare its European Allies in its Nuclear Arms Race


Just a couple years ago, one could get an impression that the the problem posed by nuclear weapons was under control, if not solved completely.  Project Syndicate notes that Russia and the US were gradually reducing their nuclear stockpiles, following the guidelines of various…

Europe’s Got the Short End of the Sanction Stick


If you really think of it, there’s nothing new about trade wars, as they would be used time and again against those governments that other powers want to undermine. However, not unlike with regular wars, such strategies may result in totally unexpected results. Moreover, those counter-steps that the attacked power can take may lead…

West Pushes Russia and China Closer Together


With Beijing celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule, there’s been a heated discussion across the Western world about the role that China is going to play in the global affairs. Among those taking part in the discussion there’s been those pointing out to the growing military cooperation between Beijing…

OPCW Faces a Credibility Crisis


A series WMD-related accusations leveled against Damascus was the primary driving behind Washington’s agenda in the Middle East as a whole, and Syria in particular. Instead of assisting the peace process that encompasses all the parties locked in a bitter feud in an attempt to stabilize the region, the West prefers to undermine it by throwing around allegations…

Can Ukraine Create a Rift between Russia and Turkey


The role that Turkey keeps playing on the geopolitical stage hasn’t changed much in the last couple of centuries. Being most eastward located European state and most westward located Asian state, it remains an important bridge between the two parts of Eurasia, just like Russia. However, those powers that would aspire to reach the hegemonic status have…

France is Jealous of Russia in the Central African Republic


As you must know, after the end of WWII both France and the UK were forced to let go of their colonies. However, they left behind a network of rogue politicians, businessmen and agents to maintain those African states that are rich in natural resources poor and impoverished. Basically, with one coup d’etat following another, it became apparent…

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