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Roman Pogorelov

Chinese Spring?

With the "Arab Spring" scenario unfolding in Ukraine, the USA is aiming at, among other things, driving a wedge between…

Battle With Corruption In China: Real Causes And Objectives

Many people have heard about corruption in China as well as the companies that are combating it, both in the…

Chinese National Security Committee

At the III plenum of the XVIII Central Committee of the CPC, convened in November 2013, among other things, the…

China: Questions Of State Integrity

We are accustomed to thinking of the Middle Kingdom as something integral and unified, and the Chinese people as a…

Two Chinas

The problem of the two separate Chinas interacting is by no means new and generally it pertains to issues with…

Soft Power of PRC, and what Beijing Has To Offer the World

In the present-day world, where the economy constitutes a single market and different political systems are constantly being unified, indirect…

China and the multipolar world

NEO 25
There is every reason to believe that the growing confrontation between the West and Russia, which resulted in a conflict…

Overseas Chinese and Their Role in China’s Policies

Chinese diasporas are among the most numerous and well organized diasporas in the world. There is a special term “Huaqiao”…

Chinese Alternative

Today there are more publications related to the People's Republic of China and its achievements in particular. It is connected…

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