Phil Butler

Japan Spotlight: Is a Militant Red Sun Rising?


The 70th anniversary of the end of World War II has been momentous for many reasons. A new law enacted by the Japanese last week is not the least of a string of consequences of a new Cold War that threatens our world.  For the first time since 1945 Japanese…

On BBC’s Credibility Seppuku


Nasty, that’s the tone of western media these days, and BBC is the nastiest of all. Type into Google or Yandex the term Vladimir Putin, and you’ll quickly be able to discern this. If the Russian president is not vilified over mythical invasions, or an invisible…

Italy’s Role In a New European Disorder


The burden of leadership is an unbelievably complex and cumbersome role these days. Every day we see evidence of ineffectual direction in the world, and at a time when the world needs guidance most. Perpetual conflicts, paradigm shifts in politics and policy…

Win or Lose In Ukraine: Some Rich Bastard Wins


The conflict in Ukraine today is the handiwork of greedy, evil men intent on only one goal – profit at any cost – profit no matter what. I think most people understand this by now. What readers may not know though, are those instrumental in the death dealing…

Remember I Told You: All Our Problems Came from the Illuminati!


The world is in a mess, in case you did not notice. For any journalist out there, one look at the headlines mirrors a reality right out of a Stephen King psychological horror. Migrants swarm into the European…

Barack Obama Is Sorry – Honest He Is


American President Barack Obama is once again, sorry. This time the boss of America’s intelligence community is woefully regretful WikiLeaks spilled the beans on NSA eavesdropping on Japan. By now the world community has to be wondering, “Is there anyone, friend or…

The Impossible Truth About MH17


The only closure normal citizens will ever get on the MH17 tragedy has already been revealed. We will never know for certain who is responsible for the deaths of 298 innocent passengers. As sad a reality as this is, the world must come to accept it. A year of propaganda and…

New York Times is Crimea Tourism News for Dummies


The media was from New York onto Russia, it’s taken a turn for the worse this week. You know the fight has gotten dirty for sure, when there’s more blows below the belt than above. A post by the New York Times this week, is a woeful reminder what poor losers…

Radio Liberty and the Twilight’s Very Last Gleaming


One of these days the American people will declare, “Radio Free Europe is absolutely useless.” The propaganda arm of the CIA and the US State Department during the first Cold War, RFE/RL is now nothing more a comedic waste of taxpayer money…

Total War or Bust: The Barack Obama Prerogative


My fellow Americans, friends in Russia, and in the rest of the world – President Barack is going to get Syria’s Assad out, or kill some more of us trying. The Arab Spring the Western alliance created cannot be complete without Assad being ousted, and…

Obama’s America: Rumors of Busted Democracy


There are three kinds of people inhabiting Earth these days. There are those who strive to remain informed, there are those who for one reason or another are mis-informed or under-informed, and there are the “informers” or communicators among us. In looking at…

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