Phil Butler

Europe and the NATO Arms Deal Boot Stamping


Somewhere on the western shores of the Black Sea two NATO commanders look through icy binoculars to the horizon. At Varna in Bulgaria, and at Constanta, in Romania, the armies and navies of the faithful are rearming themselves to defeat an impending Russian invasion. Unbeknownst…

On the Pivotal Question of “Who’s Creating Terrorists?”


A stunning question just popped into my head this morning; “What is it international terrorist groups hope to gain?” Looking at the whole concept of Bush II’s “War on Terror” – I cannot help but wonder if there would be any crisis at all if my country withdrew totally from the world…

Trump to State Department: “Man Up and Stop Whining Over Spilt Blood Diamonds”


In breaking emotional-political news, the US is hurt and disappointed with Zimbabwe. As if any of our leading decision-makers know where that is. The news story from Reuters via Yahoo! tells us of the US State Departments’ “growing”…

The Liberal Order Began by Embracing Russia, Now They Want Revenge


A former adviser to Russia’s government, Angus Roxburgh became famous for covering the fall of communism in eastern Europe. At a point, the former BBC Russian Service scriptwriter worked for the pan-European public relations firm GPlus, as part of a PR advisory…

What’s Good for Russia is Good for Us


Reuters reports five scientists killed in northern Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s evil plan to start Armageddon is suddenly revealed. Or, not. A nuclear-powered missile that could end America’s nuclear dominance of the world is discovered. Almost. Or, maybe. But, nowhere are there any reports of the US Pentagon creating world killing…

Knowing Putin: It’s All About Occam’s Razor


There are two things you can count on in this whacky 21st-century world. First and foremost, not a day will pass without some genius rocket scientist Putin expert telling us what the Russian president really wants. The other thing you can set your watch to is the relentless fear-mongering about how the Russians will soon invade…

Russia or America: Who Is Really the Aggressor?


The strategy western hegemons have been leveling on Russia and Vladimir Putin, and to a lesser extent, China, Iran, and other nations is a new form of warfare honed into a rapier aimed at anyone who stands in the way of the world order. At the core of this strategy is something called “coercive gradualism..

Only Superman Can Save Julian Assange Now?


Back in the early 1960s, us kids could not wait to get home from school to catch another TV episode of The Adventures of Superman. Back then TV was all black and white, and so was our view on the world. I’ll never forget the intro to the show and the part that told of the strange visitor from another planet who “fights…

The Year Africa Turned Away from the West?


Russia’s moves in Africa have been widely debated by western think thanks and policymakers the last couple of years. The general consensus comes down to the sentiment that President Vladimir Putin’s personal desire to return his country to great-power status is the reason for the new Russia-Africa detente. The narrative from…

Radio Free Europe Reveals Liberalism’s Decline


Democracy in Europe is failing. The U.S. State Department’s Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty RFE/RL says so. I know the spirit of legendary CIA spook Allen Dulles is spinning like a Russian ballerina in his grave at Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore. And think of all those disappointed eastern Europeans who were told America would…

The Banking Elite Are Cannibalizing Greece and the World


When I read a tweet by Kathimerini reporter Yannis Palaiologos recalling an incident where former U.S. Ambassador to Greece David Pearce threatened the former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras about exiting the Eurozone, I knew I had to write this report. According to the reporter’s message…

Liberalism’s Zombies Resist Dr. Putin’s DOA Diagnosis


The most important announcement to come out of the recent G20 Summit was not still more economic and business voodoo. Thank God. The big message from Osaka was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declaration that “liberalism is dead.” The proclamation stunned half the world and raised applause…

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