Phil Butler

NATO: A Paper Tiger Trump Should Dump


American President Donald Trump has called NATO “obsolete” in an interview with The Times back in January. The US president’s view mirrors that of generations of Americans and Europeans who’ve wondered at the purpose of the military…

God in Politics or a Godless World: Time to Choose


The geo-political struggle between so-called “globalists” and their nationalistic (populist) counterparts has reached a feverish pitch. With trust and belief systems in the crucible, everything from our economic beliefs to our…

One Wrong Globalist Move and the Populist Steamroller Rolls


“The people are not blind anymore”, this was the statement from one EU parliamentarian commenting on the EU Commission politicizing French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s “Twitter” case. Per the news, Le Pen’s tweeting…

EU60 and the Dying Europe Patient


The 60th anniversary of the formation of the European Economic Union is coming up. However momentous this occasion is though, the Treaty of Rome has clearly favored some European nations over others. A pall…

Joe Biden Fears for the Democratic World Order!


“The progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse”, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke these words in his last speech to a waiting public. This is the same man whose son took up an executive role in Ukraine before…

Welcome to Dubai and Globalist Insanity 2017


The World Government Summit 2017 just wound down in the UAE. Before all was said and done the globalists revealed a stunning agenda of big government, neo-socialist ideals, and even social engineering. The failed and failing…

Germany’s Days in the EU Sun – Will Trump End or Extend Them?


Germany has more-or-less run EU policy for the last decade and a half. Today, with a political wasteland of failed policies littering Europe, the globalist idealists are in huge trouble. “Huge!” in the way President Donald Trump…

The Trump China Gambit: Which Side Will Russia Take?


Reports espionage groups in China have been using cyberespionage tactics to attack military and aerospace organizations in Russia fortify suspicions the Chinese cannot be trusted. Russia-China goodwill and economic partnerships…

Why Can’t Syria Be Left in Peace Finally?


The thing about regime change and proxy wars is that sovereign peoples always take a back seat to the mighty colonialists. Syria is a prime example of a stable and prosperous nation ruined and mowed under by outside forces bent on…

Why a Trump and Putin Slovenia Summit Makes Sense


Rumors Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested a meeting with US President Donald Trump in Ljubljana, Slovenia make sense if binding a new order of things is the goal. Not only is the this country the birthplace of first…

How Dumb Does a Globalist “Thinker” Have to Be?


Who from the Czech Republic follows Lockheed Martin on social media? Well, Atlantic Council experts to begin with. A recent Atlantic Council article by Jakub Janda and Ilyas Sharibzhanov caught my attention in my pursuit of…

Trump on Crimea: Is This the “Hell No” Divide?


Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer dropped a bomb on a great many supporters of the new president this week. The statement the US president expects Russia to give back Ukraine rolls over hopes of a reconciliation in…

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