Phil Butler

Coming Deripaska Case Versus AP May Open Worm Can


Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska is all over mainstream media front pages over alleged misdeeds involving former Donald Trump aid Paul Manafort. The latest sensationalist claims revolve around a supposed Associated Press…

The Public Enemies of World Truth


Why can’t 21st century media just report news and separate opinion? Maybe straight news that allows readers, viewers, and listeners to discern the truth is just inefficient. Maybe the few who own all our information channels are…

Washington Swamp Things: Profiling Congressman Adam Schiff


The “swamp” in Washington President Donald Trump swore he would drain has been revealed as more of a cesspool lately. Trump has stirred up some of the most vile creatures in the “ick” that Washinton politics…

The New New Left’s Calls for Civil War in America


Not long ago many conservatives predicted an American “melt-down” if Hillary Clinton won the White House. Today, the Democrats who are backed by massive corporate interest, they have our nation on the brink of civil war. Radical thugs at Berkley…

Free Shipping on Globalism at Amazon


Geo-politics in this bold new 21st century world is anything but boring. Just look at the headlines and you’ll agree, 1970s tabloids were real news compared to today’s sensationalist propaganda. One shining example from America’s…

Brussels, NATO, and the Globalists: In Total Disarray


The EU, NATO, and the western alliance have utterly failed the people of eastern Europe. The unrequited love of former Soviet bloc nations is slowly turning to scorn. The Euromaidan and ensuing civil war have laid bare an ideological…

Sunset Over George Soros‘ Sparkling New World


Billionaire investor George Soros sure had a run on establishing a bold new world. Though he continues to pour millions into protest and crises worldwide, the fading dream of either an “Open Society” or even “Cosmopolitanism” and…

NATO: A Paper Tiger Trump Should Dump


American President Donald Trump has called NATO “obsolete” in an interview with The Times back in January. The US president’s view mirrors that of generations of Americans and Europeans who’ve wondered at the purpose of the military…

God in Politics or a Godless World: Time to Choose


The geo-political struggle between so-called “globalists” and their nationalistic (populist) counterparts has reached a feverish pitch. With trust and belief systems in the crucible, everything from our economic beliefs to our…

One Wrong Globalist Move and the Populist Steamroller Rolls


“The people are not blind anymore”, this was the statement from one EU parliamentarian commenting on the EU Commission politicizing French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s “Twitter” case. Per the news, Le Pen’s tweeting…

EU60 and the Dying Europe Patient


The 60th anniversary of the formation of the European Economic Union is coming up. However momentous this occasion is though, the Treaty of Rome has clearly favored some European nations over others. A pall…

Joe Biden Fears for the Democratic World Order!


“The progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse”, former Vice President Joe Biden spoke these words in his last speech to a waiting public. This is the same man whose son took up an executive role in Ukraine before…

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