Phil Butler

The Invisible Bug That Killed an Empire


The liberal world order is a shambles. The coronavirus pandemic will spell the end of full-spectrum dominance by Britain, the United States, and those in the European Union tethered so inextricably to the NATO alliance. A quote below from a Reuters report citing French President Emmanual Macron, it sums up the fall of the…

Relax America: Putin Controls the Horizontal


When did you first wake up from the collective sleep? For me, it was right before the Sochi Olympics of 2014. The roll-up blinds turned loose and snapped open, letting the bright morning sun rush into my sleepy brain. I remember thinking, “Wait a minute, us Americans, we’re supposed to be sportsmanlike.” So, something went was all wrong about Russia’s big Winter…

Is COVID-19 Devouring What’s Left of the Trump Presidency?


Does anyone remember the scene in the original film Jaws in 1975 when Captain Quint gets devoured by the shark? Well, the COVID-19 situation in the US makes me imagine Donald Trump being devoured by a gigantic coronavirus. Or perhaps, the shark’s role could be played by western mainstream media? Either way, there is some Trump munching going on. Whatever Hollywood special…

Russian Austerity Sets In – Putin Retirement Age Pushed Back to 83


The west just doesn’t get it. Russia, that is. I feel like a failure, just to be honest. Almost a decade now my contemporaries and I have tried in vain to teach “Russia” to a curious world east of eastern Europe. And no matter what, US and UK media, academia, and thinking tanks can’t come to grips with the reality. Yes, the majority of Russians cannot….

An Africa Case Where Putin and Russia Didn’t Do It


Since the announcement of the Russia-Africa Summit which was held in October of 2019, western media like BBC, and policy tanks like the Brookings Institute have mulled over President Putin’s “ambitions” on the African continent. The picture being painted is that Russia is anxious to return to the good old Soviet days and that Putin’s geopolicy hinges on arms…

While Putin Defends Russia Israel Helps Create a Terminator World


One of these days a tourist visiting the Holy Land will probably get popped in between the eyes by a designated Israeli Defense Forces shooter. News of a new AI technology the Israelis are working on, it echoes of the “Terminator” films. Very soon Israeli citizens will be living inside a prison of killing technology…

Trump Policy Wangle in Munich: Human Beings Reduced to Smelly Sauce


US officials at the Munich Security Conference are warning the Syria Civil War may soon flood Europe with refugees. The unnamed United States geopolitical geniuses must have meant to say “again,” but somehow this escaped the Washington Examiner journalist reporting. All we know for sure is that the official…

Africa Relations: For the Sake of American Prosperity at Home


Between the lines, this is where the truths of Anglo-European neocolonialism are found. Just read Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the new Cold War is revealed as the same old domination game. The United States is leaving some troops in Africa to counter “moves” by Russia and China. This is the narrative. But nobody announced a Russian…

Why Is the West Laying Off Putin Bashing for a Day?


The most amazing thing just happened. Please remember, you read about it first here on New Eastern Outlook. In the early hours of January 26th, 2020, Russia President Vladimir Putin was NOT accused of anything by western media, Washington think tanks or even a US State Department announcement. Not even Yukos oil mafioso Mikhael…

Why the West Can’t Beat Putin or His Policies


Whenever there’s an examination of Russia’s resurgence in Middle Eastern and African affairs, the narrative is always about weapons, economic competition, and Cold War-era detente. Few analysts or reporters examine the non-transactional elements of the policies of Vladimir Putin. To really understand the recent successes of Mr. Putin and Russia, we…

A Policy Brief on Sanctions and Collateral Damage


In the wake of recent developments in the Middle East, it seems like a good for an objective assessment of US policy and strategy in the region. The US administration’s ramped-up belligerence and Iran’s counteractions created a crisis level no normal citizen of either country could want. The strategy of failing strategies, this is what the Trump administration seems fixed on…

Bush’s ‘War On Terror’ Becomes Trump’s ‘Terror Offensive’


The United States Government’s Department of Homeland Security has announced a terror alert in the wake of President Donald Trump’s assassination of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Commander, Major General Qassem Soleimani. Homeland Security has conveniently translated the warning into Russian and Arabic. For all other nations…

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