Phil Butler

On the Huff-and-Puff Hillary-Huffington Po-Po Post


Ludicrous is one term that approaches describing western media these days. Webster’s dictionary tells us that something; lu-di-crous – is a person, place or thing “so foolish, unreasonable or out of place as to be amusing…

The Empire of Mediocrity and the End of the World


Vladimir Putin has harmed no American. Russia has not stood in the way of any American’s dream. As for the billionaires though, those American and British money bags, the Russians are posing an insurmountable hurdle for their…

Arab Spring: The Fall of All Freedom


The United States of America leads western allies in an unholy war on not just the Arab world, but against any nation that stands in the way of total domination. The evidence of an underlying master plan grows more prevalent…

The Real Presidential Game Begins: As Clinton’s Bets Are Hedged


The jig may be up for Hillary Clinton and the neocons. Apparently the Republicans and the old guard in Washington will now boot the Clinton Foundation and its saleslady to the curb. This Wall Street Journal editorial by…

By the Powers of the Almighty: Israel’s Role in the Syria Epic


A Haaretz article headline this week reads; “Israel Has Never Been So Secure or Prosperous, but Don’t Thank Netanyahu.” It is a headline that punctuates a serious question some experts have had since the so-called Arab Spring…

Syria: The Obama Conviction


Russia and Vladimir Putin did not start Arab Spring. Russia and Vladimir Putin did not start the Syria carnage we see today. The United States of America, Britain, the NATO pact, the Saudis and Qatar, and Israel were in the driver’s…

Clinton or Trump: This May Be the Beginning of the End


“Colin Powell made me do it”, or so says presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in her latest defense of an illegal US State Department email fiasco. Isn’t it amazing how Clinton’s every dishonest, extreme, or slipshod move is…

To Preserve the American Way: There Must Be War


I remember my uncle Duke well. A tall and handsome figure he cut, in his Air Force blue uniform. Silver oak leaves he wore on his lapels, back when I was a kid in El Paso, Texas. A member of an elite corps, Duke Wolfe went to work…

Ukraine’s Latest Aggression: Trading Places With Turkey


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is reportedly reinforcing military units on the frontiers bordering Crimea and the Donbass now. This development comes on the heels of Kremlin reports Russia’s security service having foiled…

Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans


Emerging reports from Syria suggest United States naval and special warfare elements may be assisting extreme jihadists break out of embattled Aleppo. Unconfirmed reports of US warships sharing intelligence with the group Jeish…

George Soros: “Let’s Call the Terrorists a Taxi!”


Billionaire hedge fund mechanic George Soros has a finger in every political pie there is. If there is a crisis on our world, it’s a safe bet he’s had a hand in it. This is not news to most readers, but the intricacies of Soros’s…

The Irrefutable Truth: Everyone Links to Putin


Life and world politics have at last become ultra-predictable. Waking each morning, I can count on some news of refugees and problems in Europe. As usual Syria, Libya or some other Arab…

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