Phil Butler

When RussiaGate Goes Really, Really, Really Viral


At the moment you figured anti-Russia mess couldn’t get any weirder, Russian President Putin reveals the west’s bio-warfare planning. News Russian genetic material is being harvested all over the country, purposefully and professionally, is the latest chilling reminder of the globalist war…

Will Dissident Voices be Trampled by a Full Frontal Assault


Why is the world surprised an NGO with the crafty brand “European Values” published its own “hit list” of dissonant voices? After all, George Soros helped fund more than one Nazi organization in his life. Here’s the latest Soros wolf…

Will Media and Mafioso Breadcrumbs Crumble Russiagate?


What do Wikipedia, notorious Russian mafioso, nincompoop Putin adversaries, dissident Russian business TV, CNN, CNBC, Facebook, Google, Twitter and the United States Senate have in common?…

The Big Brother Bombshell Set to Blow


It’s been coming for some time now. The deep state run by the globalists must initiate the final move to take it all over. News US legislators have looped in the major internet players in the media war on Putin and Russia only comes as a surprise for those who are just consumers of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft products and services. For these people, I’ve got…

Globalist Counterpunch: Going for the Media Knockout


The UK government is all set to sledgehammer free speech in unison with the US deep state. News from The Guardian foretells of social media platforms being labeled “publishers” rather than information platforms, a move that will…

A Greek Recovery That Cannot Come in This Climate of Chaos


Here in Greece the people on the street are fed up with politicians, all of them. A land with as much potential for growth as any, is hard pressed to maintain its dignity, culture, and sense of worth. And waiting in the wings, the same sharks that bit into Greece before…

The Telltale Signs the Western Oligarchs Are Doomed


Everyone hates sore losers, so why do the globalists and their puppet media still exist? Reading today’s headlines, listening to failed politicians sputtering and stuttering around the world, I’m constantly dismayed by the apathy…

Israel’s Role in the Cataclysm to Come


Finally, the skeleton is out of the Arab Spring closet via an article in Foreign Policy written by Jonathan Spyer. Israel has been at war for total dominance in the Middle East and, according to the senior research fellow at the Global…

The Guardian’s Nazification


A recent opinion piece on The Guardian entitled “The west must defend its values against Putin’s Russia” reminds us, that subversion, propaganda, and neo-fascism are alive and well here on Earth. This story affords us all a window…

The Ukraine Problem: International versus Universal Law

9121 Journal NEO Collage

The European Union and the United States of America have gone to extreme lengths to punish Russia for what many experts claim was a breach of international law. When the Crimea peninsula rejoined Russia…

“Meathead” is Running the Committee to Investigate Russia


Imagine a movie script in which everything you read, hear, and see is concocted by a global cabal of elites bent on profit at all cost. If you can believe that Sylvester “Rambo” Stallone avenged America’s loss in the Vietnam War, then Hollywood run…

On German Tranquility and Missionary Zeal


Germans love their tranquility. I can attest to that having lived in the land of Oom-pah where wine and beer fests churn up robotic glee and civic togetherness. And the election charade for Angela Merkel’s fourth term is a good…

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