Phil Butler

Putin Was There: The Day Britain’s Lights Finally Went Out!


Since just before the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia I’ve been a media analyst focused on the most widespread and belligerent propaganda campaign in the history of the world. Never in human history has there been more control of a singular message. Yes, the Nazis maintained such…

Doomed to the Hegemony by An Ebola of Ideas


US President Donald Trump may have lit the fuse on an international cataclysm that is irreversible. Operating on supposed evidence by the questionable White Helmets group inside Syria, the United States and allies operated with…

Today’s Outlook: Global Annihilation, Grave Robbing, and More


A few days before the United States, Britain, and France wasted several hundred millions of dollars attacking Syria, a The Guardian report from Thomson Award-winning journalist, Martin Chulov assured us the now notorious White…

The Crocodile Tears of Emmanuel Macron


Which is worse, a French “monster,” and American fiend, or a Syrian one? Emmanuel Macron is a curious man. The French president just got off the phone with American President Donald Trump to voice France’s commitment to go to war in Syria over the latest provocation, the alleged…

In the Matter of George Soros: He’s Guilty as Sin


Once again the liberal world order’s fairytales about Putin and bad old Russia seem to be unravelling. Prime Minister Theresa May’s “Thatcheresque” warnings to Russia’s president, the Keystone Cops and #hashtags #Novichok and #Skripal, and the reality of chemical warfare are blowing up in Her Majesty’s face as I type this. Meanwhile, billionaire…

Got Troubles? Blame Them On “Think Tank Row” and Not Putin


What would happen if the people at Washington think tanks turned over a new leaf on Russia? I mean, did anyone ever practice objectivity in the globalist mania over Vladimir Putin? The Brookings Institute, supposedly inhabited by the biggest of the big brains in America cannot…

Behold, It Lives! The New American Frankenstein


Most Americans do not know and could care less their leadership has sold them up the river. However, for those old-fashioned folks in the United States who are unaware Washington has set out to create a “New America” custom built for the elites, here’s a primer for understanding…

Witnessing Vladimir Putin: Emperor of Patience


Russia’s president has marked our time now. No matter what your persuasion, even the die hard liberal world order minion must realize the character of greatness when he or she sees it. V.V. Putin rules modern diplomacy and politics, if for no other reason than his unimpeachable…

Americans Be Forewarned: The Coming Trump Perestroika

9881 NEO Journal

US President Donald Trump may soon have more to worry about than RussiaGate. If the American people ever get wind of the fact they’ve bought and paid for trillions and trillions in useless weapons systems, there will be hell to pay. Washington had better prepare to “embrace”…

Putin’s Assassin Nuke: A Bad Guy Hunter by Any Other Name


No U.S. Senate subcommittee has been established to study it. No Stratfor analyst is bleating about it. And no New York Times literary genius has reported it. Regardless of their negligence though, the waking reality of Putin’s unstoppable…

Who’s Really Backing Lethal Weapons to Ukraine?

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News of President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko bragging about his armed forces getting more from the United States than the previously mentioned Javelin anti-tank systems, it comes as no surprise. Since years now his regime has been nothing but one underhanded and one deadly…

Relax: Putin Has America Under Control


Pathetic. As I lift my eyes from reading a New York Post story about idiot Bernie Sanders, it’s the only word that comes to mind. In the make-believe world where sick American politics is run by an invisible moronic hand, Russians have become the fearsome foe again. And Bernie…

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