Phil Butler

For Just How Long Can You Poke Russia with a Stick?


“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – George Orwell For those of you in tune, it must seem obvious that the liberal world order now has the power to change the number of hours in a day. Those of us who have sought to moderate the worldview of Russia, of Vladimir Putin even, are now only muffled annoyances for the “normal people” who…

A World At Odds: The Great Principles Wipe


The world of analysts has missed something critical, something fundamental for explaining what’s going on. We’re so focused on the symptoms of the great reset that’s been going on, that we’ve overlooked that which will reveal the end game. The techniques, the strategies being used, their breadth, and the essence of the psychological warfare being waged…

We Interrupt This Program To Bring You the World As It Burns


The Ukraine crisis has unfolded so quickly, I guess none of us can keep up. As I type this, it seems that the Russian forces are about to establish complete control over Mariupol. As Russia moves forward in the most unprecedented military maneuver in history, the melodramatic forces who set this catastrophe in motion have gone nuts. And meanwhile, Russians take it all in stride…

Breaking News from the All-Powerful Oligarchs of Oz


The crisis in Ukraine has spun the world backward on its axis. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s atypical military campaign, or denazification as some refer to it, has most western nations frantic for solutions. Unfortunately, the NATO and EU states don’t bother to ask the right questions, let alone propose the correct answers. Now, with Russia flexing…

The Crisis We’re In


For almost a decade the policy of the United States toward Russia has been based on Cold War logic. And today the western mainstream media blames Vladimir Putin for current events saying he wants the world to turn back the clock. For eight years, the leading nation of the NATO war pact has done everything in its power to turn the world against Russia. And now, having pushed the American brand of tyranny up to the gates…

For the Forty Thousandth Time: What Putin, Really, Really, Really Wants!


After having read forty thousand headlines revolving around what Russian President Vladimir Putin “wants” for the past decade, I wonder if anybody but Putin knows? Based on what I have learned about the Russian leader, I can tell you this. He absolutely wants what almost all Russians want, for the west to just quit the crazy speculation…

Who Will Be Held Accountable for America’s Ultimate Doom?


It seems like there will never be any equality in the world. Just look at the situation between the United States and Russia, as an example of how everything is upside down. It doesn’t seem to matter which party is in power in the U.S. The person in the White House doesn’t matter either. Hollywood rolls on, as do the corporations, growing and growing, piling billions into the coffers…

We Scoured the Planet and Found the Enemy – The Superconsumer


The super-consumer. Few geopolitical analysts out there have seen fit to blame the world’s woes on the real culprits. Sure, the George Soros evil billionaires play a major role, but compared to the “real” people doing using up and wearing out, the Bezos and Elon Musk types are just ringmasters in the world destruction circus. Why don’t…

Can the World Handle the Truth about the West-East Crisis?


The Biden Administration needs Russia to invade Ukraine. The US shale oil business needs Russia’s gas, to remain in Russia. The world may be at war soon, but not over the rights, wants, and wishes of the people of Eastern Europe or Central Asia. The controlling elites of the west are the ones gamling with lives, not Vladimir Putin and the Russians. In October of 2015…

Alert Africa: Get Ready for the Customary “Predatoriness” From the West


I ran across an article in International Viewpoint entitled “Russia in Africa: mercenaries and predatoriness.” The rarely used word “predatoriness” made me chuckle because of the irony, not the creative vocabulary of author Paul Marial. Before we continue, consulting Webster’s seems appropriate: “predatoriness – noun…

Where To Put Your World War III Investment Dollar


Is US President Joe Biden taking notes from the Trump administration on jockeying defense stocks? The question has to be asked in view of American military industrial stocks getting boosted by all the play on the tensions in Europe. What other reason could there be for lighting the fuse on World War III? Let’s take a short look at the stock and investment play of late.

The Straight Gas on Kazakhstan’s Recent Upheaval


It’s time we begin taking notes on where every nation, organization, and business stands on the crises in our world. The recent unrest in Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth-largest country, is a good place to start. A recent editorial from a multiple Pulitzer Prize winning media outlet warns of the further disintegration of truth. With trust becoming the scarcest commodity…

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