Phil Butler

Why the West Can’t Beat Putin or His Policies


Whenever there’s an examination of Russia’s resurgence in Middle Eastern and African affairs, the narrative is always about weapons, economic competition, and Cold War-era detente. Few analysts or reporters examine the non-transactional elements of the policies of Vladimir Putin. To really understand the recent successes of Mr. Putin and Russia, we…

A Policy Brief on Sanctions and Collateral Damage


In the wake of recent developments in the Middle East, it seems like a good for an objective assessment of US policy and strategy in the region. The US administration’s ramped-up belligerence and Iran’s counteractions created a crisis level no normal citizen of either country could want. The strategy of failing strategies, this is what the Trump administration seems fixed on…

Bush’s ‘War On Terror’ Becomes Trump’s ‘Terror Offensive’


The United States Government’s Department of Homeland Security has announced a terror alert in the wake of President Donald Trump’s assassination of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Commander, Major General Qassem Soleimani. Homeland Security has conveniently translated the warning into Russian and Arabic. For all other nations…

Oh No, Not Poland Versus Putin Again!


Why is it that every truth voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin has to be labeled a lie? The recent rumpus over Mr. Putin’s recent comments about Poland’s role in World War II is a perfect example of history modification. What should be facts easy for anyone to discern, have now been transformed into an alternative history that defies truth and logic…

The Looming Dark Age of Business Warfare


The United States of America is waging an undeclared war on Russia. It’s a war for empire, a struggle to keep in place a system that can never be sustained. And it’s a conflict that will ultimately lead to a new dark age. This is a report about the unusual business that foreign policy has become. I woke up the day after Christmas with a strange…

The Day America Turned Bone Mean


This week a Denver radio host lost his job for saying he wanted a “nice school shooting” to break up coverage of the impeachment fiasco. On the other hand, anyone who follows President Trump’s Twitter feed gets a daily dose of nastiness from the Oval Office. Looking at the big picture, my country may need a great big…

Is It Time to “Duck and Cover” in the Eastern Med?


How badly does Washington want NATO to survive? Bad enough to betray the Greeks again and to reignite the Cyprus killing fields, that’s how bad. News the US Congress is expected to approve a bill lifting an arms embargo on Cyprus, which has been in place since 1987, can mean only one thing. According to the news from Washington, the embargo…

Financial Times, Japan, and The Next Web Now Know “What Putin Wants”


I hope NEO readers will forgive me for the plain-speak I am about to impart. Like most of you, the ludicrousness of Russophobia that’s been unleashed by the liberal world order is just over the edge. So, it’s high time we all call bullshit whenever we see, read, hear, or feel it in our proximity. Today…

A Short Unsweet USAID Strategy Primer for Africa


USAID is further expanding its role in the highly unstable Sahel region of Africa. Their efforts will be joined by the U.S. State Department, the CIA, and the neocolonialists in France and Germany. While mainstream media tries to label Vladimir Putin and Russia with the brand if new imperialism, the…

Let’s “Liberalize” Fairness and Reparations for Past Deeds


The Greeks are demanding fair reparations from Germany over Nazi theft and atrocities committed during World War II. India says the British robbed their country of trillions over 200 years and never gave anything back. Descendants of Africans trafficked to and enslaved as a result of the Atlantic slave trade…

The Tectonics of West-East Geopolitical Friction Revealed


The US Geological Service was alarmed the other day by a seismic disturbance that scientists could not identify. After deep research, geologists finally determined that the strange geophysical disturbance was from the legendary philanthropist Andrew Carnegie spinning like a turbine in his grave. Analysts claim…

NATO: A Dangerous Dumbo Elephant in the General Assembly Room


World business and political systems are in a mess. America is run by a billionaire reality show host who builds golf courses and casino hotels. The European Union is about to have an economic breakdown after a cultural embolism. China still operates in a stasis of mutual distrust…

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