Phil Butler

The Stage Is Set, the Fight Is Rigged, and The End Is Near


Donald Trump is finished. He’s gone halfway to destroying the office of President of the United States. The “deep state” he swore he would eradicate, they’re massaging the shoulders of truth killer Joe Biden as if to ready him like a has-been boxer about to emerge from a sweaty arena tunnel of American politics. But nobody is talking about the 2020 endgame…

America Without the Sugar Coating: Wishing Ill Will On Our World


As an American, it’s hard to admit things are not as they seem. Democracy, that ideal we were taught as children to worship, it turns out to be only a fancy idea. Like all the other noble, fancy, ideas in history, the illusion of true freedom makes these edges of our existence warm and safe. Even while we live in a deadly…

Manufactured Perception and the COVID-19 Pandora’s Box


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is transforming our world from top to bottom, and inside out. People are terrified. We’re coping in very individualistic ways, and collectively, with a moment unique in modern history. A viral infection is causing a political, economic, and human breakdown worldwide. Where the virus originated, how it spread, and who is ultimately responsible…

An Ode to Lost America and Her Hoodlum President


The United States is being called out for her hypocrisy now. The world has finally caught sight of an American dream turned into a nightmare. The so-called leader of the free world, President Donald J. Trump looks for the world like a fascist hoodlum from 1930s Italy or Germany. The coronavirus pandemic set the stage, and now the real “force” of devastation…

Africa’s Future: The Gravest Untruth Will Tell


There is a 21st-century scramble for the remaining resources of Africa. The Anglo-European scavengers who drained African blood the last two hundred years are telling us it’s the Russians and the Chinese who seek fortune there. The reality is, as it has always been, an ongoing tragedy perpetuated for profit. And the biggest profiteers are familiar ones…

COVID-19 Unleashed: A New Frontier for the Ruiners of the World


People. Please pay close attention. The problem with the world is not Donald J. Trump. The crises that plague our nations are not caused by puppet leaders. The world suffers because of the psychopaths who stand in the shadows. And, now that COVID-19 has galvanized almost all of Earth’s people, the shadows are being illuminated…

COVID-19 Strategic Economics: The “Get Russia” Game Continues


Did you read recently that Russia is currently engaged in a hybrid war against the western world? Were you aware that Vladimir Putin’s only mission in life is to restore the Soviet Empire? If not, read the world’s top newspapers or the deep discussions held by western think tanks. For those of you interested in unedited history and geopolitical…

May 9th and the Most Inconvenient Truth of World War 2


Some days I wonder why Russia tries so hard. The hatred and lies slung at them from western leaders, lecturers, and business tycoons is a horrid reality. Take the May 9th Victory Day celebrations, as an example. No one casts even a sloppy salute toward heroes who saved the world from dastardly tyranny 75 years ago…

Trump and Putin Talk: How Is This Bad?


According to MSN and most mainstream American news outlets, the Trump administration has caused certain lawmakers on Capitol Hill deep concern over a gesture of peace and brotherhood between nations. The coming row will show the world, the real purveyors of crisis and war on our planet. Read on to find out who they are. MSN bills a document drafted…

Did Vladimir Putin Just Create a Different World Order?


One can only imagine how much the Kremlin enjoyed a print of a Radio Free Liberty/Radio Free Europe article headed “Oil War And Peace: A Russian-Saudi Standoff Is Over — At What Cost To The Kremlin?” Yet, nobody in the business of geopolitics knows RFE/RL stories are a two-way mirror that reflects the truth from the biggest lie while offering…

America is Thinking “BIG” With the Help of Putin


US President Donald Trump says he had a “BIG” talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman over oil production. According to the news, a deal was reached where Russia and the Saudis would cut back production by 10 million bpd from global supply beginning in May. If the deal pans out, Vladimir Putin will have thrown a lifeline…

Bioweapons, Bioweapons, Who’s Wielding the COVID-19 Bioweapon?


What you are about to read will be confusing, at first, but this is unavoidable. After all, we did wake up to martial law unofficially declared, all around the world. So, you can expect some confusion before unraveling the truth we face. Hopefully, I will be able to help you sift through all the market opportunists proclaiming…

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