Phil Butler

Hold Fast Earthlings! The Elites Have Reissued the “Great Narrative”


The “Great Narrative” is at hand! The author of the “Great Reset”, Klaus Schwab just launched another initiative at his World Economic Forum (WEF) in the UAE. And the world should be dully impressed, I am sure, but most people of earth will not be. WEF and most other institutions are walking a credibility tightrope these days…

Should We Get Prepared for a Real “Duck and Cover” Provocation?


Look out! All the signals suggest the liberal order is about to plant a false flag operation smack on Russia’s western frontiers. At first, ludicrous claims of Russian troop buildup seemed like propaganda 101, but the craziness has gained momentum now. The steamrolling fear mongering media campaign going in with regard to Russian…

Russia and America Now Competing for Biggest Would-Be Invasion Armada


One again, the geniuses at POLITICO need serious remediation in geography. A little help in selecting security companies the magazine should trust would go a long way toward credibility too. Somebody please tell Axel Springer SE, the new owners, that locating stuff is important? Oh, and clue CNN as well. According…

It’s World War III Already – And Humanity Is Losing


We are at war here on Earth. World War III has been going on under our noses. Or, perhaps World War 2 never even ended? I wonder, has anyone else ever considered these ideas? Looking at the narratives of modern detente, one can easily conclude we will never have peace. It’s time the people of Earth reassess where it is (exactly) we want this planet to become. I was reading…

More Clues In Pursuit Of the Nebulous Cabal That Runs Stuff


Being part of a cabal of evil geniuses bent on world domination is not hard. The only requirements are being part of the old money establishment, taking a blood oath, and having absolutely no soul. Orchestrating the complete domination of every human being on Earth, now that’s the tricky part. Here’s how it all works (sort of). First things first. Vladimir Putin believes…

It’s About Time to Kick Back Google and the Rest


It’s hardly a secret that we were happier consumers before the big boys in America propped up the most mediocre of emerging video channels. And I should know, they used all of us tech journalists to further their evil ways. The current row between Russian officials and the technocrats running the digital show involved YouTube dumping RT Germany from it’s channels…

NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg Thinks We’re All Idiots


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is either a nincompoop, or he thinks the rest of us are. A recent statement about Russia concerns over the march eastward of the militarist organization proves on, the other, or both. “The whole idea that you know, it’s a provocation to Russia that small neighbors join NATO is absolutely wrong. That’s the provocation — that anyone…

Damning Reports Find Russia Protecting Herself: Put On Your Ushankas!


In the news recently, Russia and China are seen as “gripping” Asia at a time when the United States seems to have eased off having the region in her clutches. And other stories Polish military commanders say Vladimir Putin’s legions are out to reclaim a Soviet Empire. And here’s what else is new. Super sleuths Bradley Jardine…

The Real Eye Opener From the 3rd BRICS Summit


On September 9th, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the much-anticipated 3th BRICS Summit in virtual format. This iteration of the summit was carried out under the theme “Intra-BRICS cooperation for continuity, consolidation and consensus.” The heads of state of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa were on board discussing issues from…

The Vladimir Putin They Never See: Ordinary As You and Me


We live in a whacky world made much more zany by journalists who cook up headlines to appease their bosses, and a public numbed by information overload. This week’s case in point, all the hub-bub about Vladimir Putin going fishing in Siberia. It’s amazing, that with the world ablaze with wildfires, islands sinking into the sea, and the atmosphere becoming…

When Rusty Navies Collide Which Rust Buckets Will Sink First?


When I was stationed aboard the USS Iowa (BB-61DahJTkfw for pre-commissioning of the battleship in the 1980s, the Ticonderoga class Aegis cruisers were the pride of the US Navy. I remember seeing several docked across the quay in Pascagoula Mississipi, and how fast, sleek, and intimidating they looked. Almost forty years on, and these…

Get It: A True Understanding of American Policies


There’s a blazing truth staring Russia in the face. It’s a truth 193 other countries have been forced to face too. Americans, by and large, do not give a damn what wars we are in, or if we win or lose. The plight of other nations, or even our next door neighbors’ catastrophes, are too far outside our empowered exceptionalism. I know, I know, it’s a shocking revelation…

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