Phil Butler

CNN Catches Russians Red Handed Hiding Secret Arctic Bases!


March 18th, an article here on NEO predicted an unprecedented new arms race. April 5th, Nick Paton Walsh at CNN confirmed my prediction with liberal order media’s fear-evoking story about Russia’s so-called “super weapons”. According to the news network owned and operated by the world’s largest telecommunications…

The Great Coronavirus Lesson: Many Leaders Have Failed the People


It’s coming down to this. Whose side will you be on when the coronavirus pandemic finally destroys nations, businesses, and innocent families unable to protect themselves? Will you side with the greedy politicians and corporate elites manipulating the situation? Or, will the stacked bodies and boarded-up shops finally make you realize what this situation…

The End of Days Is Coming Fast and It’s Ugly


The average citizen of Earth is all tied up these days. Scarcely anyone has free time to take on one more task, to truly understand what goes on in the world, or glean any meaningful benefit from world affairs. Life goes on, albeit in a more chaotic sense, as it always has. The rich get richer, as they say, and the poor get poorer. There’s a simple reason to explain it all, but humanity…

Get Ready for That Epic Arms Race: Sleepy Joe Woke Up


Here we go. If you were wondering when the next foot would fall after a lunatic American president was replaced with Joe Biden, the new boss at the White House just took that step. The amplification of the anti-Russia symphony has now been maxed out now, as the US leader calls Russia’s president a killer on 50,000 news outlets. It turns out, Donald Trump was only the…

Anti-Chinese Propaganda Reaches All-Time High


If I were China, I’d abandon Earth for a friendlier planet in another corner of the galaxy. Have you read the news from Google lately? The rulers of the internet just don’t have anything good to say about the Chinese. And I mean nothing at all. Isn’t it strange to anyone else? I mean, how can anyone in the west hope to have cordial political relations with a country…

It’s High Time NATO Reassessed Its Mission


When will it end? When will the people of Europe finally, at long last, wake up to the fact nobody wants their tourist attractions or their debt? The latest remaks made by NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg just has to have some people wondering. Come on, the EU cannot protect Europe from Russia and terrorists? Okay, I have to set the record straight. NATO cannot protect…

The Vested Power Brokers Are Making Putin Public Enemy No. 1


It came to me like a bolt from the sky. The reason nothing ever changes is because powerful forces want things this way. In chaos and crisis, I mean. It’s been right there in front of us, all along. But it took an interchange in 2018 between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and American journalist Megyn Kelly to smack me awake. What’s interesting…

Sputnik V Diplomacy: A Race Won As Humanity Continues Losing


Holy cow! The American expression most often reserved for stunning revelations suits a recent New York Times shocking headline. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine may be worth a try, no less. When I read the headline, I dropped my morning cappuccino. That’s right, the bible of Putin and Russia haters has written a Psalm about Russia…

America’s Engine of Progress Steamrolls Western Sahara


In December of 2020, the White House announced the Israel–Morocco normalization agreement. In January USAID announced Morocco is being designated an economic hub under its Prosper Africa Initiative. According to this deal, Morocco is to get $100 million per year for five years to promote two-way trade between Morocco and the US, and to strengthen strategic…

The Real Reason behind Trump’s Frustration Over the Twitter Ban – Money, What Else?


Everybody’s talking about Jack Dorsey banning Donald Trump on Twitter. The public is being churned into crazy sour cream because the social networks have gagged the big mouth Looney Toons billionaire over allegedly inciting an insurrection at the US Capitol. But nobody, and I mean nobody seems to get…

New Research Reveals: Researchers Know Nothing About Vladimir Putin


A groundbreaking new study (chuckle) by Pew Research has revealed 14 countries with a view of Russia and Vladimir Putin that is not-so-hot. As is usually the case, the greater scope of data and knowledge reveals another actuality. This just goes to show, that narratives are usually not a chronicle of ideas to depend on…

The Plan for Cold War II


It’s a new year. It’s a time for a change. We need to look at geopolitics differently. That is if we are ever going to have peace and prosperity that is sustainable, and for all. This is why I have decided to take a new approach to political analysis.Today, we must shine the course light of reality on the shadowy agencies of propaganda and manipulation. My first subject will be the Ford Foundation…

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