Petr Konovalov

What is the Likelihood of a “Reset” in Australia-New Zealand Relations?


On May 23, 2022 parliamentary elections resulted in the swearing-in of Anthony Albanese, head of Australia’s victorious Labor Party, as the country’s new Prime Minister. Many analysts were confident that Australia would see a major shift in its foreign policy as a result of the political reshuffle, as the South Pacific region…

China Stands against the United States’ Violation of International Law


To date, US-China relations have steadily deteriorated. One of the reasons for the cooling of relations between the two countries is Beijing’s growing ambition to gain control of the South Pacific region, while Washington intends to thwart China’s growing military and economic power. To maintain their current position…

Russia and Cambodia Continue Talks within the ASEAN Framework


At the beginning of August Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister visited Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. During his official trip to that fairly small Asian state – it has a population of 17.3 million – he met with other foreign ministers as part of the dialog between the Russian Federation and the Association of Southeast Asian…

Australia and India are Coming Closer due to the Increasing Chinese Power


The process of reinforcement of relations between Canberra and New Delhi has been observed since 2009, when representatives of the two countries adopted a Declaration on Security Cooperation, according to which India and Australia act together on issues related to combating terrorism, ensuring regional security…

The Authority of the British Monarchy in Australia Continues to Fall


On August 2, 2022, a scandal occurred in the Senate of Australia – the upper house of parliament. One of its members, a representative of the Green Party Lidia Thorpe during her taking the oath of office as a senator called the British Queen Elizabeth II, who is the formal head of Australia, a colonizer. President of the Senate Sue…

Economics and Diplomacy: Beijing’s Successes in Southeast Asia


In recent decades, the PRC has achieved outstanding success in foreign policy by developing economic and political relations with various countries around the world. However, relations with the nearest neighbors are of particular importance for any country, and the security of the state often depends on…

Support in Difficult Times: Russia and Myanmar Strengthen Cooperation


The South Asian country Myanmar, which has a population of almost 55 million people, as well as reserves of gas, precious stones and other resources, is quite interesting from the point of view of trade and investment. In addition, it has an important strategic position with access to the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean…

How China is Countering US Sanctions


For many years there has been a rivalry between two world superpowers, namely, the United States and China. In recent years, it has developed into an outright struggle, during which the parties use various political and economic instruments against each other. Usually, the sanctions imposed by Washington against its rivals attract the most attention…

China, Thailand and Laos: Economic Friendship Growing Stronger


Today, China aims to become a major foreign economic partner for as many countries as possible. It is well known that an efficient logistics system is an important factor for economic growth. This is why China is developing the One Belt, One Road Initiative, as well as many other significant infrastructure projects. On July 5, 2022 in Bangkok…

China-Solomon Islands Relations will Change the Balance of Powers in the Pacific


In April 2022, the world learned that China and the Solomon Islands concluded a framework security treaty allowing China to station its naval forces in this small but strategically important nation in Oceania, just 2,000 km off the coast of the largest state in the South Pacific, Australia. However, the Chinese authorities say that the China-Solomon…

New Zealand amid Growing Instability in the Pacific Region


Today, in Oceania, the most extensive region in the world, located in the Pacific Ocean, there is an ongoing geopolitical confrontation between the People’s Republic of China on the one hand and the United States, Australia and New Zealand on the other. The two conflicting parties are vying for influence in the 12 island states of Oceania. Every year, China…

The Future of the British Monarchy in Australia


In 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 54 members of which include Australia. On June 2, 2022, large-scale celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II were held in the UK. And Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid his…

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