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Olga Zhigalina

Reforms and Turkish Kurds

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP) not only aims to strengthen its positions, which were pretty shaken in June…

The Kurds and the US

Some political analysts suggest that the threat of air strikes on Syria by the U.S. and some of its European…

Iran and the Iranian Kurds
Most of the opposition political parties of the Iranian Kurds that are in an irregular situation in relation to the…

The Kurds on the way to national and political solidarity
In the face of domestic and regional threats, the Kurdish leadership in Iraq has taken the initiative to unite all…

On the Election Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan
With the ongoing date for parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, scheduled for September 21, 2013,…

A new phase in the Kurdish national democratic movement

В реализации проекта создания «Великого Курдистана», являющегося важнейшей частью американской доктрины «Большого Ближнего Востока» заинтересованы Саудовская Аравия и другие монархии…

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