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Nile Bowie

Obama’s Achievement was Whitewashing Permanent Warfare with Eloquence


Judging from how the mainstream media has characterized the legacy of Barack Obama so far, the outgoing president will be most remembered for his many rousing aspirational speeches and

Park’s Stunning Fall May Open the Door for Opposition Victory


Following weeks of massive street protests, Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s first female president, has been impeached by a vote in the country’s national assembly over accusations of extortion, bribery, abuses of power, leaking…

Will Trump Backpedal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?


In the two weeks since Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, the billionaire developer has adopted a noticeably softer demeanour from that of his insurgent campaign personality. While vetting a cabal of mostly right-wing…

Election 2016: A Political System In Crisis


The outcome of strangest and most consequential election cycle in recent American history will soon be upon us. Regardless of who becomes the next president, this election will forever be synonymous with the rogue candidacy of…

Failure to Accept Russia’s Position in Syria Inching US Closer to War


In recent weeks, officials of Western governments have engaged in a dramatic escalation of rhetoric condemning the Syrian and Russian governments for alleged war crimes that have occurred since the collapse of a UN-backed…

As Syrian Forces Make Gains in Aleppo, the US Intends to Escalate


Events in northern Syria have taken a dramatic turn in recent days, beginning with an unprecedented US airstrike on Syrian army positions in Deir ez-Zor. US officials…

Will the DPRK be Recognised as a Nuclear State?


Inter-Korean relations have reached their nadir. Following the North’s fourth nuclear test in January and subsequent long-range rocket launch that placed a satellite in orbit, Seoul has closed the Kaesong Industrial Complex. Pyongyang has cut military…

As Myanmar Enters a New Era, Washington and Beijing Vie for Influence


Myanmar is a country rapidly moving toward uncharted political terrain. By March 2016, the National League for Democracy (NLDDahJTkfw will take power for the first time in history, bringing an end to five decades of rule by the military…

Singapore’s leftward shift behind ruling party’s stunning electoral comeback


In the run-up to Singapore’s recent general elections, the victory of the People’s Action Party (PAPDahJTkfw – which has presided over transformational social and economic development throughout its continuous…

As Scandal Mounts, Largesse Keeps Malaysia’s PM in Power


Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak – a British-educated technocrat with a reputation for opulence – is at the center of an unprecedented scandal. A sovereign wealth fund established to develop lucrative industries and boost economic growth in Malaysia…

Obama’s Pacific Trade Deal Trails Behind China’s Development Vision


Often touted as the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s re-engagement with Asia, a close vote in the US Senate has brought the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPDahJTkfw a major step closer to becoming law. Facing significant opposition…

Facing the Rohingya Crisis, Myanmar’s Elite Speak With One Voice


The dire plight of refugees, asylum-seekers and economic migrants fleeing Myanmar and Bangladesh has captured global attention in recent weeks, as Southeast Asian nations struggle to cope with the influx of thousands who have…

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