Matthew Crosston

Bears and Byzantium: How America Misreads Russian Grand Strategy

Common complaints within Intelligence Studies about the examination of foreign intelligence communities, especially those not residing in the west, run…

The American Failure behind ‘Grand Strategic Cultures’ and Modern Conflict

This work is about how a specific conceptualization of ‘culture’ in intelligence studies, amongst scholars at first but subsequently practitioners…

Economic Espionage: The Curse of ‘Soft Spying’


Despite Hollywood romanticizing about Bonds and Bournes, one of the most prevalent forms of modern intelligence activity is also arguably the least emphasized: economic and industrial espionage. Aimed at garnering a financial and innovation advantage for countries seeking greater influence in a highly globalized world, this activity is not just…

Targeted Killings Are Coming Back to the US

While most international organizations and foreign states have made attempts to explicitly fuse drones and targeted killing to already established…

NATO: A Great and Mighty Wind, Signifying Nothing

The surrealism of the Ukrainian conflict continued last week, with the 28 members of the NATO alliance meeting in a…

Obama v. Putin – A Tale of a Posturing President

Less than two weeks ago President Obama, sitting for an interview with The Economist magazine, basically went ‘old school’ on…

Cold War Think Tanks: Back to Business

2014 is starting to look and sound and feel an awful lot like 1964. If you find yourself sitting at…

Ukraine: This Little Piggy Won’t be Missed

One of the odd things inevitably lost in the mire and labyrinth of complex high politics is how often executive…

Yemen: A handful of Special Interests

The percentage of Americans who have heard of Yemen is undoubtedly small. Still fewer could locate it on a map.…

Saving Lives or Saving Face? Sanctions, Russia, and the West

New sanctions were levied against Russia on July 16th by both the United States and the European Union. America has…

Iraq: The Strange Partners of Foreign Affairs

Judging by any host of news organizations and commentary shows on television you would think Iraq has already fallen completely…

The Fast and the Furious in Gas Geopolitics

The interplay between Ukraine and Russia when it comes to gas geopolitics goes far beyond economic negotiations and development. It…

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