Matthew Crosston

American Jihadi: Why Westerners Fight for the Islamic State

Media outlets and government circles both cringe and squirm when the subject of Westerners leaving the West to go fight…

American UAV Apartheid and the ‘Blowback’ of New Drone Armies

It is perhaps a misnomer to discuss future ‘blowback:’ there have been groups actively pursuing technological attacks on American targets…

Ethics, Law, and the Changing Drone Landscape

Perhaps the most striking thing when reviewing the impressive literature that examines drone conflict and international law is just how…

America’s National Security Schizophrenia: Damning Russia with ‘Partnership’

There is no stronger example of the schizophrenic nature of American foreign policy toward Russia than comparing statements written in…

Cold War Triumphalism and Chicken-and-Egg Dilemmas

There is a decided chicken-and-egg quality when trying to unravel Russian-American relations. The general pessimism and pejorative characterizations that come…

Keeping Russia the Enemy: Congressional Attitudes and Biased Expertise

America seems reluctant in accepting the fairly benign fact that countries do not like to be dictated to and thus…

US-Russia Relations: The Problem of Intellectual Insincerity

There are numerous think tanks, both in the United States and Russia, which are deeply concerned about the state of…

Islamism and the Exploitation of Women

The events in Paris are unfortunately all too familiar in the 21st century. I think in some corners it is…

The Saudi Bait-and-Switch: Incurring Short-term Pain for Long-term Gain

Western media members are currently basking in what to them seems to be a story of economic ‘come-uppance.’ Saudi Arabia…

Old American Punishment, New Russian Strength: The Unintended Consequences

On December 18 President Vladimir Putin gave his traditional end-of-year holiday speech. Think of it as a Russian version of…

American Duplicity and Twisting in Our Own Tortured Noose

So the United States Senate has released its report highlighting extreme and supposedly ‘abhorrent’ techniques used on terrorist targets after…

Prisoners of Preconception – The Problems of Bias in American Intelligence

Anyone who has worked through post-mortems on the Iraq war is familiar with the pitfalls associated with ‘groupthink’ and preconceptions.…

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