Martin Berger

New Delhi’s Elusive Role in Washington’s Global Designs


It’s unlikely that anyone today may still have doubts about the fact that India in recent years has been playing a pivotal role in Washington’s strategic plans for the Asia-Pacific region. Former American presidents, namely Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama would all visit…

In a Bid to Leave no Room for Washington’s Meddling, Russia, Iran and Turkey are Closing Ranks


Washington’s recent obsession with unilateral sanctions and tariffs as a tool of choice for approaching a wide range of complex and diverse international challenges makes it a lame hegemon. The stubborn determination of Western think tanks to police…

Why both London and Washington are Frustrated by the Signing of the Caspian Convention


The Caspian region hasn’t been receiving much attention lately in comparison with attention the Middle East typically gets. However, there’s every chance that Russia, the United States, the EU and China…

A Demonstration of Washington’s Disgusting Habits is Being Staged in Syria


It would seem that the proxy war that Washington has been waging on Syria has been nothing but a terrible, humiliating mess, but instead of calling it quits the White House is busy shifting gears again. While demonstrating its…

How was Washington Planning to Prevail in Afghanistan, Anyhow?


Just the other day, US National Secu- rity Adviser John Bolton told Reuters that Russia got itself “stuck” in Syria. At the same time, this prominent Western war hawk deliberately omitted the fact that Russia’s armed forces entered

After a Long While, China’s Cavalry is Finally Coming to Syria


The relationship between China and Syria goes a long way back. Until the moment when the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Beijing was trying to tap into Syrian markets by becoming its largest importer. Chinese companies took part in a great many energy projects in the Syrian Arab Republic…

Does ISIS Still Represent a Major Threat


Back in the days of Trump’s 2016 election campaign the US president made a pledge to his supporters in Connecticut, promising that under his command the Pentagon would defeat ISIS “very, very quickly.” Back then there was a lot of…

Another day, Another Bunch of Civilians Dying under American Bombs


There seems to be no logical explanation for the fact that time after time again one comes across reports of US-led coalitions dropping ordinance upon the heads of innocent people, instead of specifically targeting militants and…

Washington Can’t Get Enough of its Newly Rediscovered Gunboat Diplomacy


The steps that the Trump administration has been making so far all point out that the White House is reluctant to address international challenges through cooperation with other major geopolitical players, even though cooperation would seem to be the only viable option in…

Shamefully, Illegal Human Organ Trafficking is Still on the Rise


It would seem that at this point in time nobody can tell us anything new about the illegal sources of income all sorts of criminal gangs and terrorist organizations are exploiting to turn over massive profits, however it turns out that on top of the illegal…

Washington Renders itself Irrelevant by Pushing China and Russia Closer Together


As the trade war unleashed by Washington is getting momentum, one can’t help but notice that without bringing a massive propaganda campaign to bear, aimed at the spread Russophobia and Sinophobia, this war would have never come to fruition. However, all of the steps…

Nuking Sounds Fun When You’re High as a Kite


Throughout history, when it came down to international struggle, opposing sides would always seek for means to gain an advantage over the enemy. On top of improving combat readiness and tactics, there has been a countless amount of instances when states tried to drug their troops for them to prevail on the field of battle…

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